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Ibanez AF2 Paul Gilbert Signature Airplane Flanger Guitar Effects Pedal

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Hardshell Case of Ibanez AF2 Paul Gilbert Signature Airplane Flanger Guitar Effects Pedal
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Product Description

Paul Gilbert's AF2 Signature Flanger boasts two sections: one is a traditional chorus flange, while the other is the "taxi/take-off" effect (hence the Airplane moniker.) In this mode, you get Gilbert's own crazy sound that includes shifting the pitch up and down. Controls for delay time, speed, modulation depth, and feedback let you create all sorts of cool flange effects. Includes 9V adapter.

Traditional chorus flange "Taxi/Take Off" flange with pitch shifting Cool retro look Rugged diecast case

Time to buckle up and break the sound barrier! Order yours today.


AF2 Paul Gilbert Signature Airplane Flanger Guitar Effects Pedal

Manual: Delay Time
Speed: Modulation Speed
Range: Depth of Modulation.
Enhance: Feedback
Takeoff: Speed
On/Off Switch
Taxi/Takeoff Switch
Input/Output: Mono
Power: DC 9V AC Adapter Only (Included)

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This is probably the most bang for your buck you are ever going to get. The flanger sounds lush and organic, not perfect and sterile like most traditional flangers. The Taxi mode has a wide range of sounds. It can go from a subtle shimmer to a deep watery tone to a lopsided vibratoesque tone all the way to filter matrix and oscillation. It even has a gate in it! The take off mode is where the fun begins though. I'll say this as a warning- do not put this in the effects loop. This flange was meant to be before distortion and is how Paul Gilbert runs it so you know you will get the best tone. The flange has a bit of a volume boost which is great because it makes it work a lot better with distortion. I would only recommend using the Take Off mode with distortion and the flange before the distortion unless you want to blow out your amp or eardrums. Great for those spontaneous solos or just for parts that you want people to think "What was that sound?" This flange is for people looking for a unique sound. This flange also sounds like a Tool-like flange to me, it's great for that kind of style. Oh, and did I mention it can oscillate? Yeah.
Ibanez AF2 Paul Gilbert Signature Airplane Flanger Guitar Effects Pedal
.im sure there are better and more expensive boutique flangers out there. so i will stop short of saying this is the absolute best flanger. but for the price, im sure it is the best. it is extremely versatile and can dial in so many unique sounds. im a big fan of steve stevens too and some of his wacky raygun sounds and effects can be achieved with this pedal. the take off mode may be a gimmick to some people, but if you use it right, its a pretty amazing feature. the only caveat is to make sure and not use it in the amp's effects loop. as others have said, it will take over the signal and be wayyyyy too loud. it hurts, trust me. also the take off feature doesnt have alot of use with clean playing. so put this pedal before your distortion. use taxi mode for clean or dirty, and use take off for dirty only.
Ibanez AF2 Paul Gilbert Signature Airplane Flanger Guitar Effects Pedal
.I own a A/DA Flanger (you'll notice a disguised one in paul's rig). When compared, the AF2 is louder,
brasher, brighter almost harsh sounding.
But for distorted flanged tones, it's a good quality actually. It's pretty quiet. The take off function is
cool, but it's Paul's signature effect. A bit like Steve Steven's ray gun, ya know?
It also does a lot more than flange. There's some good preliminary settings in the guide. It does
a great chorus, rotary speaker effect and Vibrato with a flair and a cool phase tone.
A lot of people over look flangers because most of them out there making the stereotypical
jet whooshing sound. The AF2 does much more.
This Flanger is modled after the A/DA Flanger. So the controls are very similar. The take off control turns everything up to 12 & creates a wild sound that PG fans will recognise right away.
The box is steel & feels solid. it runs on a Ibanez wall wart (supplied). The knobs have a fluid
movement, feel like they'll last. The switches are solid. There is one input & one output. The
instructions say to put it in front of your amp.
It's alot of Flanger for the money. Being an Artist endorsed effect, I was expecting it to cost close to
Ibanez AF2 Paul Gilbert Signature Airplane Flanger Guitar Effects Pedal
.This is the favorite pedal in my collection. Currently I own ~20+. I love the smooth versatile sound this produces. The first thing that drew me to the pedal was its looks. Then I heard it and I was hooked. Despite having plenty of knobs it was very easy to dial in usable sounds, and many of them. I'm not a big fan of Take Off mode, I don't forsee ever using it, however with the versatility and great sound of the standard Taxi mode I don't see me replacing this flanger in the future. It does its job well.
Ibanez AF2 Paul Gilbert Signature Airplane Flanger Guitar Effects Pedal
