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Peavey Rage 258 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology

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Hardshell Case of Peavey Rage 258 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology
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Product Description

The Peavey Rage 258 Guitar Amplifier is a shockingly hard-hitting ultralight amp, weighing in at only 16 lbs. Unique among practice amps, it gives you 2 channels, 3 radically different voicings--Stack, Modern, and Vintage--for a huge palette of tonal flavors. Pre and post gain knobs, and 3-band EQ make it jam-session ready while the headphone jack and tape/CD input are perfect for solo practice.

25W RMS 8" super-duty Blue Marvel speaker 3-band EQ 2 channels Tape/CD aux input/direct out Pre and post gain knobs Master volume Stack/Modern/Vintage voicing switch Headphone jack 16 lbs.

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I was looking for a pair of SS amps to gig with (I run stereo reverb), ones that sounded good clean but also had a tube like attack and compression. These TransTube do. Sure they aren't AS good as a tube amp, but they sound really good none-the-less. Better than all my other SS amps. They DON'T have the annoying ultra-high freq, almost ice-picky thing going on that so many SS amps have.I own four of the TransTube amps: the Solo, Rage, Envoy and Bandit. If you're looking for clean tones, this Rage 258 seems the best of the bunch.On the higher end models (Envoy and Bandit), you get to select separate EQ'ing for your clean and lead channels, but I find most of the lead selections not really my taste. But the Rage's three EQ selections all sound good to my ears.The other three models' clean channels tend to start breaking up earlier on as well. With the Rage, you can be almost to full volume before the break-up starts.I did a side-by-side with the Envoy and the Rage. I connected each to a single spkr in my Peavey Classic 50 combo, so both were playing from identical speakers in the same cabinetry.I found that the volume level of the Envoy wasn't really much greater than the Rage, and if you turned them up just to the point of break up the Rage was slightly louder. The Rage is EQ'ed a bit differently, so even the two models' clean channels sounded a bit different. The Rage was a tad brighter, a bit more presence, perhaps a bit less compression. I also noticed that going through the 10" speaker from my cab, the Rage had all the depth and character of the Envoy. In other words, I'm betting the limiting factor on tonal depth with these amps is the speaker and enclosure. I suspect I could plug my tiny Solo up to a warm 12" speaker and get some thunderous bass. I'll have to try that with my Solo and Bandit!How am I using this amp as a clean amp? By running ultra clean, I can more easily make my electric sound like an acoustic (I use an EH Knockout pedal). I also have the option of getting whatever kinda dirty I like, without limiting my ability to play clean - I treat the whole amp as the power-amp stage of an amp and use overdrive pedals to emulate the pre-amp stage, putting effects in-between like an fx send/rtrn on an amp would. I put my dirt boxes in front of my phaser pedal (A behringer PH9 - the cheapest phaser I found, and the BEST one [true bypass, low stage count so it sounds all warm and gooey like the Vintage 74 MXR]). After my phaser I've got a Vox Cooltron Big Ben Overdrive (basically a pre-amp stage from an amp). Then I do my chorus and reverb before going in the Rage.Chorus and Reverb sound MUCH nicer when not overdriven. By putting a tube pre in front of those effects, I get nice glistening effects. I put the phaser before the tube pre because it's a bit bitey and the tube pre smooths the edges a bit. More of a Robin Trower effect that way as well.
Peavey Rage 258 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology
.I received my rage 258 today 67 hours after placing my order- musicians friend's service was great. I have been a semi-pro player for 30 years.Folks, this is the best $100.00 amp money can buy.Is it an all tube Marshall, or Boogie-no. Does it allow you to have a good time with great tone, adequate volume, versatility, and a dynamic tone control? Hell yes! I have taught and preformed for many years, and I know good tone, I f you want an amp to practice with, and for jamming, this is it. Loud enough, tone options, reliable, inexpensive- the best non- tube sound on the planet period.
Peavey Rage 258 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology
.For the money it can't be beat, have been miking it at gigs and leaving the hundred pound amp at home, it does everything it says and more
Peavey Rage 258 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology
.I have been playing for about 11 years now and have used every guitar, string, amp, pedal, sound system you can think of, and I'm very picky about tone! This amp has pretty much the IDENTICAL sound quality as a real tube amp! I own a Valve King Peavey tube full stack and I'm telling you...its the SAME sound I'm hearing through both amps. This thing is little but has MASSIVE sound! I put it through my PA system and the sound that it produces is better...yes...BETTER than my Peavey Valve King tube, and I personally believe that the Valve King is the best amp in the world...not necessarily anymore. I've heard some people say that the distortion on this amp isn't very good, I agree, however, I believe that ALL amps have bad built in distortion haha, so just get your favorite pedal and that won't be an issue (I strongly suggest the Danelectro Cool Cat Metal II Pedal, its the bomb)!!! I am definitely going to be recording with the Rage 258 Transtube! Do not waist time and money on super spendy gear, get this amp and a good PA system and you'll never even need anything else! Buy this amp!!!
Peavey Rage 258 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology
.OK, I'm only 13 in a alternative band but this thing is bigger than you think. I'm easily impressed so I would look at some other reviews too.Good clean sound and so I would recommend this for a good low price amp.
Peavey Rage 258 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology
.I have an old Bandit transtube that I love and picked this amp up to use for practice hoping to capture the same sound. First off, the amp does not have reverb which surprised me. I thought even the cheapest practice amps had these days - my bad; I didn't read the specs. Doesn't really capture the old bandit sound, but it is ok for practice. Hard to be too critical for the price.
Peavey Rage 258 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology
.ive owned this amp for about 3 or 4 years now and it still sounds awesome to this day. i line out my line 6 into it for the distortion and effects (b/c the built in distortion isnt good). this thing sounds like a good tube amp when you put delay on it. it sounds even better when i put my small clone chorus on it. overall just a great amp. i suggest buying one, i still use mine to this day.
Peavey Rage 258 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology
.I Bought This Peavey Rage 258 Amp And It More Than Meets My Needs. It's Plenty Loud For Practice With The Black Marvel 8 In Speaker This Amp Cranks Out The Sound. I Play A Standard Strat With A Digitech RP50 And It Sounds Fantasic. Clean Sound All Around. No Complaints Here At All. For The Money You Can't Go Wrong. I Tried Other Amps But This One Sounds The Best With A Strat. Has A Nice Bright Clear Sound. And Is Built To Last. Get This Amp!
Peavey Rage 258 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology
.I was rather skeptical when buying this amp because my last Peavey Practice Amp kinda died but on the other hand Peavey was awarded the overall best quality (for amps) award and thus I trusted them. I must say I do like the amp quite a lot and it's exterior makes it possible to love an inanimate object. However, an effects pedal is definitely reccomended and if you use peavey cables for it and for your guitar, I reccomend anything but.
Peavey Rage 258 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology
.this amp has decent clean sound but when u start to run effects it is very hard to get a good overdrive tone, the eq is terrible with overdrive i can't get a van halen brown sound or any kind of good rock tones i am looking to upgrade to a 6505 or a Marshall soon
Peavey Rage 258 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology

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