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Peavey Tour TNT 115 Bass Combo Amp Black

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Hardshell Case of Peavey Tour TNT 115 Bass Combo Amp Black
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Product Description

The Peavey Tour TNT 115 is a 600W bass guitar combo amp with a top loaded, kick-back cabinet design. A single 1/4" input has a bright switch and an active/passive switch. A pre-gain knob and a contour switch allow for a pre-shape EQ. A "crunch" switch adds a tube like distortion effect. EQ is controlled with high and low shelve controls and a 7-band graphic with a defeat switch. Also included is a one-knob compressor that has a defeat switch. An effects loop, footswitch input, master volume and DDT on/off switch completes the front panel of the Peavey Tour TNT 115. Lightweight Class D power drives the ceramic 15" speaker and high-frequency tweeter.

600W maximum lightweight class D power 15" specially designed speaker High Frequency tweeter 7-band graphic EQ High and Low Shelving controls Preshape contour switch Bright switch Active/Passive pickup switch Crunch switch adds tube-like crunch effect Compressor with defeat switch Optional footswitch controls crunch and compressor Effects Loop Master Volume Headphone output Tweeter on/off switch DDT speaker protection Powered speaker output with Speakon jack Convenient kick-back design Legendary Peavey reliability

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Between the great sound the power and ruggedness I love it. The only thing that is questionable is the shape of the back for the tilt back design. While it does allow you to tilt back I wouldnt stack it on top of another amp as well as the control panel is on top so you cant see it. But one thing that is nice is that when you transport it you can face the speaker towards the front of the car and sit it in the back seat peffectly and this is in a little 2001 nissan altima! When carrying you can do it by yourself easily if you put the top of the amp flat against your chest it isnt light but very managble, I've even gone up two flights of stairs with it without too much trouble, just watch your step becasue you can't see your feet. Overall it's a big win in terms of power portability sound control and durability. So seriously buy it!
The features that allow you to shape your sound to almost anything the tweeter is strong and it has one heck of a kick. The only thing it lacks is a strong midrange. I hooked it up to a 410 extension cab at guitar center and it was the absolute perfect balence of lows mids and highs, not to mention the additional volume.
I've had this bass for 9 months now and it has taken its share of abuse. Ive taken it to many jam sessions and pushed it when playing with a drummer. The toughness is unmatched I had a leaky pipe that dripped water on my amp all night I dried it off waited a few days and it worked without a hitch. I then fixed the pipe and it broke again the exact same thing happened and it came back just as strong.
Peavey Tour TNT 115 Bass Combo Amp Black
.Not my big rig; bought this for little jams. Addtion of an extension cab gives this thing a lot more breathing room, of course. Without, it can keep up with a big combo amp and drum-kit if it's pushed, and they hold back. I have a headroom bias, though. Tone is good and fairly transparent.

Consider geometry; Is it for you? Awkward to carry alone but do-able. Easy to carry with a friend. Front heavy. No sensible way to add casters. Can sit on a hand-cart but not as easily as most. Tipped back, amp controls are inacessible. 1) Tip up. 2) Adjust. 3) Tip Back. 4) Evaluate. 5) Repeat. or just leave the thing square. And if you add a cab, it's likely not to stack.

