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Peavey Bandit 112 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology

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Hardshell Case of Peavey Bandit 112 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology
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Product Description

Considered by many to be the hottest little amp in its price range, the Peavey Bandit 112 features a vintage/classic/warm switch on the clean channel and a classic/modern high gain switch on the lead channel that totally change its tonal character. It's like having 6 amps in one! Simulated speaker direct out, 3-position power level selector, 3-position damping switch, effects loop, 3-band EQ per channel, pre and post gain on lead channel, high and low gain inputs, and master reverb and boost give it vast flexibilty for all types of pro applications.

80W 12" Blue Marvel speaker 2 footswitchable channels Simulated speaker direct out with level 25%, 50%, 100% power level selector switch Loose, tight, and medium damping switch Effects loop 3-band EQ per channel Vintage/classic/warm switch on clean channel Classic/modern/high gain switch on lead channel Pre and post gain on lead channel High gain and low gain inputs Master reverb and boost Footswitch jack 45 lbs.

Serious pro flexibility at a super-low price.

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My Peavey Bandit arrived damaged. The speaker-emulated line-out w/level didn't work, which was 1 of the main reasons I bought it. But from reading other review(s)--see "Ooops!"-I learned that, even when the thing is working, it doesn't function properly. It neither defeats the internal speaker nor does it operate independently--despite having its own level knob--of the main volume. So you can't turn down the main speaker volume, and turn up the line-out, or vice-versa. The main volume affects the line-out, when it works. I used to love Peavey amps w/transtube tech, but that was before I had exp. w/real tube amps. There is no substitute, and I usually play "clean," so it's not even about the overdrive. It's about the warmth. I think what is also missing is a real spring reverb! It's hard to find amps w/real sp. reverb these days, and most digital reverbs sound fake. The build quality has changed dramatically, too--this Bandit, unlike ones I've had in the past, was made of plastic & what felt like particle-board. Of course, most stuff is made from these materials these days.
If you're on a low budget, and need a lot of volume, you could do worse. But don't expect this Peavey to sound like the late-80s models I used to love, which is why I bought this. It is very loud, that's for sure, and needs to be turned-up loud to achieve a good sound, even at 25% power. I strongly recommend going to a store & checking this out before ordering it from MF.
Peavey Bandit 112 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology
.88 reviews and 5 stars on MF as I wrire this. How can this be when there's no tubes, modeling, rock star endorsements, boutique price tag? This amp sounds awesome either clean, dirty, or driven hard. They're built tough and have the muscle for the stage. Solidatate Bandits have taken the golden tones of tube amps like Fender and Marshall and added reliabilty and affordabilty. Plug in and see why these amps haved graced every stage.
Peavey Bandit 112 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology
.one review said he wished it had more effects built in....i couldn't disagree more..the more you have built in the more to go wrong...if you do club gigs this is all you will ever need..these newer models have digital reverb which is pretty sweet..that is the only thing i ever had trouble with on an earlier bandit when the reverb tank failed..this is one loud amp...if you cant do it with 80 watts,leave your guitar at home
the bandit amp has always been a bare bones amp, reverb and overdrive the newest version is no exception
built like a tank and only 45 lbs
i have owned 5 bandits, starting with the Bandit 65 wouldn't go anywhere else...this is a perfect club amp
Peavey Bandit 112 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology
.I'm happy with it. It could probably use a higher-ended speaker, but the Blue Marvel does a decent job. Also, the higher the gain, the noisier it gets--there's some audible hissing, meaning the amp could benefit from an internal noise gate.....But that's it. For a solid state amp, it's a jewel, well worth the money, and yes, I'd buy another one
Peavey Bandit 112 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology
.I could not find an amp tech in Laos that could fix my JCM 800 so I picked up one of these to tide me over. As an extension cab I use a Marshall 4X12 and play at small gigs and venues with some expats I got together with. I even use it to play solo acoustic sets using my Martin D-28 through a chorus pedal. I could not be happier with it. On the lead channel with the extension cab the sound is BIG, and even rivals my Marshall head (when it is working) but does not require all the tweaking to get the right tone.
Peavey Bandit 112 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology
. I''l be honest here, I don't know how the current models are which are made in China, but the MIA models are definately off the hook and are a real bargain. Peavey has always made great amps which have proven to be long lasting. I'm sure that the Bandit Transtube 112 is no exception to that rule. If you're looking for a no frills, meat and potatoes amp, then the Peavey Bandit 112 Transtube is your baby.
Mine is a 1999, USA made model with the fabled Silverstripe going across the bottom of the amp. It came with the 2 button footswitch and does have Peavey's Transtube technology along with the Clean Channel and the Gain which features 2 settings, Classic and Thrash. There is also some thing called T-Dynamics which allows you to control the volume of the amp , ranging from 25 % to 100 %, thus making it useable for both home practice and for gigs as well. It also comes with a 12" Peavey Sheffield speaker as well.
This amp is very well built with no flaws at all. It's like a damm tank and I'm sure could probably take a beating.
The sound and tone of the Clean channel is about as close to a Fender as you can get, especially if you use the bright switch that is on that channel. It works real well with Strats although with a little noodling, will work with humbuckers as well. The Gain settings, do require some work in order to get the tone that you want IMO. The Classic Gain on this, is my favorite seeing that I play mostly Classic Rock & Blues . The Thrash though, should appeal to Metalheads as well contrary to what some of the tone snobs have to say. The T-Dynamics on this amp, I can't say enough. It allows me to control the volume while maintaining the true tone and sound at the same time. I love it.
Peavey Bandit 112 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology
.I have the red stripe bandit from the early 2000's. It is a great amp for a solid state, but that's just it. It IS a solid state. While it can crank out high volumes and high amounts of gain, it does not have the warmth and sensitivty to small nuances that a tube amp would have. It sounds similar to a tube amp, but it's just not all there. If you are a beginning musician or don't want to take care of a tube amp and need volume and versatility, this amp is for you. However, iof you are looking for your new main gtigging amp, go tube.
Peavey Bandit 112 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology
.This amp sounds awesome. I'd highly recommend it for budget rock musicians. It's loud enough for band practice and small club gigs, has great tone. The two channels are distinctive and clear. I like the gain channels, and the decibel boost using the switch is highly useful. Reverb has classic tone. My bandmates are highly pleased with my sound. The amp works great with pedals also. I use my GT-10 multieffects footboard in front of the amp, and it sounds terrific. Highly recommended.
Peavey Bandit 112 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology
.The Bandit 112 has been my main gigging amp for three years. I LOVE this amp. It was inexpensive and is very versatile and portable. I play styles from Rock to Jazz to Reggae to schmaltz. I am enthusiastic about the sound in every situation. For jazz it has a sweet, clean sound. For rock it breaks up and compresses smoothly and beautifully as the guitar volume control rises. It's great for Blues! I play a strat. But i first heard this amp with a Les Paul coming through it. That's what got me interested.

