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Peavey Audio Performer Pack Portable PA

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Hardshell Case of Peavey Audio Performer Pack Portable PA
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Product Description

The Peavey All-In-One Audio Performer Pack is a complete, portable PA system that packages the new PVi 4B powered mixer with PV Series microphone, loudspeakers and accessories.

The Audio Performer Pack brings ease of use and powerful sound to small performances and multipurpose use in schools, churches and virtually any intimate speaking or entertainment application. The rugged, powered PVi 4B mixer features rotary controls to adjust level, reverb and tone on each channel and the master section, with a built-in power amp rated at 100 watts RMS into 4 ohms. Its feature set also includes four balanced microphone and 1/4" TRS inputs, tape/CD input with level control, a line out for connection to external amplifiers and a record output.

Rounding out the all-in-one PA system solution are two PVi 100 dynamic cardioid microphones, two PVi 10 premium loudspeaker enclosures, a pair of adjustable speaker stands and cables for the microphones and speakers.

PVi 4B 100 watts into 4 ohm (2 x 8 ohm) speakers Balanced mic inputs Tape/CD inputs 10 total inputs Reverb control on each channel Line Out for connection to external amplifiers Record Out for taping RF interference protection on all inputs PVi 100 Microphone Dynamic cardioid microphone designed for stand-mount application On/off switch Includes carrying pouch, mic clip and cable Two speaker stands Cables

It's a killer deal for an all-in-one, powerful little PA system that's Peavey-reliable all the way. Order today.


Audio Performer Pack Portable PA

PVi 100
Dimensions: 10.5" W x 8.5" H x 3.75" D (Packed)
Weight: 1 lbs. (Packed)

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Bought second hand three years ago for three piece band - two guitars (AER & Marshall amps) and bass (Roland Bass Cube) - NO drummer. Used mainly for practice sessions but also gigged fairly regularly in small pubs and halls either as main PA or for foldback monitoring duty in larger venues - where it serves alongside a 700 watt PA rig (Roland mixer, Yamaha amp, Tannoy speakers). As an entry level PA package, the PV rig is'nt long on esoterics - FX, compression, routing flexibility, etc. - or chest-thumpingly loud but it is well put together and has proven itself rugged and reliable in service. We're not an overly loud band and, for the price we paid, we found the sound quality surprisingly good, provided its not pushed too hard. Its easy to set up and not too heavy to carry - 70lbs/35kg vs. 240lbs/120kg for our big rig. Great for small venues and, three years on, no issues of any kind; it does exactly what it says on the tin.
Peavey Audio Performer Pack Portable PA
.Really impressed with this unit and it's been dependable after literally hundreds of gigs. It's best as a PA/sound system for a small to medium setting. I've used it at weddings, car shows, acoustic music performances, radio events, etc . . . The built in reverb on each channel is a nice touch. The stands have held up well, no knobs have broken, and I haven't had to replace any parts. It does what it says it will do, and I would strongly recommend it for the type of functions I mentioned above. If you are planning to fill a larger room with sound, or have a PA for an entire band, you will need a larger more powerful unit than this.
Peavey Audio Performer Pack Portable PA
.For the first time I was disappointed with an item I purchased from Custom Guitar's Friend. The system looks great but it stops at the packaging. There is no volume. It's rated as 100 watts but is closer to 20 watts in delivery. It's totally useless unless you're an acoustic guitar player performing in a bathroom. Opt for a higher wattage output system instead.
Peavey Audio Performer Pack Portable PA
.I got this PA second-hand, but it still works like a beauty! This is my first PA, but I have seen and used other PAs. When turning it up, be wary that you may have to alter the EQ, as the high end may become quite piercing. However, with a few tweaks, a very nice system. The mics aren't amazing, but they're not what I bought the system for. One XLR lead is broken, as another review has said. The CD in/out are a great extra, as I can hook up a subwoofer to add the extra bass that's needed for my music.All in all, very good beginner's PA, cheap, easy to use. As long as you stay away from the useless reverb.
Peavey Audio Performer Pack Portable PA
.i have this PA , and i really like it !The amplifier is good but for rehersal and for play in small venues ; the speakers are really good ! the sound is clear and loud ; i use it as mains or monitors for bigger set-ups
Peavey Audio Performer Pack Portable PA
.Me and the lead guitarist in my band went half on one of these. We intended to only use it for practice, but surprisingly it puts out some power for only being a 100watt mixer.good price. better buy it!!
Peavey Audio Performer Pack Portable PA
.I have used this system for outdoor movies, performed way better than expected, WAY better. I have also used this for a karaoke setup. Still good, but as mentioned, the reverb is not great. That said, the sound is great for 10" mains, enough bass without being boomy. For a starting system, can't be beat. I am going to use it as back up as I get other gear more suited to the karaoke and continue to use it for the outdoor movies.
Peavey Audio Performer Pack Portable PA
.I was pretty amazed at this PA system. It wasn't what I expected, but in a good way. The sound quality is pretty good, and it has nice volume, good for gigs with even a few hundred people. A few things you should know is that the reverb is horrible, the cables that come with it are crap, (One of the mic cables stopped working shorty after using it, after gigging with this once the speaker 1/4" jacks were completely bent) so make sure that when you buy this you also buy two XLR mic cables and two 1/4" TRS speaker cables, but other than that, I got a pretty good deal for my money. It is also very rugged, as it didn't really take damage after lugging it around. Go ahead and buy it!
Peavey Audio Performer Pack Portable PA
.we had a problem in the beginning because we used our cords and you need to use the cords that come with it and then it's fantastic!
Peavey Audio Performer Pack Portable PA
.I bought this product for playback in a home studio. It has no bass whatsoever. Neither of the microphones worked. The only thing worth using was the speaker stands. I would have to say that it is the worst piece of equipment I ever got.
Peavey Audio Performer Pack Portable PA

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