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Ibanez AR100C Hardshell Guitar Case for Artist Models Black

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Hardshell Case of Ibanez AR100C Hardshell Guitar Case for Artist Models Black
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Product Description

The Ibanez AR100C Hardshell Case is designed specifically to fit the unique shape of your Ibanez Artist Series guitar. Offering high quality construction with a plush interior and an interior compartment, the AR100C is a genuine case for your genuine Ibanez guitar. In fact, this guitar case was designed to cradle your mean machine for the most rugged and trying conditions. Will not fit model AR325.

Generic look-alike cases designed to fit everything rarely fit anything right. The Ibanez AR100C hardshell case wears its name and its pedigree proudly. Other guitar cases may look like an Ibanez case, but if it doesn't say Ibanez on the outside, it isn't an Ibanez. Only Ibanez cases are designed specifically to fit and give maximum protection to your Ibanez guitar.

Fits Ibanez Artist series guitars Plywood construction

Accept no substitutes when it comes to protecting your investment.


AR100C Hardshell Guitar Case for Artist Models

Dimensions: 43"L x 15-1/2"W x 4"H

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This thing was on back order for a long time so I was excited to see it sitting under my carport when I got home yesterday. It looks nice enough from the outside I guess. I had a little freak out period though. When you first get this case, your Ibanez Artist guitar will seem like it is too big to fit. I was about to call MF all ticked off, but I noticed something about the case that I thought would be the answer. The padding on the sides is pretty thick. I slowly worked my guitar into the case while using my fingers to depress the padding and I got it all the way in. Very tight fit which I guess is good because that means it won't move around. Since then I have removed the guitar and noticed that it has already reshaped the padding a bit and now it goes back into the case with a lot less effort. The case has a loop on one of the latches for a lock to be added. Would have preferred it to have a built in lock. Also, the storage compartment under the neck is super tiny. I just wanted my slide, capo, strap, and fast fret to go in there. That isn't going to happen. Got all of it but the strap in there and just left the strap loose in the case. I wouldn't sit on this case or feel comfortable about dropping it while my guitar was in it, but it is definitely a lot safer than transporting your axe in a gig bag. For the price, this isn't a bad deal. Doesn't really have any features that will make you love it, but it will protect your guitar.
Ibanez AR100C Hardshell Guitar Case for Artist Models Black
. This case fit my sone's Ibanex ART100 perfectly with 0 movement, which is what we were looking for.
The only option that I wished this case had was and extra supported ridge down the center of the case itself. Other than that, it works perfectly for what my son needed.
Ibanez AR100C Hardshell Guitar Case for Artist Models Black
.I bought this for a 1977 24 fret model 2618 and it was too tight a fit when closed due to extra padding. I think that eventually the lower frets and possibly toggle would get damaged. The case itself is decent and well built, but if you have an old 24 fret try a Gator LPS. It's about an inch longer ; the guitar sits deeper in the case.5 stars to Nick in customer service who helped with Return. Great service, decent product but wrong application.
Ibanez AR100C Hardshell Guitar Case for Artist Models Black
.I have been eyeballing this item online for quite a while now, but never placed the order because it looked like it wasn't available. I went ahead and placed the order anyway, hoping to receive the item as soon as it came in, and it actually was shipped before the availability date listed on the site. The case fits my Ibanez ART300 almost perfectly...far better than the previous TKL generic "Les Paul Style" case I had used before. I was slightly disappointed because I thought the case would also fit my GAX70, which is technically an Artist model, albeit a very cheap one. The GAX70 seems like it will require some extra pushing of the padding to fit inside. It may fit, but I'm not willing to push the padding too hard because I want my ART300 held tightly. The one fear I have had of cases is the foam padding eventually becoming "smushed in." It does look like the padding in this case is the standard type you will see in any TKL case, so I'm somewhat worried about it not holding my guitar tightly on a permanent basis, but only time will tell on that one. This case also has an excessive amount of clasps; I am not worried about my guitar coming out of the case. All in all, this is a good, quality product, and far better to hold your Artist series model than a generic case. My guitar does not move around inside this thing, which is of chief importance when you're gigging and practicing a lot. A gig bag may suffice, but at least with this case, I feel like I can throw it around a bit without hurting my guitar. I would heartily recommend this case if you are using an Artist series model.
Ibanez AR100C Hardshell Guitar Case for Artist Models Black
.I returned this the day I received it. The case itself was fine in that the inside was great, the top lined up with the bottom when closing, but there was white stuff over a many areas on the outside and various spots of what appeared to be glue. So I returned it because of the outside appearance, however the case appeared to be made well and functioned properly.
Ibanez AR100C Hardshell Guitar Case for Artist Models Black
.I bought this for my Ibanez GART60FA based on info from Ibanez's website and it fits great. A little snug but it won't slide around and that's what I want. I also have a Ibanez GAX70 that I had in a larger Ibanez case and it fits snug in this case so I plan on picking up another one for that guitar.
Ibanez AR100C Hardshell Guitar Case for Artist Models Black
.Beautiful case, fits my AR220 perfectly; snug fit, not oversized at all, so it won't slide around inside. Solid latches, should be good protection; time will tell how sturdy it is, but feels good. Negatives? All minor stuff, so far: Not a whole lot of storage room, but then, I don't carry much inside the cases these days, anyway - mostly just a strap and extra strings, picks, and capo, so I'd rather have a smaller case anyway. The lid strap needs special attention so it tucks into the case instead of sticking out. Also, it smells oddly like Play-Doh, but that should fade... ;-)
Ibanez AR100C Hardshell Guitar Case for Artist Models Black
.fits my art100 lefty perfect
Ibanez AR100C Hardshell Guitar Case for Artist Models Black
.small storage area lid inside the gutiar is a little flimsy. looks like it about to rip of with minor pressure
Ibanez AR100C Hardshell Guitar Case for Artist Models Black
.This Ibanaz case fits my ART320 guitar well (better than the Gator case which I otherwise liked better). But various aspects of the Ibanez case feel just average. When I snap the clasps shut, they feel like they might pop loose if bumped. It has only 2 hinges - with a clasp between them (on the back). I'm afraid I'll open the case, forgetting about the clasp on the back, and tear it out of it's rivets. The vinyl covering over the plywood seems pretty secure - only time will tell about that. The fur interior is sloppy, particularly where the floor meets the walls - there's a gap that stuff can fall into...and it feels like the fur lining might start to pull loose from there. The accessory compartment is very small. If you manage to squeeze a strap inside, there's no room for anything else but picks. I suppose there's nothing wrong with the case. I simply wasn't wow'd by it.
Ibanez AR100C Hardshell Guitar Case for Artist Models Black

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