I would not use this amp if your main thing is heavy distortion. I found that overdrive pedals don't sound so good, especially compared to the amp's own distortion. The heaviest distortion settings on the amp are not great. My copy has a cabinet buzz (mechanical vibration) when the bass control is cranked. But i stay out of that frequency range to let the bass player fill it anyway. I think the reverb is practically useless. Use a pedal for that.

Kudos to Peavey on this one! If you play for a living, you might want to try one out.
Peavey Bandit 112 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology
.I'm happy with this amp...if it ever does break down, I know I've gotten my money's worth after all it's been through and will get another asap...heck I may get another anyway!
I've reviewed this amp (Bandit 112)several years ago...this is an update I guess. The features that I've come to like the most are the power level switch in the back and the boost function. I use it on 25% power even at gigs and run the volume real "hot"...plenty loud and gives a lot of punch that way. The boost function lets you add the amount of volume boost you need and is footswitchable for solo boosts. I only use the clean channel (on vintage setting) and run my pedals in the front. The distortion/overdrive channel is decent but I'm just a pedal guy I guess.
Been going several years now with weekly gigs and no problems. It's beat up pretty bad from riding in trunks/u hauls/backseats/etc but it doesn't seem to mind. There is a company on ebay that sells good covers for these amps, I finally broke down and got one to reduce wear and tear.
For the money you spend, it's great...plenty of usable volume (oh...you can also run an external cabinet if you need to move more air). It's not tube, but with good pedals you can get great sounds out of it...I guess you could say it's a great "blank slate" to work with.
Peavey Bandit 112 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology

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