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Jackson PC-1 Phil Collen USA Electric Guitar Mocha Flame Maple Fingerboard

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Hardshell Case of Jackson PC-1 Phil Collen USA Electric Guitar Mocha Flame Maple Fingerboard
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Product Description

The Jackson USA PC-1 Phil Collen is an electric guitar that boasts a quilted maple top and compound-radius flame fretboard to provide visual appeal that's as captivating as it is original. A double-bladed Sustainer humbucker up front sings it sweet and quiet, while a DiMarzio HS2 in the middle and DiMarzio Super 3 at the bridge dish out that signature Phil Collen chunk and screaming sustain. The Jackson PC-1 has a mahogany body and quartersawn bolt-on maple neck. Floyd Rose Original double-locking trem. Jackson includes a hardshell case with your PC-1 Phil Collen Guitar.

Jackson's compound-radius fingerboard curves more dramatically at the nut for easy chording and flattens out as it approaches the neck joint for low-action bends without fretting out. With a more relaxed hand, you'll play better! Includes case.

Check the drop-down menu to the right to select colors and/or other options.

Mahogany body with quilted maple top Flamed maple compound-radius fingerboard Quartersawn maple bolt-on neck 24 frets 25-1/2" scale 1-11/16" nut Sustainer neck pickup DiMarzio HS2 middle pickup DiMarzio Super 3 bridge pickup Floyd Rose Originaldouble-locking tremolo Includes case

It's no surprise Phil Collen designed a guitar that's a treat to the ears. But just wait till you lay your EYES on it! OK, it ain't cheap. But you're worth it. Do it.


PC-1 Phil Collen USA Electric Guitar

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For a high end Guitar, my expectations were high. I had received the PC1 that was suposed to have gone back order from Jackson, but I received it 2 months early. When I got the guitar I noticed a couple things. The finish was solar wich was stunning, but saw the nut was missing one of the locks and one of the screws. I found the lock in the case but no screw. I called Custom Guitars friend and told them about the problem, and they said they would have Jackson get back to me the next day. I played the Jackson and the effects and found that the sustainer could not find a happy medium. it was either too strong or non existent, and the harmonics switch did not work except in the humbucking pickup. I called two days later to Custom Guitars friend and found that they closed my complaint as resolved. They apparently knew that Jackson was just going to ship out a screw and didn't bother calling me to tell me about it. I sent the Jackson back disgusted of my whole experience with my purchase and informed Custom Guitars Friend of my displeasure of receiving a very high ended insturment that had either been played by someone else and returned to them, noting the tags were all off the guitar when I originally opened the case, and fingerprints on the tremello, of which I was expecting one straight from the factory. I am not sure if it is Jackson or if it is Custom Guitars Friend that is shipping out returns. I have been a long time Custom Guitars Friend customer that is looking for other alternatives to buying. Custom Guitars Friend has lost the recipie for treating customers the way customers should be treated. This is now the 3rd Guitar that I have bought from them that left the impression that others have sent back, including cosmetic defects (minor) on the finish, and greasy chicken finger players who left strings nasty.
Jackson PC-1 Phil Collen USA Electric Guitar Mocha Flame Maple Fingerboard
.I've been playing my beloved PC-1 for several months now, and the honeymoon seems like it'll never end. I'll get my only negative out of the way first: I hated the middle HS2 pickup. It didn't meld well with either the Super 3 or sustainer, and I can't figure out its purpose in this guitar. I have an American Strat if I want a single coil sound. I had DiMarzio custom-build an Air Norton S without a flange so it would fit in the cavity. The Norton sounds much better and jibes better with the other pickups. Everything esle about this guitar is pure heaven: it's a beefy, heavy, substantial guitar that sounds like a sweet singing beast. The build quality is top notch and the finish is breathtaking. The sustainer opens up entirely new creative avenues and absolutely KILLS Fernandes' system. Fernandes uses 9V power for its sustainers, but the Jackson is an 18V, and is far and away more potent (I used to own a Fernandes system). If you have the money and are itching for the ultimate Super Strat, the PC-1 is as close to perfect as I've ever encountered.
Jackson PC-1 Phil Collen USA Electric Guitar Mocha Flame Maple Fingerboard
.Ok, so full disclosure, I am a fan of Ibanez/Jackson style thin fast necks so when I decided to go for a top shelf Jackson this was my first choice. The sustainer was a major plus as I had one in a cheaper Fernandez guitar years ago and really liked it for recording (the sustainer, not the Fernandez Elite it was in!) Having read the reviews I was surprised it had a different neck profile than other Jacksons but I figured I could always return it. Right out of the case I was alarmed at the mass of the neck and even called to say I would return it. But after a couple days of noodling I could'nt put it down and got very comfortable with it. I probably will replace the Bridge humbucker out to some sort of Duncan as Dimarzio's have never been for me. The one I recieved (Solor) did NOT have quilt over the whole top as I would have liked but it was about 85% so I'm keepin it! Love the look, feel and the workmanship is top notch as to be expected at this price point.
Jackson PC-1 Phil Collen USA Electric Guitar Mocha Flame Maple Fingerboard

