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Ibanez JEM/UV Steve Vai Signature Electric Guitar Sea Foam Green

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Hardshell Case of Ibanez JEM/UV Steve Vai Signature Electric Guitar Sea Foam Green
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Product Description

Steve Vai is one of the revered few on that short list of players who have changed the way we all think about what a guitar can really do. His signature Ibanez guitars are no different: iconic, sublime, awe-inspiring, and outrageous. The Ibanez JEM/UV Series is a spectacular instrument that features a contoured basswood body and a 5-piece maple and walnut bolt-on neck that provides easy access to all registers. A 24-fret rosewood fretboard is adorned with a colorful "Tree of Life" pattern inlay and has the high-speed JEM Prestige profile that gives Steve Vai the playability he needs. The JEM/UV sports chrome hardware and includes Steve's "Monkey Grip" handle cut on the body.

The JEM/UV is loaded with a DiMarzio Evolution DP158 humbucker in the neck position, a DiMarzio Evolution DPS1 single-coil in the middle position, and a DiMarzio Evo2 DP159 in the bridge position. This pickup combination features ceramic magnets and generates a wide sound variety of great tones needed for modern rock. The Evolution DP158 pickup was designed for Steve Vai and is fat, punchy, and loud. The DiMarzio Evolution DPS1 single-coil has a bright, clean tone. The DiMarzio Evo2 DP159 is tight, aggressive, and even louder. It produces a wide range of overtones. Ibanez's split-5 wiring provides incredible tonal versatility. Controls include a master volume and tone.

The acclaimed Edge tremolo features knife-edge-like pivot surfaces for virtually friction free operation. Locking studs contribute to tuning stability. The low-profile design of the Edge tremolo includes fine tuners conveniently angled back to prevent right hand touches. Ibanez's Lion's Claw tremolo cavity allows pitches to be radically raised or lowered.

Hardshell case included.

Basswood body 5pc maple/walnut JEM premium neck Rosewood fretboard with 24 jumbo frets Tree of Life inlay DiMarzio Evolution DP158 neck pickup DiMarzio Evolution DPS1 middle pickup DiMarzio Evolution DP159 bridge pickup Ibanez Edge Bridge

Wanna play like Steve Vai? Crank up your amp, grab this baby and hold on for dear life. Order today.

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Ever since this guitar was announced, I've been looking forward to playing it. Finally got a chance to and I have to say, this guitar is great. I got to sit down for a few hours and switch between this and a Jem7wh and I have to say that tone wise, they were almost identical. Yes there were subtle differences because the body is basswood and not alder but really the tones were very close. If you have never had a chance to play on the original edge, it really is an amazing trem system and makes playing it a real joy. The neck is definitely different from the necks on MIJ Jems. It is thicker but not necessarily worse, just different. Aesthetics-wise, the color looks great (if you are into seafoam green) and the fretwork looks amazing. The rosewood on the neck is definitely not as dark and the grains are not as tight as a MIJ Jem, but still look good. The only bad things to say is that the paint around the jack can be missing/cracked and a few extra drips of paint around the monkey grip are apparent on the specific one i was playing on. Overall, I have to say that for what it cost, it definitely is a great guitar and a great Jem on a budget. If you are thinking about buying it I highly recommend it!
Ibanez JEM/UV Steve Vai Signature Electric Guitar Sea Foam Green
.I've never owned a ibanez and I fell in love with the look of this guitar in the catalog that musiciansfriend sent me. I know it was shallow of me but I couldn't help it. I own an American strat and have always been a strat fan. This guitar does not play or sound like a strat despite its resemblance. I mean this in a good way. The dimarzio evolution pick ups are truly unique sounding and when played through a mustang iii modeling amp it sounds gorgeous. I don't own a tube amp anymore so I can't comment on how the sound is on a tube but I would imagine it would be even better since the pick ups run hot! You don't have to turn up the volume to hear this guitar scream. I play metal, punk, and all kinds of alternative rock and this guitar does a great job with all of those.

