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Ibanez SR506 Soundgear 6-String Brown Mahogany Rosewood Fretboard

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Hardshell Case of Ibanez SR506 Soundgear 6-String Brown Mahogany Rosewood Fretboard
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Product Description

The Ibanez SR506 Bass is an incredibly well-crafted and equipped bass for its price. It features a slim, fast SR6 5-piece jatoba and bubinga neck on a sculpted mahogany body. The rosewood fretboard is fitted with medium frets and has oval abalone markers. Equipped with a B106 bridge 2 Bartonlini MK1-6 pickups that integrate perfectly with the active Bartolini MK1 3-band EQ. It's a bass that will excel in any style of music.

Case sold separately.

Thin, fast, 5-piece SR6 neck crafted of jatoba and bubinga Sculpted mahogany body Rosewood fretboard with 24 medium frets and oval abalone markers B106 bridge Bartolini MK1-6 neck pickup Bartolini MK1-6 bridge pickup Black chrome hardware with black pickups Bartonini MK1 active 3-band EQ Case sold separately

Happiness is playing such a fine bass. Order your Ibanez SR506 Soundgear bass today.

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i play very fast and loud metal. Its very technical and not every average bass player can get off in a band like ours (I'm trying not to be cocky) but this bass cuts through with Ibanez's signature growl. We're about to record, so of course I'll be taking this baby into the studio. AND yes I do use all 6 strings in our songs don't underestimate me.
I love the low, mid, and high knobs, I don't even have to go back to my head to get a different sound. I always use both pickups I leave the knob in the middle. I love that its an active bass. The neck is wide if you're not used to 6 strings but its the smoothest neck I have ever played, your hands get sweaty? no problem this bass has a dry but smooth and fast neck, make sense?
Very sturdy, I've played around 30 shows all without any case or protection. The only downside to this VERY LIGHT bass is that the wood will dent easily, though I only have a ding or 2. You will be amazed at how thin the body is.
This bass is a very good deal, it has a very reasonable price to ask. Ibanez can get away with more. The pictures that are up don't give this bass justice, in person it will blow you away. I get nonstop compliments, I didn't make it I just bought it but haha the compliments raise your confidence.
Ibanez SR506 Soundgear 6-String Brown Mahogany Rosewood Fretboard
.After 28 years on bass I have owned and handled dozens of basses from most manufacturers, but the Ibanez SR506 is the best value I have yet encountered. The neck is slim and fast, but stable. The body is no lightweight, but the weight is manageable and the instrument is well-balanced. The tone is bright and punchy with great depth, owing much to both the active electronics and the excellent Bartolini pickups. The basic tone is so balanced that I normally run the on-board tone controls flat. Fretwork is excellent, and overall fit and finish are what I would expect to find on a bass costing twice this.

A few other reviews have pointed out that the finish on this bass is a bit thin - fair enough. I am personally rather fond of the feel of the wood grain under my fingers, and so long as you take an extra 30 seconds every few days to keep your fingernails trimmed up nicely you won't have any issues digging in while slapping/popping.

I use this bass for a wide variety of styles, from country to rock and pop, and to things bordering on fusion, both live and in the studio. I play predominantly with my fingers but have also played it with a pick. I slap, pop, and double-thumb. I tap fairly often. This bass handles anything I throw at it with excellent tone and playability, low action and no fret buzz.