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I had one of these guitars before and had to sell it......big mistake!! I vowed to get another one because I realized, after it was gone, just how much I played it and how amazing it really was. Great balance, nice warm tone, great feeling neck and versatile. I have other high end guitars that dont play half as good as the PC1. If you are thinking about buying one.......think no longer, it is well worth the money and made in USA!
Jackson PC-1 Phil Collen USA Electric Guitar Mocha Flame Maple Fingerboard
.THANK YOU PHIL!!! I have been playing everything from Jackson/Charvel to Kramer to Gibson and beyond for over thirty years. I have Soloists, Les Pauls, etc... I say this not to brag, but to let you know that if you are looking for a guitar that can handle EVERYTHING, you have to have the PC1. I am an 80's guitar nut and i am here to tell you that you will never play a more versatile guitar. Period. Most guitars I have played are one trick ponies - they are good for a few classic tones. Need a clean sound to die for? Need a note to sustain for 6 months? How about a fat chunky rhythm that will punch though any mix? The PC1 can do it all. Listen to the other reviews on this site. They are telling you the truth. Get this guitar!
Jackson PC-1 Phil Collen USA Electric Guitar Mocha Flame Maple Fingerboard
.Top shelf
Jackson PC-1 Phil Collen USA Electric Guitar Mocha Flame Maple Fingerboard
.I have drooled over this guitar now for near a decade. I finally got one in Natural about 2 weeks ago, and have shed 6 layers of calluses from playing it so much. The guitar feels more solid than my Gibson Les Paul Trad. Standnard, and has better playability than my Strat. It is a perfect hybrid with a mahogany base and maple cap/veneer. The tone it puts out is fantastic, both clean and driven. It is heavier than I thought it would be, but I like heavy guitars. The neck is thinner than I have been playing for quite a while now, but I think it is the perfect profile for me, because I feel like my playing accuracy has greatly improved with the addition of this guitar. Stays in tune perfectly, in 2 weeks I only had to do a very slight G adjustment, and I play about 4-7 hours a day lately. The sustainer is really cool, but you could take that away, and this would still be a sweet guitar. If I could only Have one guitar for the rest of my life, this would be it.
Jackson PC-1 Phil Collen USA Electric Guitar Mocha Flame Maple Fingerboard
.The sustainer alone makes this guitar worth every penny. The finish is amazing, the action is great, the floyd rose opens many doors, and so much more. I had members of Def Leppard sign my purple one, so I had to buy a solar one. The guitar makes even the best players sound better. Do yourself a favor, and get one.
Jackson PC-1 Phil Collen USA Electric Guitar Mocha Flame Maple Fingerboard
.By far the finest piece you can buy! Amazing electronics,massive sustain.Phil has designed a true work of art,Thankyou Phil!The Solar quilt top is stunning.
Jackson PC-1 Phil Collen USA Electric Guitar Mocha Flame Maple Fingerboard
.I've been a fan of Def Leppard for 16yrs and think Phil Collen guitar playing is pretty cool.As a guitar player I've always wanted this guitar-now i want another color.This guitar plays so well-it color is so stunning and the gold bridge is to die for.The pickup system is perfect all the tones a guitar player could want-also the sustainer is so cool and it screams with vengeance-go get it--$$$$-very pricey
Jackson PC-1 Phil Collen USA Electric Guitar Mocha Flame Maple Fingerboard

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