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Jackson WR1 USA Warrior Bolted Steel

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Hardshell Case of Jackson WR1 USA Warrior Bolted Steel
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Product Description

A wickedly realistic hand-painted bolted-steel motif announces this one's for the shredder who lives and dies by metal. Other shivery details include a quartersawn maple thru-body neck with oiled finish and ebony fingerboard with sharkfin inlays. A Seymour Duncan Invader SH8 at the bridge with a Full Shred SH10 in the neck slot guarantees maximum destruction. Other appointments include 24 jumbo frets, die-cast tuners, master volume and tone controls, Floyd Rose Original double-locking tremolo, black chrome hardware, and bindings on the fingerboard and headstock. Includes deluxe molded case. Includes deluxe molded case.

Jackson's compound-radius fingerboard curves more dramatically at the nut for easy chording and flattens out as it approaches the neck joint for low-action bends without fretting out. With a more relaxed hand, you'll play better!

Hand-painted custom shop finish Quartersawn maple thru-body neck with oiled finish Ebony fingerboard with sharkfin inlays Seymour Duncan Invader SH8 at the bridge Seymour Duncan Full Shred SH10 at the neck 24 jumbo frets Die-cast tuners Master volume and tone controls Floyd Rose Original double-locking tremolo Black chrome hardware

A wonderfully wicked-looking axe that has a bite every bit as bad as its bark. Order today!


WR1 USA Warrior

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If you're looking for the ultimate metal guitar without worrying about Custom Shop prices and the long dreadful wait, look no further.
This guitar features the best of components and materials, the best of craftsmanship and probably the best of what Jackson has to offer within their USA production models.
After owning and experiencing three Japanese Warrior and other different models from Jackson (which I love BTW) over the years, I decided on November of last year to upgrade to the USA WR1 model (in Gun Metal Gray), and surly enough, the experience has leaped to some new horizons of metal savagery, not only that, even the actual playing experience has been nothing short of a phenomenon! And just a few weeks ago, I just ordered my second WR1 model in Agent Orange.
Quality wise, I believe this guitar among the best out there including the very high end guitars. When it comes to Jackson, the only way to upgrade from their USA select line is to go via the Custom Shop route, and both lines are made in the same factory and more or less by the same people.
The guitar is not cheap by any means like most high end Jacksons, however, I believe you get more than what you pay for IMO especially if you compare it to some other well known high end brand guitars.
Jackson WR1 USA Warrior Bolted Steel
.I'd just like to start off by saying this guitar is nothing short of amazing.Pros:+ Neck-through design gives it massive sustain+ The pickups sound really dark, but are really good for metal+ The quality is incredible. I've only had it for a month, and I've already hit it on things a few times. I'll tell you right now: The DRYWALL and DOOR took damage before this thing did+ I love stating the obvious: It looks SWEET!+ Made in the USA!However, there are a few bad things.Cons:- This guitar is not cheap. Duh.- If you have the money, go for it. But if the cost turns you off, go for the WRMG. The price of this thing probably deserves to be dropped by at least a few hundredThe case that comes with this thing is tough and durable, but it's way too freaking rediculously huge. But it does offer good protection. I wouldn't use anything less for this. Gig bags are OUT of the question.All in all, great guitar. Sounds great. Looks great. Is great. But like I said, if the price is a problem for you, go for the WRMG.
Jackson WR1 USA Warrior Bolted Steel
.It is the smoothest playing guitar I think it is smoother than a Les Paul
Jackson WR1 USA Warrior Bolted Steel
.I love the paint job and the sound is incredible!
Jackson WR1 USA Warrior Bolted Steel
.If you're tired of mid range guitars and spotty quality and you're looking to go top of the line, look no further. The WR1 is damn near perfect in every way. Top quality parts, Top quality USA construction and quality control. Came setup PERFECT from the warehouse, didn't have to make any adjustments at all. COMPLETE access to all 24 frets, no fret buzz, no dead notes, no bend outs. Great pickups (for metal). ORIGINAL Floyd Rose. Amazing paint job. The only real complaint I have (as many others do) is the price. It's pretty steep, even for something of this quality, you can get a great custom shop guitar for that price. BUT if you REALLY want it like I did, you'll dish out the cash. I saved up for this for a year, and I'm not disappointed.
Jackson WR1 USA Warrior Bolted Steel
.I have seven Guitars, 3 USA Jacksons, 3 Gibsons & a USA BC Rich. My Warrior WR1 has the fastest neck out of all. Made to high precision and balance. It just doesn't get any better than this. Low action, fast frets. Seymore duncan Invaders have a low end Booming tone with a crunch to them. Not sure if I prefer them to EMGs -EMGS offer a more liquid sizzle when I crank the gain, but man these invaders really CrUnCh. Love the Shape. Its Balance perfectly -sits right in your arms like a baby...
Jackson WR1 USA Warrior Bolted Steel
.After doing everything my parents made me do, I finally got my hands on the Jackson WR1 Warrior, who has been held in the hands of guys from Suffocation, Nocturnus and even Trey Azgatoth of Morbid Angel. I play in a power/speed metal band and let me tell you this guitar lets me shred twice as fast then on the Ibanez RG I used to play. The Seymour Duncan pickups in it make for phenominal tone and awesome sound clean or distorted. The neck action is small as hell and allow me to shred like wildfire. It's also so unique. Other then the BC Rich Stealth, no guitar looks like the Warrior. Every time I go on stage, after a show people always ask me what kind of guitar I play. I tell them all the time, "A Jackson WR1 Warrior." Hands down the Warrior is the best guitar ever made, and unless it was another Jackson I'd never play anything else.
Jackson WR1 USA Warrior Bolted Steel
.I bought a Jackson USA Warrrior 4 years ago, and have NEVER found another guitar with a neck like this one, its fast and absolutely silky, as far as tone goes, it is unbeatable by any guitar anywhere. I would put this guitar up against any topline or custom guitar in the world.
Jackson WR1 USA Warrior Bolted Steel
.This guitar is one of the best guitars I've ever felt. I havent tried out tons of guitars because I am lefty, and I do have the Lefty version of the WR1. But the sound is for sure quality because its tone and sustain is better then anyother guitar my friends have played for me. The Invader gives a nice crunch that makes the low end sound amazing where it doesnt muddy out the sound at all, and the full shred makes the highs pronounced were doing sweeps and running through scales amazing. The X shaped body is the only way to go, at least for me. This guitar is perfect piece of equiptment that needs no alterations what so ever!
Jackson WR1 USA Warrior Bolted Steel
.This guitar top notch construction from jackson, and a very intricate paint job. The invaders sound too dark for me, and this guitar is an ugly shape. If you like the body design, and lots of bass, this guitar is perfect for you.
Jackson WR1 USA Warrior Bolted Steel

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