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Orange Amplifiers TH30H 30W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange

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Hardshell Case of Orange Amplifiers TH30H 30W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange
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Product Description

The all-tube Orange TH30 guitar amp head offers a phenomenal tonal range for use in the studio environment. It's got Clean/Dirty channels with switchable 7W, 15W, and 30W outputs. The TH30C is loaded with 4 ECC83 preamp tubes, 4 EL84 power amp tubes, and an ECC81 for the tube-buffered FX loop.

Clean/Dirty channels Switchable 7W, 15W, 30W outputs Clean channel controls: Volume, Bass, Treble Dirty channel controls: Volume, Shape, Gain 4 ECC83 preamp tubes 4 EL84 power amp tubes ECC81 FX-loop tube

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The Th30 is a verstile tone monster. What it lacks in effects, it makes up for with tone. With the effects loop, and 30, 15, or 7.5 watt settings you can really get any tone you really want out of this amp. It does pristine cleans to classic crunch on the clean channel, and classic rock to metal on the dirty channel. This thing is built to last too! Very solid construction. I am very pleased with this puchase.
This amp lacks built in effects, but the effects loop solves that issue if you really need them. With the footswitch input too (footswitch not included!) you've got all thefeatures you really need IF you are willing to pay for them. The clean channel has so much headroom and when cranked on the 7 watt setting you really get that vintage crunch. The dirty channel can do anything from classic rock (thing GnR, Zeppelin) to thick metal like metallica, scooped moden metal, to absolutely insane amounts of gain. And the orange tolex is also pretty sweet!!!
I was slightly worried when purchasing this amp due to the fact that it was made in China unlike Orange's famous English made amplifiers. However, i was gladly surprised when I recieved the amp. There were absolutely no problems with the amp when i recieved it. Tolex applied very well, all switches tight, and no electronic issues. Also, again to my surprise mine came stock with a very nice set of JJ's (an upgrade from the supposed stock tubes) I'm not sure if this was on purpose or what but i was happy with it!
For a 30 watter this thing is not cheap, but you get what you pay for... an absolute tone machine! If tone is what you're after, this is it. The Th30 is great for bedroom levels to small/ medium gigs with the 7.5, 15, or 30 watt capabilities.
Orange Amplifiers TH30H 30W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange
. To fully unlock this beast, make sure and use the right speakers, alnico's if you can spare the money. It will really open this thing up. Clean channel is AMAZING, and the dirty has enough gain to tackle modern metal...easy to use, looks good to boot! Can't go wrong here.
At first the lack of controls on the front seems like a drawback, but the folks at Orange have already dialed in the sweet spot on BOTH channels of this baby...less is more in this case.
Seems stout, rugged, time will time, but it appears well made.
Stupid good tone for the cost. I've owned Fuchs, Randall, THD, Egnater, Ampeg, and still own several Marshalls, Mesa Boogie, Soldano's and this baby has tone, guts, and appeal on par with amps I've spent twice the amount the Orange costs...make no mistake, they got this one right and that's with factory tubes! Upgrading can only yield better results!
Orange Amplifiers TH30H 30W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange
.I bought this head because I had a Dark Terror once and loved it, except that it had only one channel. I play mostly hard rock and classic metal, but need a foot switchable clean channel once in a while, particularly for intro's. I could never see paying the regular price for this head due to the fact that it is so expensive for being made in China. It's twice what the Dark Terror costs and the only plus is the extra channel.

Fortunately, MF had these on sale for about 20% off for the "factory refurbished" variety. When you throw on the sale price of 17% off on top of that, it gets to be in the realm of an Egnater Tweaker 40, Blackstar HT40, Vox Night Train G2 50W, or H&K Tubemeister 36 or other higher gain heads made in low wage countries. I've owned or played those other amps as well and they are all great for my style - but this is my favorite.

Why you ask? Well, like the Dark Terror, the Dirty channel has gobs and gobs of gain - even more than I will probably ever need, but it's nice to have it. It's a bit brighter than the DT, but not overly bright. I have an Orange cab with a Celestion V30 that's not broken in, but I'll be playing it with 212 loaded with G12H Anniversary's soon enough. If you want some warmth in your tone, pick the right cab. I am mainly a rhythm player and the V30's can be a bit harsh.

I am a simple-stupid kinda guy, commonly referred to as a "set it and forget it" player. The shape knob combined with the gain knob is fantastic for me. I'm an analog man living in a digital world and simple is blissful! I play it at "56" normally (shape knob at 5 and gain knob at 6). I almost always use Gibson Les Pauls with dual humbuckers and this setting just works for what I do. The beauty of this amp, like other fine tube heads, is that it sounds better as you crank it up. You achieve that power tube distortion that is just so beautiful...No need for a distortion pedal with this amp. To my ear, this is sonic nirvana so why put a pedal in front of it's natural break up?

As you probably know if you are reading this, 30 Orange watts are loud as heck when cranked up. I have a nice little Carvin V3M that is supposedly a 50 watter, but this amp actually pushes more air at 30 watts. I'd like to tell you a lot about the lower output settings, but I actually don't use them much. They are nice to have for more bedroom type levels, but this amp sounds much fuller at full power. I've never had an amp that didn't, so that is nothing new for me.