I suppose the best endorsement I can give this bass is that if the need arose for me to start assembling a bass/rig for studio or touring use and I had to start back at square one, this exact bass would be the one I would choose.
Ibanez SR506 Soundgear 6-String Brown Mahogany Rosewood Fretboard
.I had the "pleasure" of owning an SR-506, I thought it was just a poor setup in store but no. After taking it to two professionals and eventually having to just set it up myself, the fretbuzz was horrendous. To top it off, you couldn't intonate the bass, and this problem wasn't restricted to mine either. This in combination with the cheap bartolini's (MK-1's) and the SR pre-amp which is super dark, you might like it but I like to be heard well in a mix. I would never recommend this bass to one of my students.
Ibanez SR506 Soundgear 6-String Brown Mahogany Rosewood Fretboard
.I have owned several BASSES over the last 35 years from custom built to factory built.The Ibanez SR 506 is hands down the best BASS I have ever owned.I have played Roscoe custom built 6-strings at A very high dollar amount,Tobias,Rickenbacker,Yamaha and the list goes on.And have owned most of these.I have been a Studio Custom Guitar for years have several C.D.s of my own out plus played on many others.SAID all that to say this, the SR 506-6string is my favorite.Very studio friendly can get any sound you want out of it.Especially with the mid.switch great for solo riffs and fast.Then can go right back to that fat low down that we hold down.You owe it to yourself to try 1 then make your own decision.
Ibanez SR506 Soundgear 6-String Brown Mahogany Rosewood Fretboard
.This bass I tested it out in guitar center. The Neck is so crazy....but the pick ups are so Dangerous lol. This bass is sick and has a good quality sound(depends on what amp you use.) This bass is like a sound mixer to play with. If you keep learning about the tones and play with them you won;t have to be switching bass to bass or amp to amp.
Ibanez SR506 Soundgear 6-String Brown Mahogany Rosewood Fretboard
.I'm really impressed with the sound over all. It has a really ballanced slap and finger tone. So far, every time I've played it I fall more in love with the sound. It's kind of like my Warwick, you just can't get enough and at this price you can't complain!
I no longer buy basses with out a 3 band EQs, but even with the EQ flat I get a really good sound out of it, my amp being a (GK Fussion550 also flat). This is my first time using a 6 string, but it's really playable, just the way it's set up you feel like your fingers are accustomed to it already. I'm not a huge fan of the output jack either. All of my other basses have them on the bottom so I have a right angle plug. The problem for me is that I have to change up cables if I switch to this bass.
Ibanez SR506 Soundgear 6-String Brown Mahogany Rosewood Fretboard
.Great bass on a lot of levels.....but the finish is so fragile it is actually painfull! I owned one for a day, and returned it. Great playability & some cool tonal ranges for an Ibanez, BUT if you do any type of slap & pop technique you are in for a world of dissapointment. After 2 hours of playing, I had wood splinters buried under my popping fingers finger nail. I have been playing for almost 30 years and have never had this type of problem. Everything else about this bass I love, but using a needle to pry splinters out of your nails is not worth it. If you are strictly a finger or pick user you may be happy, but I havent been able to play the way I want to in days because of the way this instrument was finished.
Ibanez SR506 Soundgear 6-String Brown Mahogany Rosewood Fretboard
.As a session bassist I have had the pleasure of playing many different instruments. This bass is without a doubt my favorite.
This bass allows you to play ANY genre of music. I've used it for everything from soul to funk to jazz to rock. It is an amazing instrument. The pickups are true gems, as they can produce so many different tones.
Ibanez has really made a good product this time around. It is of outstanding quality and has never failed me.
Since I only paid $550 for the instrument new, I think it of great value.
Ibanez SR506 Soundgear 6-String Brown Mahogany Rosewood Fretboard
.I love this bass. I've had it since may, played a lot with it, the only issues I've had is how soft the wood on the body is and that the smallest of things leave big dents, and that the screws holding the parts of the bridge that hold the strings up (sorry I'm not good with my terminology) tend to slip so I have to put it all back up every now and again. And, as per usual with Ibanez, it comes with really low action.
Ibanez SR506 Soundgear 6-String Brown Mahogany Rosewood Fretboard
.buy it before they raise the price!!! get two!!!
Been playing bass for over 40 years. Top Shelf only. Went to guitar center with a friend i hadn't play with in over 20 years. he was looking for some audio equipment. I said lets jam out for a minute. give us a strat deluxe and a six string bass. i was playing guitar first and we switch up. It was unbelievable. Freaked me out!! bad boy is not joke. could not put it down MAN!!!I took it home with me. Put my Ken Smith to the side for a minute.
light weight, fast neck, incrediable sound, tons of variations on the active eq.
i've play basses that cost 3 times as much and they were crappy! this boy is no joke.
Ibanez SR506 Soundgear 6-String Brown Mahogany Rosewood Fretboard

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