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Martin Performing Artist Series DCPA4 Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural

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Hardshell Case of Martin Performing Artist Series DCPA4 Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
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Product Description

The Martin DCPA4 Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar is built entirely of solid tonewoods to reproduce that big and open Martin sound. The back and sides are crafted in African sapele wood that looks and sounds a great deal like mahogany. The beautifully bookmatched Sitka spruce top employs Martin's hybrid "A-Frame" scalloped bracing.The DCPA4's neck has a slim, more parallel taper at the 12th fret giving you more hand-friendly ergonomics down the neck. Bridge spacing has been modified to 2-3/16" “ a position midway between Martin's two usual placements.Along with the look, feel, and enhanced performance of Martin's existing Performing Artist Series models, the DCPA4 also features the new, simplified Fishman F1 Analog electronics system.

Body size: D-14 fret cutaway Top: solid sitka spruce Rosette: two ring Back material: solid sapele Side material: solid sapele Binding: black boltaron Neck shape: performing artist profile Headstock: solid/square taper Scale length: 25.4" Fingerboard width at nut: 1-3/4" fFngerboard position inlays: offset dots - white abs Bridge material: black richlite Bridge style: performing artist belly Tuning machines: chrome enclosed w/ large buttons Pickguard: tortoise color Case: 375pa hardshell -brown Interior: label none Electronics: Fishman F1 analog

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I'll give this guitar a 9 because of the plain-jane looks and the synthetic fret board, but that's probably not fair given the price point, which is the bargin of the century for this instrument. The sapele back and sides sounds very close to mahogany, giving big strums a light, airy musicality. The only thing I'd change is to dump the trendy off-set fretboard markers and put them where they are the most functional for an intermediate level picker like myself, which is the target market for this instrument. The fact that this guitar was produced by American luthiers and craftsmen in Nazareth, PA made me feel good about the purchase as well. Gotta reward American companies that still produce quality instruments here, and I didn't have to mortgage the house to buy that signature Martin tone that I've be craving.
I've been in the market to upgrade from my Alvarez, so I've camped at my local big box guitar store for months playing everything from Yamaha, Gibson, Taylor, Ovation and Epiphone. I've always loved Martin's; I spent a month with a buddy's D18 years ago, and I've had that tone in my head for years, but never thought I could afford one. This one had the feature's I was looking for: solid woods, dreadnaught body with cutaway, built-in electronics and a playable neck with decent action AND I was on a strict budget.
Build, fit and finish seems flawless on mine.
It came down to this guitar and a similar Taylor, which cost about $600 more for a solid wood/premium acoustic/electric. I loved the Taylor, which was visually more striking. But I think the Performance Artist neck profile is the most comfortable player for my hand size of all the guitars I tried, at any price. And I think the Fishman electronics rival the Taylor Expression System when played amplified. And the Martin had the built in tuner, which the Taylor did not.
Martin Performing Artist Series DCPA4 Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
. This guitar sounded better than the rosewood Martins I played. Louder and even string volume. I like the pick up/tuner. It is plain jane but it is the sound that I am after and the playability. 1 3/4" thin neck. The fret board is a composite material and is silky smooth and fast. It is made of a rock hard counter top material and should never wear out or shrink. The Sapele sides and back are nice solid wood. It smells so good. Try one against any axe on the wall, any price.
Pick up is nice. Mine has great top grain
Built very well, no issues
Most guitars cost too much
Martin Performing Artist Series DCPA4 Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
Neck Playability---8
Creativity w/h it----10
Great pickup system...I know you aren't supposed to do so, but I hooked it up to my Fender Blues Junior. I know, thats an electric guitar amp, but after some tweaking on my EQ and settings, it sounded pretty good. I haven't hooked it up to a real PA yet, but plan on doing so, as well as buying an acoustic amp for it in the next 6 months.
The sound quality is fantastic on this thing. Its a great guitar for a fingerpicking type style, even though I don't do much of that. It is a martin, so it does sound Boomy/Darker, but thats what I love about it. Its also great for playing chordal melody type stuff on it. While I've played martins that "play" better, such as when it comes to the neck, it is still a great guitar neck. Id give that aspect about an 8.
I love the sound and quality of this guitar, and don't have any regrets in purchasing it. Its simply a fantastic guitar...give this one a try for yourself if you can.
Martin Performing Artist Series DCPA4 Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.I've the DCPA4 for a couple weeks now and cannot put it down. This has been my first endeavor into the american made all wood type of guitar and I'm not sorry for shelling out the extra cash. This guitar looks and sounds great. Puts my Ibanez to shame now that I can compare them side by side. The guitar was even in tune (mostly) right out of the box. Just picked it up and started jamming. I hear a lot about Martin quality, but now I believe it. Can't find one flaw in the build. I look forward to the fresh cut wood smell every time I open the case.

