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Orange Amplifiers PPC Series PPC112 60W 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Straight

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Hardshell Case of Orange Amplifiers PPC Series PPC112 60W 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Straight
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Product Description

Enjoy real Orange tone with the 1x12 PPC112 guitar speaker cabinet, built with rugged 18mm plywood, and featuring a 60-watt Celestion Vintage 30 speaker. With a power handling of 60 watts, this Orange speaker cab produces sizzling guitar tone that is unmistakably Orange.

Celestion Vintage 30 speaker
The Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker in the PPC112 cabinet recreates the sound of the original Celestion Blue with new cone and new coil assembly. Improved performance: rated at 60W capability, handles extra heat generated by higher power equipment. The Vintage 30 handles massive overdrive tones with ease.

Speaker: one Celestion Vintage 30 Output: 60 Watts RMS Impedance: 16 Ohms Dimensions: 18"H x 21-1/2"W x 11"D

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I've just taken delivery of a new PPC112 and having read both good and bad about this PRC built cab I thought I'd share my observations. First up, it arrived well packed - bagged up, foam padded and sturdily double boxed - so no problems there.Not having owned an Orange cab before (previous cab was a Marshall MF400 4x12 Mode Four), I was impressed by the feeling of chunky solidity of this cab. I can be pretty picky when it comes to fit and finish and based upon various comments gleaned from the net, was prepared for a 'budget' approach to construction and finish. Have to say I was pleasantly suprised...The tolex on mine has been applied very well - no air bubbles or sloppy corner cutting here - and the beading/stringing is perfect.I pulled off the jack plate to check on the speaker type as there has been some confusion in this area in the past and confirmed it housed a V30 as I'd expected (and hoped). The wiring looks clean and tidy and the back board, like the rest of the cab, appears to be good quality birch ply. The grille cloth is well applied and taut.Finally, on the cosmetic front, I was delighted to find the grille adorned by the 2x large 'Orange' logos as opposed to the (in my opinion) rather cheap looking smaller printed version.I can't really comment much upon the sound at this stage as:a) I'm running it as an extension cab to my Crush Pix 35LDX pending my finding a good, previously enjoyed TT and...b) The speaker has yet to be broken in.That said, my initial punk-style thrashings confirm that it certainly does what I want it to do and fully cranked displays no rattles or buzzes.Overall, I'm, a very happy bunny and from my limited experience of Orange gear it appears that QC seems to be pretty good on this (what I assume to be) latest batch of PPC112's. Having investigated the 1x12 cab market, I have to say this really does appear to offer a lot of bang for the buck.
Orange Amplifiers PPC Series PPC112 60W 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Straight
.I purchased my PPC112 in February 2010 as an extention cab for an Orange AD5(which they no longer make and I have since sold to a young Orange Head) to use for practice and small gigs. I now use it with a Vox AC4H and it sounds great. I am looking into buying a lunch box head for it and am on the fence between a Tiny Terror and Night Train. That being said, Im sure that the PPC112 will work great with either one. The quality can't be beat and although they say it weighs 36 lbs mine doesn't feel that heavy, but it is as solid and rugged as a 100 lb cabinet. I love the fact that it has two(2) inputs on the back so that you can add another 16 ohm cab for an 8 0hm total, to use with the appropriate amp(I add a Vox 112 Celestion Blue cab). The combination of the Orange and Blue cabs give my Fender Blues Jr. the juciest tone you've ever heard, so I know they would do a TT or NT justice. I don't know what else to say...easy to carry...sounds great...very versatile...easy on the wallet.
Orange Amplifiers PPC Series PPC112 60W 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Straight
.Simply, this is the best 112 I've ever owned. It's compact, light weight, and surprisingly well built. I've owned several Avatar cabs in my lifetime, but after owning an official Orange, I have to say that it far outpaces the Avatar brand.

The cab is closed back but the sound spreads extremely well off the front. I was nervous that having a closed 112 on the floor would decrease the sound quality since it's not aimed at the player, but these fears were instantly put to rest. I can move all around my bonus room (about a 90 degree radius) and the cab sounds great from every position.

The included Vintage 30 speaker sounds amazing. I'm not sure if Celestion has adjusted the mid-range ice pick sound that the V30 is infamously known for, but this one sounds wonderfully creamy. The cleans sparkly and the overdrive is a roaring wall of articulate sound! I couldn't ask for any better.

Also, the input jack is extremely well made. The speaker cable fits in snug with no wiggle and no chances of it becoming mistakenly dislodged.

If all other Orange cabs are as good as the PPC112 then I'm a fan for life! Great job, Orange!
Orange Amplifiers PPC Series PPC112 60W 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Straight
.Huge sound,articulate,tight bass,agressive mids,clear highs. Will tolerate heavy abuse. This cab alone beats my Legacy 4x12.
Orange Amplifiers PPC Series PPC112 60W 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Straight
.Really like the added dimension to the Tiny Terror ... a fantastic cabinet and the best I've used with Orange equip ...
Worked great and added needed bottom to my Tiny Terror Cab ... quality V30 speaker and solid construction
For a used piece of equip it was in like new shape ..
Price was right
Orange Amplifiers PPC Series PPC112 60W 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Straight
.I just got this the other day even my wife was happy that should tell you something right there I have not run any single coils thru it yet but tested it with a Mosrite with mini humbuckers and with a reverb pedal it just shimmered with crystal clear highs and mids. Got it home and pushed my lp thru it with a lot of gain and it was everything i had hoped it would be I got the lunch box 15 watt head with it over the combo as i didnt think i would get enough head room when jamming with the boys. The one thing that I love is the portability i think the cab weighs 22#s and the amp in its padded bag is like a lunch bag No more 40 # plus combos to drag around when i need more sound. Connections are top notch and it is very well built and just looks great ! Just have to grab a cover before My cats find a new scratching pole. I bought an amp stand recently Not sure if ill use as it is angled back and would have to find a place for the amp . With the sound projection I dont think ill need the stand anyway
Orange Amplifiers PPC Series PPC112 60W 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Straight

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I think this is a great cabinet, as far as construction and looks are concerned. Also, it's light weight is beneficial. I sent mine back though. The Vintage 30 speaker just doesn't fit the styles of music that I play. I needed a lot more brightness. Just a taste thing. This would be great for hard rock, probably metal tones.
Orange Amplifiers PPC Series PPC112 60W 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Straight
.I have owned every amp possible from fender to tone kings and I have to say my new Orange is the most versatile sounding out of all of them. I was using my Orange OR15 head with a knockoff Orange cabinet for a while and even though it still had a V30 in it, it doesn't compare to this. This thing has bass and highs because of the BUILD QUALITY of the cabinet. All the frequencies are correct especially for recording. I was chasing fender cleans for so long but would get ear fatigue from the ice picky obnoxious sound. This combination actually allows me to get the sparkly cleans without causing fatigue. I am in love with it. Cody at Custom Guitars Friend was awesome to deal with and the cabinet arrived quickly.
Orange Amplifiers PPC Series PPC112 60W 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Straight
.killer cab! No pedals needed!!
Orange Amplifiers PPC Series PPC112 60W 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Straight
.I use these speakers with my Orange Dual Terror. The sound is just what I was looking for!
Orange Amplifiers PPC Series PPC112 60W 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Straight

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