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Orange Amplifiers Crush Pro CR60C 60W Guitar Combo Amp Orange

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Hardshell Case of Orange Amplifiers Crush Pro CR60C 60W Guitar Combo Amp Orange
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Product Description

The Orange Crush CR60C is a 60W solid-state combo made from 18mm ply and loaded with a single 12? 60W, 16 Ohm Voice of the World speaker. The Voice of the Worlds combined with the analogue solid-state circuitry gives the CR60C the tonal clarity and definition players adore in an Orange amplifier.

The Crush CR60C combo amp is part of the Crush range, marking Orange's first foray into the world of high power, solid-state amplifiers. Orange have spent years creating a solid-state amp they could be proud of. The Orange team wanted to keep these amp simple. The dirty channel uses a circuit based on four stages of gain and a three band EQ which provides the player with a wide pallet of over-driven and distorted sounds. The clean channel is based on a two stage, two band EQ design, that gives the player a clean but warm sound which when cranked begins to break up.

These amps have a transparent effects loop, allowing you to plug in your favorite pedals. It also contains a digital reverb that provides a natural sounding spring, hall or plate reverb. The Crush CR60C features Orange basket-weave Tolex, woven speaker grille, beading, hieroglyphs, and of course the Orange signature picture frame edging.

Two channel Digital reverb Clean channel controls: Volume, Bass and Treble Dirty channel controls: Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble and Gain Global controls: Volume and Reverb 60W

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The Orange CR60 Combo Amp -Solid State
I've tried many other solid state amplifier through the years , from Fender , Peavy, Marshall ect,ect. This CR 60C is without a doubt one of two of the best sounding out there, the other being made by tech 21. The orange will give you the mid focused clean , and since the clean side has 2stages it give you that mimicked focus overdrive , nice real nice and it 4stage gain control takes you from smoky blues to all out ACDC, and more , 60s, 70s, 80s, Rock!!! The controls are simple easy to use just like the Rockverb , plus you get a three level reverb , Hall, Plate and my own favorite spring . The amp is well designed for gigging as it is built like a tank, very road worthy. Price, you get what you pay for, simply if you want profession electronic just like anything else you pay for it. Great playing, a lot of Musical combination and no warm up time like tubes, but let there be No Mistake , so far no matter how great the electronics are the is no replacement for the characteristics of a tube amp , but Orange has sure come clear in there duplication of sounding just like there tube version of the Rockverb in this Solid State of the Art amp , The CR60C , for me is a perfect ,and first edition of a solid state amp to my collection of over 15 tube amps ranging from VOX to Marshall ,and all down the Alphabet.
Orange Amplifiers Crush Pro CR60C 60W Guitar Combo Amp Orange
.I checked out one of these amps a local Blues musician was trying to sell. Now I know why he wanted to sell it. Won't go into details. I will say it wasn't that amp was bad or anything. The clean was about average for a SS amp, I could get a good basic vintage Rock and Blues sound, for Jazz and other clean guitar it just didn't excite me much. Reverb was okay. Get a Roland if you want good clean for Jazz or better yet a Fender SS amp in same price range, but they don't have the Orange "coolness" to them. Other wise, if your into Hard Rock, Metal or you don't ever play clean guitar the OD channel is your puppy, You'll dig it. The speaker didn't impress me much, which may be part of the problem. I would have liked to hook-up the Jensen in my Deluxe Reverb and gave a listen, but it's a 16 ohm speaker and my amp is 8 ohms, not sure it would sound like it should. For some this will be a great amp. I think it's well built and should last along time.
Orange Amplifiers Crush Pro CR60C 60W Guitar Combo Amp Orange
.This is an excellent amplifier for the money. I have found it especially useful for playing at low volumes at home. Not to say it does not sound good loud, but it is much better than a tube amp while practicing quietly. I often practice in headphones and use a Shure KSM27 in front of this amp at VERY low volume and run it through a mixer into my Audio Techinca ATH-M50 headphones. I am constantly shocked at the huge sound I get, especially with high gain settings. It is amazing. I get a great Van Halen tone. The reverb settings on this amp are great too, and the effects loop is really good. I previously owned a Rockerverb 50 mkII, which is great, but costs almost 5x more. I prefer this amp for home use by far. Clean sound is good, but I usually play with gain.
Orange Amplifiers Crush Pro CR60C 60W Guitar Combo Amp Orange
.Really cool amp. Probably one of the best solid state amps ever made. Never heard a better on-board overdrive/gain/distortion on a combo amp. To my ears sounds almost just like an orange tube amp. The on-board reverb is also awesome. Comes with plate, hall and spring settings. That being said, i sold this amp and bought a Roland JC 40 instead. Not because i didnt like it though. This thing is a little beast. Im just someone who relies more on effects pedals and my priority is the clean tone of an amplifier. The clean channel on this leaves a little bit to be desired for me. Its a bit muddy like an orange tube clean. Which is fine and some people love it. Simply a matter of preferece. I went with the JC 40 for the pure, bright clean tones and amazing on-board chorus. But the on board distortion and reverb on the orange blows the roland out of the water! Youll love this thing if you play with alot of dirt! Would absolutely recommend to a friend based on preference of course!
Orange Amplifiers Crush Pro CR60C 60W Guitar Combo Amp Orange
.I have the black CR60C and I absolutely love it! I use it to jam with friends, practice at home, basic recording, and small gigs. The CR60C has great tones to it. It has a great warm and full clean tone to it as well as a pretty good dirty channel to it. Now, I say pretty good because for the style of music I play (which is pretty extreme) it just doesn't get heavy enough for that. Although if I am playing with friends outside of metal music and I have my Fender Jaguar then the Dirty channel is great for a more "fuzz" type of tone. For my metal playing I am using a LTD MH-350FR. This amp also has a nice Reverb on it. Which you can select from: Plate, Hall, and Spring. I use the spring in a small amount most of the time otherwise I have a Mr. Black Supermoon Pedal that use instead.

