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Rickenbacker 350V63 Electric Guitar Fireglo

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Hardshell Case of Rickenbacker 350V63 Electric Guitar Fireglo
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Product Description

The Rickenbacker 350V63 Electric Guitar is based on the classic 325 Series guitars. This vintage stylization updates the traditional design to full-scale size and performance. Vintage reissue pickups, solid black knobs, replica tuners, and trapeze tailpiece hark back to another era, but offer the feel and sound modern guitarists demand. Top, sides, and support ribbing are carved from a single piece of maple. Cross-grain laminated maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. Pickups are single-coil for warm biting tone, with individual pole pieces. Includes case.

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Vintage reissue single-coil shielded pickups 21-fret neck Solid black knobs Classic design tuners Trapeze tailpiece 2 tone and 2 volume controls Single-piece hollow maple top Laminated maple neck Low-ratio sealed tuners Includes case

True Rickenbacker tone can't be imitated. Take the plunge and make this guitar yours today.


350V63 Electric Guitar

Body Type: Semi-Hollow
No. Frets: 21
Scale Length 62.9 cm (24-3/4")
Neck Width at Nut 41.3 mm (1-5/8")
Neck Width at 12th Fret 49.2 mm (1-15/16")
Crown Radius 25.4 cm (10")
Body Wood Maple
Neck Wood Maple
Fingerboard Wood Rosewood
Weight 3.2 kg (7.0 lbs.)
Overall Length 95.2 cm (37-1/2")
Overall Width 32.4 cm (12-3/4")
Overall Depth 38.1 mm (1-1/2")
Fingerboard and Body Binding No
Fret Marker Style Dot
Tailpiece Trapeze
Bridge 6-way
Neck Type Set-in
No. of Pickups 3
Type of Pickups Vintage Single Coil Toaster Top
Output Type Mono
Machine Heads Deluxe Vintage

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Perhaps like many of you, this was always my "dream guitar" but I had reservations. I thought of it as an extravagant toy. Or a second guitar. I thought a Strat was the default guitar to own. Period. Hendrix, Clapton, Stevie...they don't play a Ric.

So for forty years I have loved this Ric but never considered it a viable option. Until now. Maybe it was a midlife crisis, but I just got the urge to take the plunge and scratch the itch to finally own one. My Custom Shop Strat is worth as much as the Ric, so I thought if I like it, I could sell my trusty Strat.

Ok, enough about my motives...the Ric came to my door yesterday and I opened it up with trepidation (buyer's remorse). Well that changed to pure delight the second I opened the silver guitar case (Yes, Custom Guitar's Friend includes the case but don't mention that fact.)

Well, this guitar is way more than I bargained for. It is NOT a toy; it is NOT a second guitar. The neck is streamline (not fat like I thought it would be). The action smokes my Strat and the sound—unplugged—is nearly as loud as an acoustic guitar. The first thing you notice is the rock solid feel of this instrument. They weren't kidding around when they made this beast. It is hands down the most beautiful guitar I have ever seen and ever played.

The other Strat player in my band came over to see it and he melted as soon as he played it. We both couldn't believe how easy this thing is to play. For example, playing that power chord boogie-type thing which involves stretching your 4th finger back and forth (e.g., Chuck Berry in Roll Over Beethoven) is a not easy to play on the first fret in F on my Strat. But the Ric makes it a piece of cake. And remember, the 350v63 has the standard size 21 fret neck. But everything almost plays itself.

Custom Guitar's Friend has the best price on this guitar (click on their special price to see for yourself). Still, it seemed pretty steep...but what you get is like a Stradivarius violin that appreciates in value. You will have something few people ever see and fewer have the privilege of playing. Do the math; the pricey silver Ric guitar case is included, so it's a pretty sweet deal. And if you don't absolutely LOVE it, you have 45 days to decide to return it. But that won't happen, I assure you. This Ric is light as a feather, built like a tank, gleams like a jewel, and bites like an alligator.