Finally, Orange has got to be making serious coin on this amp based on where it's made and the price that they charge. God bless them for that as I am an unapologetic capitalist myself, but they ARE pricey. The good news is, if you shop around you can get quite a discount as I did. They are well-built heads that sound awesome and quality should not be a concern. I've owned 3 Chinese built Orange amps and they have all been robust. You may want to change out the cheap Chinese tubes (JJ's went into mine), but I would compare this to Blackstar's Korean-made amps.

I hope this review helps. Rock on!
Orange Amplifiers TH30H 30W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange
.I moved from Mesa and have been a hardcore Orange user since the AD30 single channel head I bought 8 years ago. Recently been putting around a Tiny Terror for my blues gigs.....today the combo version came in and absolutely blew me away. I always have to put something in front of my AD30 to push a little extra out of it....I love the amp but I am constantly sacrificing cleans for gain or vice versa which leaves me with a clean amp pushing the hell out of it with OD to get the gain I want. I really missed having a second or third channel like the Mesas and was searching for something affordable yet had the tone I was looking for, I was ready to stray a little outside the box then Orange pulled me right back in with the TH30. I fell in love with this amp so much I threw down the money to get in a head version. Can't wait!!!.Overall, it has the Orange gain much like the Thunderverb models, yet the vintage characteristics of their Rockerverbs. In it's price range I think it's going to be hard to beat. Orange leads sing and sparkle, their gain is throbbing and has a modern british characteristic that you really have to hear. Since I first heard the AD series I knew I finally found the tone I was searching for. Orange has it.
Orange Amplifiers TH30H 30W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange
.I bought this amp and an accompanying 4x12 cabinet and this set up really roars. While this appears to be a no frills amp with no great features, do not be deceived. The TH30 head is loaded with tricks. Just when plugging in the back, you'll notice the 2 or 4 tube switch, which is great when you want to rest the amp in a lower volume practice setting. Next more obviously is the 30/15 watt switching which is nice when you want to get that pure Orange distortion but at lower volumes. In my eyes, the most striking feature is the "Shape" dial on the dirty channel. You can dial in straight crunch (think "All Right Now" by Free) to scooped thrash tone. This amp still puts out great sound even at very low volume and when cranked you enter the tone zone. 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, the works.
Orange Amplifiers TH30H 30W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange
.A great sounding head but unfortunately,the tolex is coming "Un-GLued. I also bought a PPC212 cabinet from Custom Guitars Friend and another one from Guitar Center to make a cool stack. All 3 Orange products from China are delaminating and they are all less than 3 months old. I never had any of this on my AD30 Made in England. I guess Chinese glue is not that great....
Orange Amplifiers TH30H 30W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange
.overall i love this amp. it was between this and a marshall jmd and when i played them both and compared them this amp sounded WAY better to my ears. absolutley phenoninal i couldnt speak more highly of it! if you considering it dont consider anymore buy this amp
i like the idea of a simple amp. 2 channels or killer tone. simple eq and all orange! this ams is a simple beast. no messing around!
built like a tank. this could survive wwII. with classic orange looks to die for. i needed a tough head to gig with and this deffinetly gets the job done need i say anything else
this is a pricey amp for 30 watts and no frills but the tone makes up for it in my mind
Orange Amplifiers TH30H 30W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange
.I have owned this amp for a little over a year, and it has been a great amp! I don't know why other people are saying that it is not loud, this thing booms (the only difference between 30 watts and 100 watts is a couple of decibels, 100 watts only gives you some more clean head room). I play in a stoner/sludge band and with 30 watts cranking, I only turn the volume up to about 1 o'clock.

When my band recorded our album, the recording engineer was astounded by the tone that I was getting out of my amp, and said that he was going to buy one as it was one of the best he had heard.

I've played this with a PPC112, PPC212, and PPC412, and it sounds fantastic in all of them.
Orange Amplifiers TH30H 30W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange
.Okay i just got this today and was able to play it for about a half hour and i absolutly love it. First this is that it is so cool looking! Secondly, crazy loud. I almost blew out my windows and i was on 2 on the clean channel. The dirty channel not nearly as loud as the clean but does a hell of a job. What i like is the truely simple controls on this amp. I usually mess things up if there are to many knobs to play with. I had my mod pedals (chorus, phase, flange, delay) through the effects loop and it seemed like there was almost too much effect coming through so im going to rewire it and bypass the loop to see if it sounds different..This amp has alot of low end on both channels. I played it through the orange 212 ob and the sound is really fat and thick.. The shape knob is not as cool as it seemed on videos but it does give a drastic change from right to left. From bluesy chrunch to scooped metal the shape knob does dial it in. Lastly, there is almost too much gain on this thing. Put the gain past 6 o'clock and you start to hear some noise when not playing. Overall i couldnt be happier....I got an orange amp!!!! Im so pumped!
Orange Amplifiers TH30H 30W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange
.This amp sounds great and makes it extremely easy to dial-in great tones. The treble/bass controls for the Clean channel provide diverse tone, as does the shape control for the Dirty Channel. I've been able to achieve everything from jazz to classic rock to heavy metal. I was deciding between the Orange TH30 and the Orange Dual Terror for their switchable output settings, but the clean sounds from the TH30 seemed far superior. The addition of a tube-buffered FX loop also added to the appeal of this amp when making the decision to buy. The volume between the two channels could be better matched, as the output for the Clean can outdo the Dirty at lower volume settings. Overall, this amp has performed better than I could have hoped. I recommend it to any guitarist looking for versatile sound in an Orange package.
Orange Amplifiers TH30H 30W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange

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