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Custom Pettyjohn Electronics IRON

Brand Name:
Effects and Pedals,Overdrive and Boost,Pettyjohn Electronics,
Model Number:

Custom Pettyjohn Electronics IRON

Min.Order Quantity:
one set
Packaging Details:
Hardshell Case of Custom Pettyjohn Electronics IRON
Delivery Time:
Within 3days after payment
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paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
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Product Description

The Pettyjohn Iron is the first offering in their new single pedal format, The Foundry Series, and it draws inspiration from the left channel of the flagship Signature overdrive, The PettyDrive. The Iron is built with the same audiophile components as its predecessor so it retains the smooth, harmonically rich edge-of-breakup to full-throttle overdrive tones found in the original. The Iron has been voiced to provide a large range of gain and tone shaping to compliment any playing style and be at home in any rig as a foundational part of a player’s sound. The Iron transcends normal shortcomings of many overdrive pedals found on the market today, featuring a full, natural tonal range that allows your guitars tone and playing nuances to shine through while imparting punch and depth with natural, musical harmonic weight and presence often associated with cranked American style amps. Huge internal headroom and carefully selected parts contribute to an open sound with less compression and less harsh in-harmonic distortion artifacts then your average overdrive pedal. At times, you may even forget you have a pedal on as the sweet harmonics and saturation may just become a part of your base tone that you never want to plug-in without again!
We are excited to announce The Foundry Series Iron also features several notable updates! First, the top-end range has been extended slightly to offer a more open sound. The high-end content can be tailored perfectly with the Orange Drop powered high cut tone control. Secondly, the high performance dual-rail power section has optimized further to offer a wider operation range and even more internal headroom. The Iron can run on 9v-18v DC, drawing no more then 80mA, while providing 18v to 36v of internal voltage swing! The extra headroom allows for the standard equipped high-end Burr Brown chips to really sing at optimum levels for a truly studio-grade experience. The Iron comes equipped with an extra JRC4558 that the user can easily swap out into the main gain section for a warmer, vintage effect that many players love!

We are excited to introduce the Foundry Series and offer the Pettyjohn Iron with the studio-grade build quality and performance that many pro players and recording studios depend on everyday at a price point many more people can enjoy.

Iron Features:

1) Wide gain range with 3 wide sweet spot zones:

Zone 1: Low Gain Harmonically Rich Preamp/Boost

Zone 2: Touch sensitive, Edge of Break Up

Zone 3: Fully saturated Lead Channel Overdrive

2) Clean Mix control: Features a warm bypass preamp circuit for adding extra depth and transparency

3) Clipping Selection: Three carefully selected Clipping options for distinctly usable breakup characteristics include MOSFET, LED, and Asymmetrical Silicon

4) Low Cut Selection: Three carefully selected Low Cut frequencies interact with the gain control and clipping section to provide easy recall for different guitars, amps, even bass!

5) High Cut: Musical passive tone circuit with an Orange Drop tone cap for authentic vintage amp style tone shaping

6) High Performance Power: Dual-rail power section with 9V to 18V operation range, providing 18V-36V of voltage swing for huge internal headroom while drawing under 100mA

7) Audiophile, Studio-Grade Performance in a Pedal:

Burr Brown OPA series high-performance audiophile Op-Amps
Audiophile grade, through-hole 1% Metal Film resistors
Top shelf WIMA and Silver Mica caps used in tone sensitive operations
Internally Direct Coupled stages for purest signal path possible
Lead-Free PCB constructed with Audiophile Lead-free Silver Solder
Extremely Low Noise
8) Extra JRC4558 chip included for additional tonal options

9) True-Bypass Switching

10) Custom Box and Circuit Handmade in Oregon, USA

Product Specs

Condition:Mint Make:Pettyjohn Electronics Model:IRON Categories:Overdrive and Boost

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