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Martin 12C545EC Vintage Dreadnought Guitar Case

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Hardshell Case of Martin 12C545EC Vintage Dreadnought Guitar Case
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Product Description

The Martin 12C545 guitar case fits 14-fret dreadnought guitars. It features a deep textured exterior, 5-ply laminated wood shell, plush crushed velvet interior in Cabernet color, padded/stitched leather handle, antique white stitching, brass plated hardware, and key lock.

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I have known all along that this case is an upgrade from the thermoplastic case supplied with Martin standard series guitars. But I was too lazy/cheap to order it, seeing as the one that came with my D-28 was serving the purpose. Horror stories abound, from friends that have had their precious Martins scarred and bit, when the standard "bear-trap" case (you know the one, with a metal edge surrounding it top and bottom) decided to suddenly close on their guitar. Well, forewarned is forearmed, so I figured that this would never happen to me, because I am careful! Just the other day at a crowded music jam, I was putting my prized D-28 away, and in a heartbeat I now have a hideous deep scratch across my guitar. No amount of crying or polishing would make it go away. So when I got home, I ordered new premium cases for my Martins. Sure, my guitars are bound to get more unavoidable dings and marks from using and enjoying them, but they are much happier now in their new Geib-style cases. These cases are much more rugged than the thermoplastic ones, and no where near as slippery. The interior fit is snug, and they have better quality latches. They are heavier, and the interior storage compartment is slightly more compact. This is a top quality case, and a premium guitar deserves protection. You won't be sorry.
Martin 12C545EC Vintage Dreadnought Guitar Case
.The exterior tolex is flawless. The latches, hinges and feet are heavy duty. The "pleather" handle is tough and comfortable. The beautiful cabernet interior is plush and fits my D-28 like a glove. The archtop is particularly cool and gives it strength. The wood used is very sturdy and does not give. This case is a tad heavy, but I suppose that's a good thing. This case is the finest luggage style case I have ever owned.
Martin 12C545EC Vintage Dreadnought Guitar Case
.First I'm going to confess that this was a vanity purchase. I have several Martins, each with a Martin case, except a D-45 I inherited from my late father. He had kept it in a TKL 8815. I simply thought the D-45 deserved a Martin case of its own, but didn't expect this 545 case to be anything more than a high-end TKL with a Martin badge. And boy was I wrong. This case is superior in three significant ways.

The first is fit and finish. The D-45 fits in this case as if the case were designed around the guitar. It seemed too snug at first, but after a couple weeks the guitar began to sink into the case, so to speak. Also the lid on this case forms a seal like a Tupperware container.

The second is quality. From what I understand, this 545 case is 5-ply, but it has the sturdiness of a 7-ply case. And it seems to be holding humidity better than the TKL case did. It took less than 10 days to "season" it (in the middle of the winter) and the Boveda packs seem to be holding their moisture content longer than they did in the TLK case.

The third is appointments. Everything—from the stitching, the cover, the hardware, the padded handle, the accessories compartment, the interior lining, to the dual neck support—feels superior to the TLK case. When I first opened it, I honestly thought this case is appointed like a high-end coffin.

Now I must admit that from time to time I'm prone to hyperbole. But in this case, I'm not overstating my impression of this case. In fact, I wouldn't be overstating it by saying I'm almost as careful not to mar or scuff this case as I am the guitar it holds. I waited a few months for the "newness" factor to fade, and I'm still as impressed with this case as the day I first nestled my father's old D-45 inside it.

So if you think your prized Martin deserves a case commensurate with your esteem for it, then buy this case. Your vanity won't suffer even if your wallet does.
Martin 12C545EC Vintage Dreadnought Guitar Case
.I bought this for my D-41 because it is has more room than the Martin 640 case that came with the guitar. It actually has room for strap, capo, tuner, spare strings, etc.. This particular aftermarket 545 case didn't have the same quality controls that the ones had that came with my Custom Shop D-28 and my D-45V; however, it is still a great case. Custom Guitar's Friend delivered faster than I thought possible, too. Great job y'all. Thanks!
Martin 12C545EC Vintage Dreadnought Guitar Case

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I'm truly embarrassed that it took me so many years to realize that this is the case that should have been provided with my Martin D76 (Bicentennial Edition - basically a D35). My 'vintage' baby now resides in a case that it has long needed and deserved. Oh well, better late than never. Very nice case, good price and excellent service from Custom Guitar's Friend. Thank you!
Martin 12C545EC Vintage Dreadnought Guitar Case
.This is the best case I have, and a few Martin owners I play with have commented about how much nicer it is than their standard Martin cases. Side-by-side, there's no comparison. The contrast stitching, burgangy interior, and Geib-style top are absolutely beautiful. The case is heavy, but I didn't list that as a cob because I expect that from a high-quality acoustic guitar case. I feel like a could lay this thing flat on the floor with my Martin inside, and stand on top of it without any fears that I might fall through--it's that sturdy. The hinges are very high quality, much heavier than those on more standard hard cases, and they always match up when closing the case, which always annoys me about cheaper cases. I humidify my guitar, and this case traps in the humidity from my humidifier very well, keeping the inside of the case around 45-50% easily. The fit on my Martin dreadnought is snug, just like you need it to be, and my Hohner HG-930 Arbor Series dread fits well, too. I would recommend this to dread players who want to protect their investment in style. Beautiful high-quality case that gets the job done.
Martin 12C545EC Vintage Dreadnought Guitar Case
.Martin 545 Geib style case by TKL at a great price. I bought this for my HD28. Replaced the Martin thermoplastic case with this case. I am very pleased with the quality and price
Martin 12C545EC Vintage Dreadnought Guitar Case
.If you own a Martin and still have it in the thermoplastic case, shame on you! I don't know about you but owning a Martin guitar is a life achievement and I would want the best case for "The Precious". This case has 6 clasps and built like a plywood tank. It has an arched top to provide great top crush protection. The plush padding is snug so it takes a little push to seat the body inside! No aluminum surround to CLAW the precious when the lid flops closed like the plastic case. The case must weigh about 30 pounds and has a high quality padded handle. This is the 500 series TKL Gieb (sounds like tribe) classic case of lore! It is one high quality original Martin equipment case. At MF this case is about half the price as elsewhere! Wait till they have a sale and man, it's a steal! If you like the plastic (bear trap) case, keep an eye on eBay, mine will be for sale soon!
Martin 12C545EC Vintage Dreadnought Guitar Case
.I own a few of these cases and the quality is excellent. A big consideration for me is that they are made right here in the U.S.A.!!!
Martin 12C545EC Vintage Dreadnought Guitar Case
.Wow this case is such an upgrade. I have a 2000 Martin D28 which came with a hard shell case that had 3 latches (never had a tight close). The glue started seeping out from under the felt so it was time for an upgrade. This thing is solid. My D28 fits snugly and perfectly. I love the six latches it has and their placement. It closes firmly and has a great seal so the humidity stays at the right level. I love how plush it is on the inside and roomy top to bottom.
Martin 12C545EC Vintage Dreadnought Guitar Case

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