EQ, Compressor, and other controls are good and functional. Hard to determine positions of push buttons -- LEDs would have made a big difference. Watch rear rocker switch to exclude tweeter: it's easily bumped in transport. Nice long electrical cord, but no place to store it on the amp - don't leave it behind.
Got mine on the cheap in Used Condition C 'Good'; broken cabinet. Yet, despite it's violent past it is rock solid with no rattles. Pushbuttons sometimes stick or pop up.
Great value in Condition C. Otherwise, I'd wait a few hundred $ more and go bigger or better.
Peavey Tour TNT 115 Bass Combo Amp Black
.Just got this amp to save me from hauling my svt around to smaller jobs but seems to have the power to do any job just fine. The true power is 300 watts rms by its self or 450 watts with external 8 ohm speaker connected but still has all the power you will need. People who have complained about it buzzing need only to take a screw driver and tighten the speaker and all other screws. Any equipment that comes from the orient needs to be gone over because of the difference in humidity causes wood to shrink slightly. I have found all guitars from there need to have fret ends filed because of fingerboard shrinking from humidity differences and this is no exception. The first thing i did when i got mine was to remove the grill and tighten the speaker then tighten all other screws. Every screw is loose but once you have done this you will have a great buzz free amp. The amp seems to be a great amp so far with great volume for its size and good bottom end. I highly recomend this combo.
Peavey Tour TNT 115 Bass Combo Amp Black
.I got this amp as a refurb - it had been sent back because it made a low end vibration noise -- guess what? It still does. Sounds like some looks screws somewhere or even a blown speaker. If I get anywhere close to anything more than a 4 on the amp the vibration noise makes the amp unusable. that said I can play my 80's TNT right next to it and it sounds fine. I'm really disapointed in the quality control at Peavey and Custom Guitar's Friend on this particular purchase. I really think I have purchased my last piece of Peavey gear -- and honestly I have used Peavey amps as my primary amp since the early 80's.
Peavey Tour TNT 115 Bass Combo Amp Black
.So I went to guitar center to look for a new guitar amp. After trying several and being disappointed by most, I got distracted by the bass section. I tried the ampegs, the GKs, the Fenders, and was disappointed by those as well. I was looking for something portable and skipped over the Peavey because it looked heavy. So after the disappointment, I decided to give it a shot. After some mild tone dialing, I filled the entire store with some awesome bass tone. This amp sounds HUGE. I have a very hard time finding bad tones with it. The speaker is very sturdy giving thunderous lows and very clean highs. I was slightly disappointed in the lack of a tuner that the GK and Fender models had, but I got over it very quickly. As for the bulkiness, after I decided that it was coming home with me, I picked it up to see how hard it would be to move it, and it was a snap. I would definitely recommend this amp to any bass player regardless of experience.
Peavey Tour TNT 115 Bass Combo Amp Black
.I just bought this from a local music store, and I love it. It is easily one of the best values for an amp on here. The crunch is awesome if you don't have the tweeter on as it will feedback. I love the 7 band eq. The blue logo is pretty snazzy. My only complaint is that for 600w it's not loud at all. I am most likely gonna get an add on cab.
Peavey Tour TNT 115 Bass Combo Amp Black
.Could not be more pleased with the product, just be sure you have a larger vehicle to haul it in if you are moving it, its a pretty big amp. 1 person is capable of carrying it, but 2 is safer.
Everything you could possibly want. From a crunch feature, a brightness feature, all kinds of gains, an option for your type of pickup, whether active or passive, a speaker protect feature so you dont blow your amp. Its amazing.
I have never had any problems with this amp and I have owned it for a year and a half now. Great sound, great performance.
I am pretty cheap when it comes to spending my money, but let me tell you this amp is more than worth what is asked for it. I have heard amps upwards of 1,000 dollars sound worse than this one. For the price, its the best you will get.
Peavey Tour TNT 115 Bass Combo Amp Black
.I read about this amp for months before it came out. Finally found one in a local store and snagged it. Have not seen another one anywhere since, but i love it! I can get several different tones out of it and plenty of clear volume for what I play. LOVE IT!!!
Peavey Tour TNT 115 Bass Combo Amp Black
.I would recoment this amp for someone who wants to play outdoors because for a medium venue its overkill.its kind of heavy.you need to carry it with two people and it tends to roll when you lift it.but I think thats the price you have to pay for an amazing tone.much better than the hartke vx3500
this is an amazing bass amp.I can dial any tone for any style and it won't let me down.alot of power!I have not pass 4 and if I do you wouldn't hear the rest of the band.I can't wait to buy the peavey headliner 2-10 and feel its full power.
I only wish that it was built out of plywood!
I Don't like that is a kick back cabinet
Peavey Tour TNT 115 Bass Combo Amp Black
.I bought this solely on Peavey's reputation for building sturdy, rock-solid equipment with field replaceable parts (speakers, tweeters, ect), and also from previous experience with owning some Peavey stuff before. I did my homework before I bought the amp, definitely do yours; I knew what I was getting beforehand in most respects, but, having said that, I was totally, and utterly, blown away in other areas. First, the amp, while still hefty, was a bit lighter than my regular 210 combo bass amp. I was expecting it to be heavier, but was very surprised at it's weight. It's kickback design is nice, and I didn't fear putting it upright on top of an external speaker, worrying it would fall over. The thing that I was surprised the most about it was this monster's sound!! Oh man, it was huge, beastly, and thunderous. It was able to put out more volume than I was expecting from it (I had it hooked to an external 15" cab). Even by itself it was still pretty wild. Compared to my old 210 combo it was a whole lot warmer, more low end, not to trebly or "plinky-plonky" on the high end, and definitely enough mids to punch you in the gut. The distortion/crunch effect was definitely useful and very natural sounding (it was just enough dirt in the sound to make it subtlely aggressive if needed). An amp like this, as far as I can tell, is extremely versatile; it can work well in a jazz setting, reggae (because of it's beautiful low end), Cajun/zydeco (those bassists would love thing), definitely R&B, and most definitely rock. One thing all players looking at this amp should be aware of is the 600 watt rating that seems to be highlighted: it is and it isn't 600 watts (see the manual on Peavey's site). 600 watts is the amps PEAK, not it's RMS (known as continuous power). It's RMS is 200 watts at 8 ohms and 300 watts at 4 ohms (when you add an ext. cab). The 600 watts refers to short bursts of power, or the occasional extra loud note that may pop out from playing too hard or dynamically. Rest assured, this amp can get LOOOOUD (on my previous amp I would crank it up to 6 not felling completely satisfied, and this Peavey at 4 will melt faces off - I was smiling from ear to ear). The other cool thing about the volume/gain setting to get this volume? I wasn't clipping the amp or tripping the DDT speaker protection. I apparently have headroom for days. The bottom line: this amp will kick your butt, and your old amp's butt, too.
Peavey Tour TNT 115 Bass Combo Amp Black

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