The quality of the guitar is actually surprisingly good. It's made in Indonesia but it feels and plays like the real deal. So if you like a unique sounding guitar with a unique look I'd give this a try.
Ibanez JEM/UV Steve Vai Signature Electric Guitar Sea Foam Green
.This is a great value Jem if you want one. It has all the same components of the more expensive model Jems, just with different wood. The product is less expensive because its manufactured in Indonesia and not in Japan like the high end Ibanez guitars. If you care about the nationality of the person building your guitar, go pay more for the higher priced Jems.

The pickups are the same as the higher end Jems and sound great. The neck is slick and fast like the Prestige models and other Jems. It's just a great feeling and sounding guitar. It's light weight and I've practiced standing up with it for up to 3 hours with no fatigue.

When I play shows I get compliments on my guitar ALL THE TIME. Women love the color and the vine inlays. It's much more interesting than a common black or white guitar. If you want to draw attention to yourself, this is the guitar to do it with. I saw a friend yesterday and she commented on my guitar from a show she was at six months ago - it leaves that much of an impression.

LIke other reviewers have said (on this site and on others) the paint around the jack and in the recesses of the claw look terrible. However you are never going to look/see those defects beyond your initial inspection of the instrument. They simply aren't visible unless you stick your nose in those areas. On mine the gold numbers on the volume/tone knob were already half faded when it arrived. Another cosmetic issue that isn't a big deal. Mine also had a half inch crack in the paint where the neck attaches to the body. But that crack saved me money because the guitar was sold as a scratch/dent item. If you play your guitar it's going to get cracks and chips eventually, and if you really don't like the paint issues on these guitars send it back.
Ibanez JEM/UV Steve Vai Signature Electric Guitar Sea Foam Green
.This guitar is absolutely fantastic! It arrived in perfect condition and needed virtually no tweeking. It plays efortlessly and it is designed to get the most out of your ablility and the guitar's. Whatever your playing style is this should be on your guitar rack as your #1 choice. The guitar just has a good "feel" to it as well. I've played every guitar imaginable and I believe this to be the best ever. You will be very happy with this instrument and will enjoy it. It will put a smile on your face day in and day out. :)
Ibanez JEM/UV Steve Vai Signature Electric Guitar Sea Foam Green
.I've wanted a Vai signature guitar for 20 years; however, haven't wanted to spend the money. I've played prestige models and loved them.

When I read reviews and saw the price, I decided to splurge and pick one up.

This model looks great. There are complaints about paint finishing detail in jack and recesses in other reviews. Fortunately, my instrument is perfect with flawless paint throughout.

The instrument feels exactly like a prestige model to me. The neck radius is different by specifications, but I cannot detect a difference.

The tone matches more expensive models as well (same pick-ups and electronics). With pick-ups this hot, bass wood (as opposed to alder on higher end jems) doesn't seem to have any adverse effects on tonal quality.
Ibanez JEM/UV Steve Vai Signature Electric Guitar Sea Foam Green
.One great guitar. Like playing with hardly any effort. My hat's off to you once again Steve.
Thanks Bro,
Ibanez JEM/UV Steve Vai Signature Electric Guitar Sea Foam Green
.Was very excited to get this it does not lack in any way play it every day.
Ibanez JEM/UV Steve Vai Signature Electric Guitar Sea Foam Green

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This is a definite fail by Ibanez. Guitar was not painted in several places, and green green dribbles inside the body very visible in the back. Fret buzz, and the knobs, toggle, very loose. Low quality! I wouldn't trust it to survive a gig. Like all Indonesian guitars there maybe some good ones out there.
Ibanez JEM/UV Steve Vai Signature Electric Guitar Sea Foam Green
.Played guitar for less than an hour and new I made a big mistake. fret buzz and fretting out on first three strings from 7th fret up. Significant volume loss on middle pick up. Nut is off center leaving the high E string almost impossible to play without string coming off neck. I would expect this from a cheap guitar but not a signature model. live and learn. They made me select at least one star. MINUS 5 stars is more like it
Ibanez JEM/UV Steve Vai Signature Electric Guitar Sea Foam Green

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