Buy this gorgeous instrument and I bet you'll feel the way I do; I have finally found the guitar for me. It fits like a glove and feels so right. I'm selling my Custom Strat.
I've already ordered the B5 Bigsby to complete this already perfect guitar.
Rickenbacker 350V63 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.Small body and slightly narrower nut take some getting used to. Tone is good with all (3)pickups - typical RIC jangle. Tone is a little tinny with bridge pickup. Tone is very muddy with neck/middle pickups. Has good Ric sound as mentioned above - but nothing else. Guitar is a one-trick-pony. Build quality is very nice, but is overpriced in my opinion. Vintage case looks good, but does not hold the guitar in place. I contacted RIC on this, their reply was that the case is meant for several guitars and since the 350 has a small body - it's going to flop around a bit. With these prices, you would think RIC would make these cases fit. All it would take is a few extra pieces of foam and some extra cloth. Overall, I'm disappointed with the 350.
Rickenbacker 350V63 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.in the end this guitar seems like to me its built for a person who plays lead guitar but dosent want to pay and play on a shortscale 325, one thing i would change about the design is put a tremolo on it... that was a big thing while i was playing it because i like using one alot and i couldnt. My personal choice on what im gonna buy this summer is a 325 but thats because im a rythm guitarist and i like the smallness better because i have big hands and it requires hardly any effort at all to transition chords or play power chords in long repetitive sequences, dont get me wrong this is a very nice guitar that is just like a 325 except a bigger neck.. and thats another thing .. Rickenbacker decided just to put a full scale neck on a 325 body so it looks kinda akward with a small body and a huge neck. but thats just my personal sight. Very good in all but remember Lead guitarist.... get a fireglo color so us rythms can have the original jetglo without being copied
I reecently played a a fireglow model of this guitar at a local guitar shop and first thing i loved about it was that it looked just like a 325! (being a huge beatles fan i had to try it out) first thing i loved while playing was the neck... it was super glossed and played just like a dream, very lightweight, and perfect action for Rythm or Lead right off the rack and tuner keyes are of very high quality so didnt have to worry about it coming out of tune while i was jamming on it, The neck feels very much so like a 330 neck and they are 300 bucks cheaper also but with this you get the original 325 style, look and sound, not as versatile as a 330 but its your choice to decide.
Finish on it was completely flawless... neck was very even on all sides, Rickenbacker obviously takes great pride in building their instruments (just look at the price tag and you can relate the two very fast! Pricewise and Building wise) but this of course was expected even for it being the first 350 ive ever played on... all Rickenbackers are treated and made with care, so that was a given.
I feel the price for it is alot more reasonable than a 325 but you wont get the same sound from this as a 325 due to it being a full scale neck (the short scale acctually makes the tone differ from a full scale) the 350 is a a full scale of a 325 for 1.2 grand less, as mentioned above somewhat, its up to you wether you want the true 325 or the grown up brother, the 350. Make your pick and start playing a Rick.
Rickenbacker 350V63 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.I was so looking forward to receiving this guitar from Custom Guitar's Friend. I opened the case when it came and was so pleased. A beautiful Ricky 350! The craftsmanship on these instruments is incredible. I love the fact that they are light and small but still with the full neck. It goes perfectly with my Ricky 330/12 in Jetglo.

The thing that I found really disappointing was that the guitar had not been set up properly. There was a lot of fret buzz on the low E string. Given the price I had paid, I had assumed that the set up would be much better.

I sent an e-mail to the guitar advisor who had included his card with my purchase, given that it is a private reserve guitar, to talk about the set up. I have received no response in the week that has passes since I sent it.

The guitar itself is going to require proper set up and I will take it to my local luthier simply because they are more experienced at this than I am. I have passed my comments along to Rickenbacker on this front.

I am not overly impressed with the buying experience from Custom Guitar's Friend given the lack of response to a legitimate concern that was raised by a customer.

The guitar will be great once set up. My experience with Custom Guitar's Friend . . .
Rickenbacker 350V63 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.Fabulous instrument. Quality from top to bottom.I am hesitanrt to give anything a 100% perfect score. Nothing is ever perfect but this is darn close. Only knock if you will is that it is a tad limited in it's musical spectrum. Although you can add a fat boost in various ways if you absolutely need to. Action is out of this world.dual truss rod neck for the ultimate in tweakability. Tone is super sweet from, mellow, dialed back low treble, rhythm moods to sparkling bright Ricky tones. Killer looks in JetGlo. Classic all the way!!
Rickenbacker 350V63 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.first of all let me tell you all. I AM A BEATLE BUFF!! As an overly possessive and obsessed fan, I have slowly gathered all the authentic gear. I ordered this guitar after being unable to play the short scale Rick 325C64 miami model. For me 350V63 model is the guitar I could play and yet sound identical to John Lennon early Beatle tone with a full scale neck. QUALITY PRODUCT. Toaster vintage pickups plugged in VOX amp will take you straight back to 1964 with your first strum and a big smile is guaranteed for all. musicians friend Private reserve specialist Chris Swope and I spoke personally and he picked out the best Rick Model in Jetglo finish and was shipped with perfect action and intonation. All praise for them. I also have a rick 330 with high gain pickups and is close to the beatle sound but this is the REAL DEAL with the toaster tops. If you can purchase this one I suggest you do it while you can. these sell fast. the only downside I personally feel is that this guitar is primarily for rhythm playing with some solos that can be played along the melody and if you are lead guitarist then it might not be your favorite cup of cake.
Rickenbacker 350V63 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.I have had this guitar for a few years now, and I've gotta say I still think it's great. The action on this guitar is so low, it's amazing. It's great for rhythm guitar because the chords are so easy to play on this neck. It replicates that great Beatles sound wonderfully and it can handle heavy lead guitar too. It is definitely well worth the money.
Rickenbacker 350V63 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.I've probably played a hundreds of guitars over the last 40 something years and this is by far the best guitar I've ever played, period. I should have gotten one 40 years ago. The Rickenbacker reputation is all that I hoped it would be. I recommend this guitar to anyone that wants an awesome professional guitar. Nothing beats a Rickenbacker!
Rickenbacker 350V63 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.You pay for quality. This guitar is bar none, the best guitar I've ever owned or played with. The most distinct tone, typical of Rickenbacker. Very rounded neck, and small, but fun to play with. It sounds better than my other guitars even when not plugged in. This guitar is purely amazing.
Rickenbacker 350V63 Electric Guitar Fireglo
.As far as im concerned this is the worlds greatest guitar. I (unfortunately) dont have quite the money necessary to buy this bad boy, but EVERY time I go to the guitar store this is the first one I pick up and the last one I set down. This guitar has the sweet clean tone that you couldn't expect from anything but a Rick. It sounds great playing folk rock like AGAINST ME! and yes, she sounds pretty good on a few of those Beatles songs too. My only qualm is the price tag, this is a great guitar, the sum of its parts alone arent worth the price tag, but the sum of its parts + Rick Quality & Tone = pretty close to a fair deal. All in all a sweet guitar. Definately my next high dollar purchase.
Rickenbacker 350V63 Electric Guitar Fireglo

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