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PRS Mark Tremonti Treble Electric Guitar Pickup Black

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Hardshell Case of PRS Mark Tremonti Treble Electric Guitar Pickup Black
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Product Description

The PRS Guitars Mark Temonti Treble Pickup offers you an excellent bridge pickup for your electric guitar with a large Alnico V magnet. Offering plenty of hot bass and treble output, the PRS Tremonti pickup is shockingly sensitive yet amazingly quiet. Delivering killer sustain, this is the signature lead pickup of Mark Tremonti, who has helped spawn hits with both Creed and Alter Bridge.

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Mark Tremonti Treble Electric Guitar Pickup

7.83K impedance

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Overall, if you're looking for a high-output pickup to use in a high-gain situation then look no further! I know that the only people who will consider this pickup are probably going to be Tremonti fans, but that's a shame because this thing is great. I'm a Tremonti fan (not really a Creed fan though, oddly enough). I've always loved his playing style and tone and I figured that throwing his signature pickups in my PRS SE Custom could only improve my sound; it definitely did. Be prepared to use a different pickup if you want a CLEAN tone though, this pickup will make a clean channel sound more like an overdriven channel. I play mainly through either my Mesa Triple Rec or Mesa Studio Pre and it sounds amazing through both! It has a very FULL rock sound. Harmonics (natural or artificial) effortlessly scream with this thing! I paired it up with the Tremonti Bass pickup and couldn't be happier! I'm going to post a review for that pickup as well.
I gave this pickup an 8 because, on it's own, it really doesn't offer any tonal "Features" in my opinion. It is sort of a "one trick pony." That really isn't a bad thing though so long as that is what you're looking for. In my case, I was. This pickup is made to "scream"! If you're looking to get a great hard rock or metal sound, the Tremonti Treble is a great option.
It's a PRS pickup... need I say more? These guys have never disappointed me in the quality department.
I really have no complaints in the "value" category either. This pickup is priced comparably to others of the same caliber.
PRS Mark Tremonti Treble Electric Guitar Pickup Black
.This is a very hot ceramic magnet pickup at 15.42k. The pickup itself will really make your solo's standout and cut thru the mix with no problems. Fear not, this is more than a one trick pony pickup. Match up with his bass pickup, which comes in at 7.36k and you get a nice blend on the rhythm side. Keep in mind that when PRS designed this pickup that it was going into a mahogany body, so it may sound a bit different in other woods. I put this one in my 2001 PRS SC with #7 pickups, did not need to change my bass pickup since it was already basically the same as the Tremonti bass. Even if your not a Tremonti fan but are looking for a different edge in your sound then you might want to give this pickup a try. I would recommend pairing it up with any pickup no lower than 5.5k DC resistance and no higher than 8.5k DC resistance just for the rhythm factor. Overall I highly recommend this pickup.
PRS Mark Tremonti Treble Electric Guitar Pickup Black

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Had these in my stock American PRS Tremonti I and II guitars....also bought and put in several Warmoth builds. They are the best IMHO....If you want growl that isn't EMG thin yet nice and tight bass, the bridge will make you smile. If you want a nice warm neck pickup that still cuts the the Tremonti Bass pickup will be perfect. Tried em all and I like these pickups and/or anything Bare Knuckle pickups offers....they rock hard too!
PRS Mark Tremonti Treble Electric Guitar Pickup Black
.put this in my epiphone SG and was blown away. had to buy the rhythm pickup as well .
PRS Mark Tremonti Treble Electric Guitar Pickup Black
.Wonderful! I put this pickup in my Tremonti SE and do not believe it! The sound was amazing, surpassed the gibson pickup of another guitar. I'm from Brazil and I was amazed with the quality of this cap. Recommend.
PRS Mark Tremonti Treble Electric Guitar Pickup Black
.These pickups are amazing! I upgraded the stock treble pickup on my Tremonti SE guitar with this one. This treble pickup is very aggressive and sounds awesome. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new treble pickup with more of a "bite" to it.
PRS Mark Tremonti Treble Electric Guitar Pickup Black
.Replaced the stock 57/08 in my PRS Studio 22. Exactly what I wanted out if this guitar. It's hot but still cleans up well and actually sounds great clean. It also sounds great split.
PRS Mark Tremonti Treble Electric Guitar Pickup Black
.This is for all those people who ask "Can I play Metal on a PRS?" The answer is Heck Yeah! This pickup is by far my favorite passive pickup ever. I own or have owned just about every pickup out there. From old Gibson PAF's to the new Joe Satriani Mo'Joe. I have installed this in a PRS Tremonti SE and an ESP-LTD 1000 and it is a huge improvement.
PRS Mark Tremonti Treble Electric Guitar Pickup Black

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