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Peavey PV 118 Single 18" Subwoofer

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Hardshell Case of Peavey PV 118 Single 18" Subwoofer
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Product Description

The Peavey PV 118 Single 18" Subwoofer is a compact, vented subwoofer system using an 18" heavy-duty woofer with a 3" voice coil and a 65-oz. magnet. The black, perforated steel grille and steel corners provide protection and a professional appearance, and the sturdy steel handles allow ease of transport. A top polemount for 1-3/8" stand poles is incorporated and can be connected in parallel for daisy-chaining or to send a full-range signal to a P.A. cabinet. The impressive 400W program power rating allows plenty of gut-pounding bass. The internal low-pass crossover network, along with the vented enclosure, provides great bass response that will add the thump you desire.

Vented bass subwoofer enclosure Pro Eighteen 18" premium woofer Optimized internal low-pass crossover network Polemount 400W program power handling 40Hz-180Hz (±3 dB) 95dB at 1W/1m 8 ohms Dado-jointed 3/4" MDF construction Heavy-duty powder-coated metal grille 22"W x 27"H x 19-1/2"D

Brutally accurate and massively room-filling bass to round out any PA system. Order today.

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Gold Coverage Includes:

Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal wear and tear Power surges Dust, internal heat and humidity

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Well let me say that I hate it when people bash on equipment that I know works well, so let me just point out a few things.The Good and bad:Good- Very reliable as long as you follow the power rating.Bad- Don't try to put too much power in because they will blow without a warning.Bad-The carpet instantly started peeling off all over, the glue and carpet they are made of is cheep. They start to look bad very quickly.Good- They can take a little fall off a hand truck and survive. The sound is not a deep bass sound more a hollow thud but does the job for a smaller/medium sized room. I use them in rooms that hold about 150 and they get the job done. Looking back I would step up to the SP series but for the money this is still a solid deal.
Peavey PV 118 Single 18" Subwoofer
.I bought 2 of these after reading the great comments from people. I modified the input plate to allow bypass of the onboard low pass filter. When I opened it up, one of the 118s was wired out of phase, there were a handfull of staples clinging to the magnet, and half of the screws holding on the input plate were overtorqued and the screw holes were stripped.These things are not acceptable in ANY speaker enclosure no matter what the brand or price range!
Peavey PV 118 Single 18" Subwoofer
.Purchased 3 months ago to add some bottom to the PA set up. I power them with the QSC GX5. I used a 15 band EQ with a built in crossover and they add just the right amount of low end. Really helps to bring out the Kick drum. We play classic rock and 80's stuff and they work great in the mix. Allows us to bring the stage volume down a bit with a direct box on the bass.I used them in a medium hall 300-350 people and a concrete floor. I didn't over power them and it worked well. These are not meant to fill a 500 seat club but if you play in the local bars with 150 -250 folks, they will do just fine. I use the pole extensions and mount my Yamaha speakers on top. Saves room and allows you to put them in tight spaces. Get the right amp and crossover and you will be pleased. Push them outside of the limits and you will smoke them as with most speakers.
Peavey PV 118 Single 18" Subwoofer
.I used this sub as part of a small band practice PA system. We played decently loud, but nothing that should have ever blown anything. But for some reason, the speaker is literally brand new and it won't work anymore. I believe the electronics in the internal low-pass crossover failed. It's a real disappointment. Now I have to spend more money to fix or replace it. I wish I didn't waste my money on this.
Peavey PV 118 Single 18" Subwoofer
.Have had mine for years now and with the proper crossovers and equipment they will work for years without problems. They give out awesome bass response for both DJ/Live Band setup as long as you know how to set up for a room. LOOK IT UP! if you don't. Anyhow, recommend to anyone on a budget that wants quality products.
Peavey PV 118 Single 18" Subwoofer
.Wow. this thing is killing me. I've gotten the crossover on it fixed once already. Today it just failed again. What a piece of junk. My band was suppose to practice for some big shows coming up and now we will have to deal with having no bass!!! This thing might just end up as a coffee table...Cause I'm not sure if I feel like paying to get it fixed again...
Peavey PV 118 Single 18" Subwoofer
.Sub's main use is for kick drum. The sub quit working several weeks after purchase. I was told by the dealer that the internal connecting wires actually pull loose from the cone due to the movement generated by a kick drum. The entire speaker was replaced in mine. So far so good.
Peavey PV 118 Single 18" Subwoofer
.I just got these mother's today and I am powering these with the Peavey 2600W. amp (which by the way SCREEEMS) and I fired 1 these baby's up and not even half way these it was SO LOUD it knocked things down sitting up at HALF way...and that was only 1 and I have 2!! Don't hesitate a bit to get these!!
Peavey PV 118 Single 18" Subwoofer
.I bought a pair of these subs and have compared them to my Behringer Subs that are rated similar in power. I say that the Behringers have a short throw thump sound and these are long throw. In other words, you feel the thump on these subs from a longer distance and wont feel it up close. I have 2 power amps with more then sufficient power to max these out and I observed the aforementioned walking away from these subs. I do recommend these, but dont expect a thump upclose.
Peavey PV 118 Single 18" Subwoofer
.I Bought one for my church's mobile system. They sound really good. Good punch. Nothing woofy. Provides a really good sound. I will say though I have a really good amplifier powering one in bridge mode: Crown powertech 3.1. Since then, I have purchased a few more of these for larger venues. Use a good amplifier with good damping factor, a good 2:1 ratio in wattage, good calibration, you are good to go. And it was cheap too!
Peavey PV 118 Single 18" Subwoofer

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