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Peavey Headliner 210 2x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet

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Hardshell Case of Peavey Headliner 210 2x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet
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Product Description

Voiced for punchy bass with lots of harmonic tone, the versatility and performance of the Headliner 210 bass speaker cabinet encourages use with any fine bass amp head. The Headliner 210 is constructed using internal bracing, and is covered with roadworthy black carpet. Steel corners protect the cabinet from the rigors of the road.

The Headliner 210 cabinet includes a black powdercoat finished 16 gauge perforated metal grille. The two 10" ferrite magnet woofers are designed with a rich bass tone in mind. The sealed cabinet insures tight bass notes, with every note rendered precisely.
Inputs include two 1/4" input phone jacks, and one 4-pin twist-lock connector for maximum flexibility.

With a nominal impedance of 8 ohms, and a power handling of 400 watts program and 800 watts peak, the Headliner 210 can be used in conjunction with any reasonably sized bass amp head. With the 8 ohm impedance, the Headliner 210 can be easily stacked on top of a Headliner 410 cabinet, resulting in a 4-ohm total load.

400 watts program power handling 800 watts peak Two custom-designed 10" ceramic-magnet woofers 8 ohms impedance 18mm ply cabinet with internal bracing and steel corners 16-gauge perforated metal grille Durable black carpet covering

Punchy Peavey bass tone priced for the working musician. Get yours now!


Headliner 210 2x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet

52 lb.

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I put it on top of my TNT and it was a marriege made in Heaven; sonicly speakin' because the control nobs end up behind and on the botton of the 2-10.But it doesn't matter because after I do my set up I hardly go back to do some changes.anyway,with the ported 15 and tweeter; the TNT sounds beautiful with a 5 string bass its round ad fat.once you go higher than the 12 fret on the G string you get lost in the mix and with a six or seven string bass you might as well not have them.But if get this 2-10 your going to hear every single note on your 6 or 7 string bass with authority its like you lift the blanket off your rig.That is why I like this 2-10 because it doesn't have a port so it's not trying to add lows that the 15 its doing well already.no tweeter it doesn't matter the TNT got one already.every note goes al the way to the audience from your little speaker array and that is exactly what I wanted and to make sure I record every performance with my Zoom Q3 and check it afterwards and it sounds fanastic without being everbearing
portless which I like
tweeterless which I wanted
A little heavy but a 15 year old girl could carry it by herself up the stair to the second floor
for what it does. it's nothing
Peavey Headliner 210 2x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet
.For the money You cant find anything better. Great for a classic rock to metal sound.

Not the most versital sound due to the lack of tweeter, but great for an expanison or a more vintage sound.

If you play metal, hard rock, or classic rock you will find this a very usable and great sounding cabinet.
Peavey Headliner 210 2x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet
.Bought 2 to replace my 4x10 cab ....was worried about the lack of a tweeter , but no problems there ....just add a little high end in the amp , and it's all good . I'm getting too old to be lugging that 4x10 to gigs , so this works great ! You can spend more money on 2x10 cabs , but why ?
Peavey Headliner 210 2x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet
.Having never used a 2x10 I wanted to hear at least half a four ten. What I got is everything. a larger cab is but half the weight less than half the price of most 4 x10s and all the clarity, punch and satisfying thunder found in larger cabs. Happy Happy!
Peavey Headliner 210 2x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet
.I bought this amp on a whim because I had very, very little money; I had to buy a full half stack under 1000 with the money I made at my seasonal job. I was absolutely surprised at just how great this amp was. The sound quality was pretty good. It handles even the low A of my six string pretty well. There was a short, month to two month period where the only amp I had was this one, so I had no choice but to send a 500 watt, 4ohm head through this. The speakers one day sounded completely blown out because it was the third day in a row I had used it.
But here is the cool part: Two days later, that amp sounded just fine. So I'm glad my necessary abuse wasn't irreversible. I should also say that when paired with a 4X10 cab, it sounds pretty good.
Um... quick little odds and ends things, I took the grille off and found it very difficult to put it back on, and get the screws on, so I use it without. I actually plan on buying another one of these for band practice with another band since this thing is purely fantastic.
You really should regret buying this amp. It is a great amp.
Peavey Headliner 210 2x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet
.this cab coupled with a 15 inch eminence speaker bass cab and its all i need! great size, weight. quality is there, when dialed in properly you can get a beautiful warm sound and still have the crispness/punch/slap on the high end.
Peavey Headliner 210 2x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet
.I use this in addition to a single 15 cabinet or by itself for really small or acoustic gigs. Very punchy and clear. Great for the money.
Peavey Headliner 210 2x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet
.It was time to upgrade from my 20watt practice amp, so I started with this "gently used" cabinet and paired with as 450 watt Behringer Ultrabass head. Nice first step towards a serious rig!
Peavey Headliner 210 2x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet
.My existing rig included 2 15" cabs and 12" with a horn. This 2x10 really rounds out the overall tone very nicely.
Peavey Headliner 210 2x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet
.I just got my 2nd cab and WOW what a great sound. These cabs are just what I wanted great price and sound. I run 3 different effects hard overdrive, chorus, and synth and my cabs deliver plenty of punch. I use a 5 string and now an 8 string (4×2 style) and I couldn't be happier with what my half stack churns out. Oh and great clean sound also. For the price you can't go wrong.
Peavey Headliner 210 2x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet

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