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Orange Amplifiers Tube Tester

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Hardshell Case of Orange Amplifiers Tube Tester
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Product Description

The easy to use VT1000 is a fully automatic tube tester that performs a wide range of tests quickly and accurately. The benefits of using the VT1000 are clear and wide reaching; users can quickly and simply match and test valves, plus receive a reliable health check as to whether their valves are good, bad or worn. Until now testing tubes with little or no knowledge of valve theory was difficult, expensive and often unreliable. The VT1000 will test all popular power and pre-amp valves. Its ease of use will appeal to all tube users.

The unit has one octal and two nine pin valve sockets for different tube types; simply insert the tube to be tested into the correct socket, select the tube type from the list on the unit and press ˜START' to test. The results are displayed clearly and concisely using LEDs and will test for a wide range of fault conditions, which could easily cause damage to other components. The simplicity of operation belies what is going on ˜inside the box', where a CPU controlled testing system is in operation, allowing full control over all inter-electrode switching and measurement operations.

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o.k. ..nice tool to save you a trip to the amp repair guy..BUT..no socket for rectifer tubes!
Could it have killed you guys to add one more socket?..For the price I would expect more..
Orange Amplifiers Tube Tester
.From finding weak tubes to gauging matched pairs, this tool does it all. It will not measure rectifier tubes, but other than that, it rocks. Completely satisfied!
Orange Amplifiers Tube Tester
.The first one came with something rattling around inside it. M.F. exchanged it no problem. I would have given five stars except for that.
Orange Amplifiers Tube Tester
.The tube tester works as advertised. It is easy to use. I even put back a few of my tubes that I previously tested to see how consistent the results would be and they tested exactly the same. I also own a vintage tube tester and was able to cross test tubes to check consistency. As long as the user follows the directions, the tester works great!
Orange Amplifiers Tube Tester
.I have a number of vintage tube amps. I had been interested in the VT 1000 for some time as I hoped it might reduce the number of trips I need to make to the local amp guru. However, the price gave me pause. I finally bit when a "special invitation" sale gave a bit of a price break.

I found the device to be immediately useful. It is very easy to use, and when I tested the tubes in my main gigging amp (a 1967 Fender Deluxe Reverb), the first stage preamp tube (V2) failed. I had had the amp serviced only 8 months before. I replaced the tube and was treated to a more "focused" sound with less background noise.

So, it can be helpful. Anyone considering buying one will have to do their own cost/benefit analysis.
Orange Amplifiers Tube Tester
.The tube tester is easy to use, simple to operate. I wonder about its "accuracy" though. Every tube I test, even old tubes taken out of old amps tests "good". I mean some of these are OLD Silvertone 12AX7's. Hmmm, most of these I had ready to go into the trash. Frankly, I would feel better if a few tested "bad" or even "worn". As it is now I have to assume I can run these in amps??

I would have liked a way to test rectifier tubes.
Orange Amplifiers Tube Tester
.Easy to use. Had a whole drawer of NOS tubes that were pulls and had no idea if they were good or bad? This tool has enabled me to define what I have. I paid a tube vendor 50
to check 14 12ax7's finaly I can check this stuff myself I love it.
Orange Amplifiers Tube Tester
.Very good tool to better assess your tube locker. I have a passive 1960's tube tester for tubes not covered by the Vt1000. But it does cover the majority of tubes used by todays Guitar amps, only missing the rectifiers. Does better and quicker testing than manual Eico 666. Grading of the tubes greatly helps matching of power tubes and handy to find preamp tubes with matched sections for PI duties.

If you have numerous tube amps, the vt1000 is an essential tool to have them run their best.

Caught a few tubes that were weak or bad that pass the Eico 666.
Orange Amplifiers Tube Tester

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