.I bought this flanger because I wanted to be able to match Pauls flanging tone but after I received it I discovered is did so much more than Pauls tone, I was able to get the shimmering 70's style flang tone to a flanging tone perfect for heavy metal. I'm seriously thinking of stocking up on these flangers because I'll never need another flanger again.
Ibanez AF2 Paul Gilbert Signature Airplane Flanger Guitar Effects Pedal
.I tried a few different flangers before I went with this one. Truth be told, I wanted an Electric Mistress, but came across a sick deal on this one and decided to settle for my second choice. All in all, it's a fantastic pedal. I only have two issues with it. The first is the size. I know flangers are typically larger than most other pedals, but from what I can tell, this is one of the bigger ones out there. I personally would've rather had them remove the "takeoff" feature and make it a little smaller. To me, that feature is 100% useless. The other issue is with the speed control. It's very hard to fine-tune at faster speeds. I use it at a pretty fast speed on a couple songs, and it's near impossible to get it where I want without doing some very minute adjustments on the fly.
Overall a great flanger that I would highly recommend if those two issues don't bother you.
Ibanez AF2 Paul Gilbert Signature Airplane Flanger Guitar Effects Pedal
.Nicely built, QUIET. This flanger integrated seamlessly onto my board. In taxi mode, it doesn't take over my sound the way other flangers have in the past, but enhances it.
I have toyed with the takeoff mode, though not much. I think that the trick is going to be really spending tme dialing in the sweep, and working with where to put it in your solo. You cant just stomp on it and think youre gonna be a hero.
Ibanez AF2 Paul Gilbert Signature Airplane Flanger Guitar Effects Pedal
.I wanted this Flanger ever since I saw Paul Gilbert release his demo of the proto type and the final product. I haven't had a problem with the " Take Off' effect as far as volume changing like some folks have described. I also like this feature. It seems to work perfect. I can get all the thick or thin or Flange sounds. I use my Waw and then into the AF2 and then into a MXR Phase 90. Then from there it runs through a signal splitter and into two 5150III's. For delay and some other things I run a Rocktron Xpression looped through one head and a Lexicon MX400 looped through the other. The Paul Gilbert Flanger seems to work perfect through the front of both amps as I hoped.The purple box is lighter than I expected. From pictures I was thinking it would be more solid and heavy like an MXR or the older DOD analog AC units. But the case is two piece construction being a bit heavier than other casings of this design. It works perfect,I don't see a problem with it's construction. Screws and rubber boots on the bottom. No battery operation available. I am powering all three of these units I described for the floor off of the DC Brick. I wouldn't want to use a battery.Everything is nice and quiet and it works really well for a stomp box flanger! It's worth the $$. I would also like to compare this AF2 to the many Flangers I have used through the years. Fulltone,Ibanez,DOD,Line6 and plug ins for recording etc.... I even have a really nice Vintage MXR Blue Face Flanger Doubler in my rack like brand new from the 70's. This is a top flanger but I would actually compare the AF2 to this rare Blue Face rack model. The Af2 is what it is being a wide versitle little Flanger for the $$! It does big things. I think this one will be around for a while and if they were to stop making it I bet it would become highly sought after. I recommend it.
Ibanez AF2 Paul Gilbert Signature Airplane Flanger Guitar Effects Pedal
.My family ordered me one around Christmas and I got it yesterday and wow, what an awesome piece of gear! I have never used a flanger that was so versatile! You can get a nice subtle flange that is great for adding a little depth to a slow clean section all the way up to the most hellacious, girthy flange imaginable, and that is just the Taxi side of the effect. The Takeoff is amazing too and I can see why Mr. Gilbert wanted that in a flanger. If you want a flanger that is rock solid, great to look at and stomp on, and is so versatile it'll make you head spin, check out the airplane flanger!
Ibanez AF2 Paul Gilbert Signature Airplane Flanger Guitar Effects Pedal
.I do home recording. I keep all my effects in their box when not in use. I messed around with this pedal the day I got it. MONTHS LATER, tried to record with it; couldnt find a good setting. So its only been put of the box TWICE that I can remember. Maybe a third that I can't. YEARS LATER, was going to sell it to a local music store; it wouldn't click on. I got a tech friend of mine to take a look and he said the circuit board looked like it had been in salt water! It was corroded and rusty! Again, it's only been out of the box twice! Sounds like Ibanez puts possibly defective boards in their pedals.

I contacted Ibanez, turns out the effect was still under warranty. But I had to ship it, then pay to have it fixed! No replacement! So how does the warranty work?

Besides that, the pedal sounds goofy, and corny. Its a 60's, sci-fi tv series sound effect. It will not get a classic rock flange sound.

Ibanez AF2 Paul Gilbert Signature Airplane Flanger Guitar Effects Pedal

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