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Peavey 6505 120W Guitar Amp Head

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Product Description

The Peavey 6505 120W Guitar Amp Head serves up 120W of pile-driving power for muscular crunch and soaring sustain. Equipped with 5 - 12AX7s in the preamp and 4 - 6L6s in the power amp. Includes footswitchable lead/rhythm channel select, effects loop, 3-band EQ, plus resonance and presence controls on each channel. Rhythm channel includes pre/post gain controls and bright/crunch switches. Lead channel includes pre/post gain controls only. Preamp output. Footswitch included. 4, 8, or 16 ohms.

The 6505 Series guitar amplifiers are named in celebration of Peavey's first 40 years, (1965-2005.) While known as the 5150 Series, these amps became the undisputed go-to guitar amps for scores of rock, hardcore, and metal bands because of their raw tone, relentless power, and road-proven reliability.

120W Preamp: 5 - 12AX7s Power amp: 4 - 6L6s Footswitchable lead/rhythm channels Effects loop 3-band EQ Resonance and presence controls 4, 8, or 16 ohms

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I have had a few amps....Marshall JCM800, Krank - Krankenstein, Carvin V3, MTS, played through so many more. I always keep coming back to the 6505/5150. Such a classic no BS amp. I am not a fan of Eddie but I like his gear. Trust me you won't sound like Eddie playing this thing but you will sound massive! It's a real amp and even when it is idling it lets you know that it is ready for your next ruthless attack on the strings. If you need it to shut up get a Boss NS-2 and wire it like this: Guitar ?> Overdrive Pedal (I use the Boss SD-1) ?> NS-2 Input ?> NS-2 SEND ?> Amp InputNext:Amp FX Loop Send ?> NS-2 RETURN ?> NS-2 OUTPUT ?> Amp FX Loop ReturnI set the NS-2 with a decay of MIN and Threshold of MAX or just below max depending on how loud I am running my 5150.This in a nut shell shuts the WHOLE amp up and makes for almost dead quite operation.METAL!!!
Peavey 6505 120W Guitar Amp Head
.From a light bluesy warm creamy sound, to a rock, to hard rock sound. Then a step further to metal and then heavy metal. As long as you can take the insanity. Thats what the 5150/6505 is all about. On the rythm channel you can have a bluesy clean to bluesy dirty, add crunch and you got an even better sound. So 2 down and one more to go. The lead channel is next which has that extra distortion push. This gives you as much as a real tube amp should sound. This gives you almost three distinct sounds of distortion, which can be altered in each, by adjusting the pre and post gains. Not to mention the prescence and resonance controls. This amp is known for its mids and lows but you can make it sound sharp and chisled with the bright switch and your high knob adjustment. By the way I love this amp.
Peavey 6505 120W Guitar Amp Head
.Well, in all of the music genres, there's only a few amps that impress me. Most boutique amps are very nice sounding, but they are also very expensive. If you can afford them, great!! Problem is, most people can't. (especially nowadays.) Now Peavey has been around for a long time, so they very much know what "works" and what doesn't. My biggest complaint; with tube amps especially is they need maintenance. This also costs money. So you see where this is going?? Yup, bang for the buck, Nobody beats Peavey!! This 6505 is no exception, it's been proven roadworthy to me, and also the 6505 cabinets too. Oh yea, and they are made in the USA!! THese are sort of known for their "heavy metal" sounds, but when you start to experiment with it, there's great blues/rock tones, jazz tones, whatever..and their customer support is excellent.
Peavey 6505 120W Guitar Amp Head
.I have the 5150 version of this amp (same exact circuitry) and might i say its just more than enough for any genre of heavy music. From scooped mids for Death metal, heavy low end for Post-Hardcore,and tight mids for that EVH sound everyone is sought after. Loud , and enough aggressive gain for any guitar player out there. ---note , i put 4.5 in quality mainly because i run a sonic maximizer, 266xl compressor gate, and a peavey 15 band eq in the FX loop. This amp can hiss alot.
Peavey 6505 120W Guitar Amp Head
.I just bought a used 5150 for $500 today and I forgot how much I love the original. I've kicked around the idea of buying a 5150II/6505+ for a while now and LOVE playing through them, but I wanted an original so I had to snap this up when I saw it.I play a stock Highway One maple board Strat straight through this into a Genz Benz G-Flex 212 and it's killer...f'in killer. I just play through the Rhythm Channel, Crunch mode, gain/bass/mids @ 10, treble @ 7.5 and it's perfect.Lead is over the top! Amp has plenty of low/mids, cuts through flawlessly, and just sound angry. And for as much as people get down on these amps for the clean channel, if you know what you're doing or are patient, you can get some nice clean sounds, and slightly dirty jangle - yes, jangle!I'm in love.
Peavey 6505 120W Guitar Amp Head
