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Ibanez SRFF805 Multi-scale 5-String Electric Bass Guitar Flat Walnut Rosewood

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Hardshell Case of Ibanez SRFF805 Multi-scale 5-String Electric Bass Guitar Flat Walnut Rosewood
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Product Description

To the newcomer, the multi-scale concept may appear a bit unusual, but the biggest surprise may be how comfortable players become within a minute or two of playing the instrument. The different fret-to-bridge distances enhance tonality, creating a better sounding bass. Previously, these instruments were only available from boutique bass builders, but now Ibanez is proud to introduce the SRFF805 Multi-Scale bass at an affordable price.

The goal of the multi-scale system is to give the better tension of each string. The tension helps to create a more alive, open tone. On the SRFF805, the scale length is 34 in. on the G-string side, expanding to 35.5 in. at the low B.

Although the multi-scale neck can appear intimidating and unnatural, nothing could be further from the truth. When looking down at the neck from the players perspective, the exaggerated fret layout seems to almost disappear and actually feels quite normal. The slant of the multi-scale-frets ergonomically coordinate with the way a players hand angles as it moves up and down the neck, facilitating quick, comfortable playing action.

The SRFF805 is a quality instrument designed for the experienced, seasoned musician. Its ash body is attached to a 5-piece jatoba/bubinga SRFF5 neck with a rosewood fretboard, medium frets and custom fanned inlays. The Mono-Rail V bridge is the perfect match for a multi-scale fret instrument, allowing for independent positioning of each strings mini-bridge section to providing excellent intonation and superior string vibration transference. Electronics include Bartolini BH1-5 pickups, for a full range warm punchy tone, and a 3-band EQ with Bypass switch and Mid-Frequency switch for complete sonic control.

Neck: SRFF5 for Multi-Scale 5-piece Jatoba/Bubinga neck Body: Ash Fingerboard: Rosewood Inlay: Custom Position Inlays for SRFF Medium frets Pickups: Bartolini BH1 neck pu, Bartolini BH1 bridge pu EQ: Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ with EQ bypass switch (passive tone control on treble pot) and Mid frequency switch Bridge: Mono-rail V bridge Hardware color: Cosmo black

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Tried this bass mostly for the reasonable price equipped with Bartolini pick ups and previous good experience with Ibanez instruments. I also wanted to give the fanned frets a try. Unplugged, it sounded great. Sadly, the electronics were dull, lifeless and horribly uneven when amplified. I was playing through an SVT-4 pro and SVT 810. Volume was not a problem, but the tone was just "weak". high notes had no proper zing, lows were rumbly, but unfocused. The weight on the bass was very low, and I suspect the wood had something to do with it. The finish was gorgeous, but the nut was also fanned and the g-string side hangs into the 1st postiion playing area, you will absolutely catch your pointer finger on it until you get used to it, which I won't because I returned it. I have owned several SDGR basses over the years, and they've all been fantastic, but I don't think this particular model scored well.
Ibanez SRFF805 Multi-scale 5-String Electric Bass Guitar Flat Walnut Rosewood
.This would have been my 6th Ibanez bass, (yes I still have and play all 5) however for some reason the pickups don't produce a consistant tone or volume on all strings. B and E strings are awesume and thunderous but loose tone and volume on A D and G stings. I tried adjusting the pickup height, bridge height and every conceivable variation of control knobs and switches to no avail. The fanned frets do produce a truer note at every fret as advertised. Also, the input jack is poorly placed as it crimps the cord and jack when resting on bottom (a problem I have with my SR 1205 Premium as well). If they would replace the Bartollinis with Nords, I would probably give this bass another try. They should also ship with Elixir strings standard. I have played and recorded professionally for over 35 years and I am very disappointed this new bass fell short of my expectations.
Ibanez SRFF805 Multi-scale 5-String Electric Bass Guitar Flat Walnut Rosewood
.I've been playing 33 years and have had a lot of basses. I bought this bass as a "scratch and dent" so it was an open box. The bass was actually in excellent condition except for a small and inconspicuous dent (as pictured by Custom Guitars Friend). Out of the box the setup was way off - but fret dressing and workmanship was great. After fixing: intonation (way flat), string height, neck relief, and pickup height (way too close to strings), sharp edge on top nut (trimmed with an exacto knife), cleaning and oiling the fretboard, it plays fantastic. The bass is is resonant and punchy, body shape is very comfortable. I found myself acclimated to the fanfret system in minutes. I must say the string tension does feel very different - I feel that more than the shifted fret positions (although I did miss a couple of reaches at the first gig I played with it). So far I love this bass - I think its going to easly replace my poor worn out MTD. Its a great even at full price.
Ibanez SRFF805 Multi-scale 5-String Electric Bass Guitar Flat Walnut Rosewood
.I tried this bass at a local store for the curiosity of fan frets; pleasantly surprised. I currently have a MM SRV and a Carvin PB5 which are 34 inch scale, that I use all the time; I was able to get into the fan frets within a few minutes of doing some scales. My only con deals with the fact that I prefer less knobs and switches to think about when I'm gigging but that's my personal style. Other than that I'll probably purchasing one in the near future.
Ibanez SRFF805 Multi-scale 5-String Electric Bass Guitar Flat Walnut Rosewood
.This is a different beast. The fanned fret thing, the satin black finish, the mid frequency switch; are all features you won't find in every manufacturer's catalog. But it rocks! It's relatively light, fast slim neck, for a five string, all kinds of available tones, hangs on the body in a good way, just way cool.
Four stars, then? Fret buzz out of the box. No case included and the long term survival, are yet to be seen. I would recommend this bass to anyone
Ibanez SRFF805 Multi-scale 5-String Electric Bass Guitar Flat Walnut Rosewood

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