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Ibanez Gio GSR206 6-String Bass Guitar Black

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Hardshell Case of Ibanez Gio GSR206 6-String Bass Guitar Black
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Product Description

The Gio GSR206 from Ibanez is a 6-string bass guitar built with an agathis body, one-piece maple neck, and fitted with chrome hardware. The Gio's Phat-II EQ plus dual volume and tone knobs help you dial in the sound you seek from the DHX-6 pickups.

Agathis body 1-piece maple neck Chrome hardware Tone and 2 volume controls SPECIFICATIONS

Gio GSR206 6-String Bass Guitar

Neck Type: 1-piece GSR6 maple neck
Body: Agathis body
Frets: Medium frets
Bridge: B16 bridge (16.5mm string spacing)
Neck Pickup: DXH-6N
Bridge Pickup: DXH-6B
Equalizer: Phat II EQ
Hardware color: Chrome

EQ: 1 x Phat II EQ
Volume: 2 (Neck, Bridge)
Tone: 1

Neck Dimensions
Scale: 34" (864mm)
Width at Nut: 54mm
Width at Last Fret: 83mm
Thickness at 1st Fret: 21mm
Thickness at 12th Fret: 22mm
Radius: 400mm

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I bought this from a guy for $150 because his son didn't like it.His son(jazz player) raised the saddles to max in an attempt to get a clean sound.It was unplayable when I got it.I lowered the action down to playable and it sounded like crap.The stock strings are way too bright and buzzy so I swapped for thinner gauge flatwounds and it remedied that problem.It took me some time to dial it in but I am happy with it now.If you are a metal player with a fat amp you might like the strings but good luck trying to play clean music.I will agree with what others said about the low B being muddy and unusable but after the switch to flatwounds the low B is audible now.The electrics in this are only mediocre or less but after some adjustments with the pickup heights I was able to get an acceptable sound.A pickup/pots upgrade is needed if you want the low B to be at its' best.As an entry level 6 string bass this would be ok if someone sets it up for you correctly but I would recommend you get a 4 string if you are an absolute beginner.I would not call this a high end bass but for the price it is damn good considering some of the other junk out there in the same price range.
Ibanez Gio GSR206 6-String Bass Guitar Black
.great fantastic bass compares up to the highest bass brands dont belive me TRY IT no go BUY IT same price
The Features are amazing the PHAT ll eq buster is fantastic i can dial up the right tone no matter what genre this bass will show up to do the job sounds just like a ken smith it the right string on it like dean markley or D&R
i love the bolt on neck and how it place the neck in a sucre postition and the 9 volt batteries to boots up the pickups
great deal for bassist
Ibanez Gio GSR206 6-String Bass Guitar Black
.The only con to this ultimate professional instrument, It may be a little cumbersome for the average 4 string player, but after just a few minutes of playing it becomes natural playing. The range alone is what I love to experiment with. This bass has the features of a much more expensive custom shop bass. I would suggest slightly smaller gauge strings when it comes time to change them.
Ibanez Gio GSR206 6-String Bass Guitar Black
.One of the finest basses I've ever played and I've been at it for 30 years plus. Yeah, I'm a geezer, but hey... I ain't too old to rock & roll. And the truth is, I know quality from junk. This axe AIN'T junk. Far from it. And I can't believe the price. I have no idea how this company is making any money on this item. If you're looking for me to criticize it in any way... the ONLY thing I can come up with is that the shape, cool as it is, does not fit perfectly into a standard (P-bass) case, although it DOES fit pretty well. There is just some very slight movement back and forth... nothing to worry about. I'll probably end up spending as much on a new case for it as I did for the bass itself. It's WORTH it, believe me. Best buy I've EVER seen, seriously. Plays and sounds like a dream.
Ibanez Gio GSR206 6-String Bass Guitar Black
.Im going on a year with this bass and its still going great. its got a strong and powerful tone thats great for any type of music
Ibanez Gio GSR206 6-String Bass Guitar Black
.I actually enjoyed this bass for the price. There would need to be adjustments for the pickups, and the action (Depending how YOU play), but it's a decent Ibanez 6 string for someone dwelling into 6-strings. The electronics are all right, not the best. I've noticed it is more of a metal player's bass than a clean/jazz bass. The B String is extremely muddy on this bass, depending on the type of strings you pick up and how adjusted the action is. Overall, a 4/5 rating is what I give this entry-level 6 string
Ibanez Gio GSR206 6-String Bass Guitar Black
.I purchased one of these, but sent it back after one week. The neck intonation was uneven no matter how I adjusted it, and even with the action set to 3 mm at the 24th fret and the neck adjusted to curve forward quite a bit, I was getting too much fret buzz off the first three frets. The slot edges in the tuner pegs were sharp, and I busted strings on 3 different sets in three days, all at the point where the string bends over the slot edge. The frets were all unfiled on the lower side of the neck, requiring some filing by a tech. Although most of the frets rang true on the lower end of the neck, most of the frets in the upper register were dead. This is the most unplayable bass I have ever had the misfortune of purchasing. Probably just a bad apple, but I recommend saving your money and purchasing one of Ibanez's higher quality basses to avoid any problems. Ibanez makes great-sounding basses, but their budget models are best avoided.
Ibanez Gio GSR206 6-String Bass Guitar Black
.i played this at a local music store and i tell you what it blew me away. the phat eq sounded amazing. i almost got it but went for another ibanez with a little bit better tone options(soundgear sr305mw). the reason i went with it was because i needed its tone and its my new number one bass, but the next bass i buy will definitely be an ibanez and it will probably be this 6 string gio.
Ibanez Gio GSR206 6-String Bass Guitar Black
.AFter browsing for a variety of basses around the $300 range, I stumbled across this bass at a local music store. I was really skeptical at the time, and I was about to buy a 5 string ESP (which is also on this site). After playing around with this bass and several others, I could immediately tell that this was a STEAL. I don't get how anybody could pass this thing down for the price. The action is just right, and it sounds amazing, I don't know what more you would need, and espcially at this price range you're looking for the bare minimum. This bass goes way past my expectations, and I'm glad I bought it. If you're looking for a bass with a nice range of accessibility, but you're pocket is a little empty, you really need to look into this bass.
Ibanez Gio GSR206 6-String Bass Guitar Black
.The only thing that takes some getting used to is the fret board width, but this is to be expected with more than a conventional 4 string
Ibanez Gio GSR206 6-String Bass Guitar Black

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