The only negative I've found so far is that the tuner can be slightly off. Not a big deal to me because I'm in the habit of clipping on my Snark anyway. Electronics on board sound awesome. I play through a vintage tube amp, and the sound is warm and rich, very representative of the unplugged sound of the guitar.

I am worried about the durability of the satin finish long term. It doesn't resist moisture or scratches the way gloss does. When I play in a sitting position the guitar seems to suck some of the moisture from my leg. I guess you burn more calories playing standing up though :)

The action out of the box might be a little high for people playing in the higher registers, but I do mostly aggressive rhythmic strumming and softer capo stuff so it works for me.

All in all, I think you will be extremely happy if you pick up this guitar. Glad I did.
Martin Performing Artist Series DCPA4 Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.Very playble right out of the case no set up needed . the electronics do a very good job of pulling all the acoustic sound out of it . I got this through a special purchase . I have had it since January. I can not bring myself to go back to my 89 Strat plus although I will play it soon. this guitar is worth every penny and it is priced to where most can experience a Martin at its finest . Go play one and you will know what I mean.
Martin Performing Artist Series DCPA4 Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.The usual stuff. Went to the big box store and like everyone, I played most of the wall hangers. Most sounded dull. This guitar sounded better than most, loud unplugged and the electronics are nice. Nice bass and range. It is sapele, not mahogany. I could care less what the material is as long as it is quality. The sound is what I am after. This axe has "the sound".
Martin Performing Artist Series DCPA4 Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.I recently bought this Martin used from a dealer(1 year old) and got a good one. Getting back into pro music after many years away and wanted to re-enter right. If the suit makes the man, then the guitar makes the musician and this one is great. The action is great, the tone rich and the look is Martin - instantly recognizable. The electronics offer an expanse of tonal variations so play with the controls to get your best sound. And make sure you humidify it - take care of it and it will always be worth more in the future.
Martin Performing Artist Series DCPA4 Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
. To recap: the Martin DCPA4 is a very well made guitar, fit and finish is excellent, both action and tone... excellent! While there will always be more expensive (and sometimes better) guitars available, the Martin DCPA4 has the best "bang for the buck" out there and I highly reccomend it.
The two features which standout as relevant to be reviewed IMO are as follows: the neck, in this case slightly narrower and more paralell than is typical for an acoustic guitar (dreadnought) which results in a significantly more comfortable hand/wrist position (while playing) and the instument's tone, which when compared to similarly priced competitors instruments (that tend to be a bit bright) is rich, even and balanced.
This instrument (as befits C.F. Martin's reputation) is very well made. Fit and finish is excellent! A very close scrutiny of the instrument has revealed "not a single flaw". The instrument set-up/action is spot on... it has low, comfortable action (even from the perspective of an electric guitarist) and not a single buzz or dead spot.
Value is a highly subjective term. So to avoid the obvious pitfalls of that subjectivity, I will say this only... given C.F. Martins long history of producing excellent instruments, the likelyhood is that any instrument made by them will be worth significantly more later than when it was purchased. As a cost/benifit analysis suggest's, this is a high value investment.
Martin Performing Artist Series DCPA4 Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.Right out of the box, the guitar was in tune and had a terrific wood smell. The depth of sound and tone was wonderful. I played it for a long while that night and enjoyed the ease with how it played. The action is a bit high and I'll have that taken care of with a pro setup. Plugging it in, this thing will provide a terrific full sound either through my amp or a sound system. The preamp works very well to fine tune your desired tone. Price point was great for what I got. My favorite guitar now.
Martin Performing Artist Series DCPA4 Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.Great service with phone order.
I have been a customer for only 6 months and already have purchased about 10 items.
Placed order on Friday Afternoon and had the guitar on Wednesday (I recommend picking up at UPS vs. door delivery for expensive items).
This guitar screams quality USA made solid wood craftsmanship. It is probably the lowest of the line all-wood USA made but it is so nice. I am getting a little fret buzz when using a capo but I should get this setup with my luthier (which is pretty standard for any guitar purchase).
Martin Performing Artist Series DCPA4 Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural

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