This amp will do everything I want from it, it has a few great tones, and it certainly gets loud enough!
Orange Amplifiers Crush Pro CR60C 60W Guitar Combo Amp Orange
.As the title says; save your money and get a Fender Mustang III V.2 (100 watt), or better yet, the Fender Mustang II V.2, or better yet, the Fender Champion 40 (40 watt).
While the Orange does have an OK sounding dirty channel, where gain control volume can be turned way down, that's about where it ends.
The amp is close to 45 Lbs., which is VERY HEAVY for a 1x12 solid state amp., and is wider than it has to be.
The controls are located at the top/back of the unit which is hard to get to if pushed up close to a wall for practice.
The Clean Channel offers NOTHING, and is as milk toast as it can get, which means the speaker is just OK.
I have a lot of new amps from Mesa, Fender (most of my amps), Roland, Marshall, Line 6, Vox, Etc., Etc., and this amp kinda falls
into a boutique-ish one jump chump category that makes it above average for overdrive applications, and close to useless for everything else.
I actually get much, much better overdrive out of my Champion 40, and Mesa V-twin Pre-Amp pedal.
Orange Amplifiers Crush Pro CR60C 60W Guitar Combo Amp Orange
.I tried one of these out at my local shop and was amazed by the sounds. Clean channel is clear and articulate. I had no trouble geting beautiful sounds on the clean channel.

The Drive channel took a bit of getting used to as the Orange sound seems to have a breathy, kind of airy mid frequency. Though I found scooping the mids yielded a more pleasant tone to my ears. There is plenty of gain on tap for metal, and in fact I'd highly reccomend this amp if you're in a metal band. Either the Combo or the Head verson.

Once I got the EQ dialed, I had no problem dialing the right amount of gain for some hard rock and blues tones. Even with the mids scooped a bit, it yielded some nice round notes with plenty of soul, and the treble control added just enough bite to the top end to get that Hard Rock growl that I like.

You can select from 3 different types of reverb, but I like the spring setting the best. Even though it's a digital reverb, it faithfully recreates that dripping, springy sound, especially on the clean channel.

The combo is definitely a great amp for gigging at your local pub, or doing a few festival shows, or even just to have on hand for your studio.

I look forward to getting one of these in the near future.
Orange Amplifiers Crush Pro CR60C 60W Guitar Combo Amp Orange
.Good product for church performance.
Orange Amplifiers Crush Pro CR60C 60W Guitar Combo Amp Orange
.We hold open jams every weekend
Orange Amplifiers Crush Pro CR60C 60W Guitar Combo Amp Orange
.Great Sound!!
Orange Amplifiers Crush Pro CR60C 60W Guitar Combo Amp Orange

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