.Read the title! This amp eats every other amp for breakfast! I don't even know where to start. Well the first thing I noticed right out of the box, it's extremely durable and built like a tank. Plugged it, and it did take me a little while to get familiar with the controls and find the right sound for me, but I absolutely love this thing now. Everybody says the clean sucks, I didn't experience this problem, I think it sounds awesome. The high-gain distortion is there, but I use my MT2 with it on the rhythm channel instead, just a matter of preference, though if my pedal went out or something at a gig, I wouldn't hesitate to use the amp distortion. And this thing is LOUD LOUD LOUD! And that is an understatement, I can only have it on 1 and 2 is pushing it. I haven't used it live yet, but I would in a heartbeat. I'm extremely picky about my tone, and the 6505 gets the job done and then some. LOVE IT!
Peavey 6505 120W Guitar Amp Head
.The title says it all: to me, its the holy grail of tone and does everything i want it to. im still running the 5150 model just because it hasn't died yet! i bought mine on ebay, yes, used, about 6 years ago and the only thing that i have had done was some wiring getting touched up a few years back. thats it. completely metal amp. i run the following in my efx chain: 5150 to Boss NS-2 Out, In to guitar, then run from the RETURN of the NS2 i run a Boss CH-1, Boss SD-1, Dunlop Rotovibe and Dunlop ZW Wah, then from the IN of the wah, just send that sucker to the SEND of the NS2. This is the greatest tone for my taste, plenty of gain, while the NS-2 keeps it tamed. I plan on getting the 6505 very soon just so i can run 2 of these bad boys at once! take it from someone who has been giggin hard for the past 4 yrs on the road, this thing is a tank! so stop reading about it and buy it already!!!
Peavey 6505 120W Guitar Amp Head
.is because thats as high as the scoring system goes! I give it a 10 in all areas. The 6505 is for everyone. Some say its not, but it has two inputs, high and low gain. If you don't want the ultra-high gain feature, plug into the low input. I have used this amp for several years and have never had a problem with it. Some complain of its 'clean' channel. All you have to do is find your volume knob, give it a slight twist, and voila, instant pristine cleans! Best tube amp on the market today!!
Peavey 6505 120W Guitar Amp Head
.I'd give this a 4/10. Amp just didn't get my knickers knockin. I got stuck using it as backline gear at a gig. They had a fit because our gear wasn't LOUD enough. When you mic everything how loud does it have to be honestly? After you get past 50 watts you lose tone and just get volume.Volume ALWAYSLots of KnobsThe EQ really wouldn't give me much flexibility.Aesthtically kind of boring.No tone to be found just loud. That's honestly all this amp has going for it LOUDIt made all of my guitars sound bland and faceless. Of course you could hear them in the bordering state.Looks like a rock solid amp as far as build quality goes. The cage would protect the tubes.Thats a lot of moeny for volume.Thank god it was just backline gear for me
Peavey 6505 120W Guitar Amp Head
.I purchased my 6505 about a month ago now, and after playing 3 or 4 gigs as well as practice twice a week, I can safely say I am very impressed with this head. While I can sympathize with those who are disappointed with this amp due to it's lack of options in the clean tone department, there are some rather easy ways around that. Here's the deal: if you want to be lazy about it, just get a Peavey XXX. It's also a great head and offers you the versatility that you are likely looking for. But if you are like me, you want... scratch that: you NEED that signature 5150/6505 tone. It's monstrous, it's loud, and it's unmistakeable, and you won't quite get it out of a Triple XXX or any other head for that matter. So here's what I do to make up for it's lack of options for a clean tone:The great thing about the 6505 is that the footswitch comes with a toggle for your effects loop, which means you can run all your stomp-boxes through that. So, I go ahead and EQ the head with my distortion sound in mind. Get it sounding as good as I possibly can, then I use my Boss Guitar EQ pedal for my clean tone (turn down the preamp on the rhythm channel for your clean channel) and situate it on my pedal board to be directly behind the footswitch. Now I can switch over to clean tone with the EQ pedal and dial in the sparkly cleans, get the dirty distortion, and run the tried and true Big Muff pedal for leads and voila! You have essectially made your 6505 a 3 channel monster with some of the sickest distortion tones you will ever hear as well as some great cleans and searing leads. While it's a little more work than using a three-channel amp, it's worth it to retain that classic Peavey distortion. I couldn't recommend anything BUT a 6505/5150. Go get one and join the ranks of proud Peavey owners. This head screams.
Peavey 6505 120W Guitar Amp Head

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