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Jackson Case for Kelly or Warrior Electric Guitar

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One Set
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Hardshell Case of Jackson Case for Kelly or Warrior Electric Guitar
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Product Description

This Jackson case has been completely redesigned from scratch to provide the ultimate protection for your Jackson Kelly or Warrior electric guitar. It is specifically formed and shaped to fit the unique design of these special guitar's shapes, including room for the whammy bar. The hardshell guitar case has heavy-duty aluminum channeling, TSA locking latches, superior-quality ABS material, and a sturdy handle.

Specifically designed for Jackson Kelly or Warrior electric guitar Heavy-duty aluminum channeling TSA locking latches ABS exterior

A custom hit for your Kelly or Warrior guitar. Order one today.

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pros:-Smaller than traditional rectangular Kelly case.cons:-Non-recessed, extremely bulky latches.-Latches and handle are made from plastic. -Handle seems especially susceptible to breakage. -The case can't stand up on its end.
Jackson Case for Kelly or Warrior Electric Guitar
.i have a kelly, i got the case today and it doesn't fit. not even close. too bad. i am very surprised
Jackson Case for Kelly or Warrior Electric Guitar
.This thing fit my Warrior okay, Kelly was a little tight. End of case split within 2 months of not even being knocked around, just being moved occasionally. Better off using this piece of junk for a sock drawer.
Jackson Case for Kelly or Warrior Electric Guitar
.When i got this i expected my Kelly to fit in it. Strangly, the body wouldnt fit into the case like the shape of the inside was way off. if it did fit, this case would have been great.
Jackson Case for Kelly or Warrior Electric Guitar
.I use it all the time,its even fallen out of the car onto the pavement and there wasn't even a scratch on either the case or guitar i would recommend for anyone with a warrior or kelly guitar
Jackson Case for Kelly or Warrior Electric Guitar
.This is perfect for my everyday guitar!
Jackson Case for Kelly or Warrior Electric Guitar
.First the good news, My Jackson Kelly fits into the case perfectly. The interior of the case is nice thick felt, and perfectly fits the unique neck shape of Jackson guitars. It is also nice that the open compartment has a portion of the lid that seals the compartment so things like loose picks or stings don't fall out. Which is a good thing, because it brings me to the bad news.

The case has a gap on the front and back edges of the case of almost a half an inch, meaning there is a space by the headstock and the body where the case doesn't close all the way. This was very disappointing, and I considered returning it. However, since I primarily use this case for driving across town to jam with some friends, it's not a deal breaker, but I wouldn't take the guitar in this case if it was raining because the case wouldn't keep water out, and I certainly wouldn't take the case on a plane or travelling. If I end up needing a second case for another Kelly (my preferred shape), I'll probably buy a non-Jackson branded one and hope for the best.

It's surprising because their guitars are high quality fast action instruments, even at the lower price points, so I assumed the case would be great too.
Jackson Case for Kelly or Warrior Electric Guitar
.Fits both my Warrior (WRXMG with reverse head stock) and my KE-3 (also a reverse head stock). I will say that the case fits the Warrior a little better than the Kelly. Both bodies fit nice and snug, but the neck channel fits the Warrior a little better. Still, does what it's supposed to do.
Jackson Case for Kelly or Warrior Electric Guitar
.I have read previous reviews about this case not fitting the Kelly guitars so I was nervous and apprehensive about buying this case for a used 1993 Kelly professional I had bought. In all fairness those were older reviews around 2010-2014. I think Jackson/SKB may have caught wind of the issues and changed the inside layout for a better fit for the 2016 case I bought. I don't know if the dimensions are all the same throughout the years on the Kelly guitars, but it fits my 1993 through 1995 M.I.J. Kelly professional pretty good. The body of my guitar is a nice tight fit, it won't move around, although when I first put it in the case the body was a perfect fit but the neck didn't line up with the cases neck support...I had to slightly tilt or bring up the body to get the neck aligned with the case to close it. Not to big a deal. The problem was that there is to much foam padding between the neck and the lower horn that extend out from the guitar body. I got the idea from a previous review and took a clean hammer and hammered in the foam from inside the case where it touches along the upper edge of the lower horn to soften it up and provide more clearance and made for a perfect fit. Just a slight adjustment, I didn't have to pull back the plush liner or cut out any foam, done in 5 minutes. For the price I would definitely recommend this case.
Jackson Case for Kelly or Warrior Electric Guitar

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