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Ibanez Artcore Series AF75TDGIV Hollowbody Electric Guitar Ivory

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Hardshell Case of Ibanez Artcore Series AF75TDGIV Hollowbody Electric Guitar Ivory
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Product Description

The Ibanez AF75TDG is a gorgeous hollowbody guitar from the Artcore Series. This versatile electric guitar boasts body and neck binding, Ibanez ACH pickups, and a vintage-style vibrato that brings the coveted sounds of country and rockabilly right to your fingertips. Twang out!

Case sold separately.

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Ibanez ACH pickups Vintage-style vibrato Body and neck binding Case sold separately

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Normally I like to customize the heck out of my guitars to make them my own, but the only modification I've made to this guitar so far is to round off the nut for more comfort. It's already earning its first buckle rashes and battlescars and continues to amaze me every time I pick it up. It's a great starting point for creating your own unique hollow-body sound or replicating classic tones. If you have the money, you will not regret purchasing this guitar, even if your only use for it is as an ornament. It looks and plays as good as anything twice its value.
With golden hardware, immaculate finish, and proficient craftsmanship, the Artcore series of guitars are real beauties. My local store had the option of black or creme, and I had to buy the black one (although that red burst looks tasty as well).

This guitar is surprisingly light, as it is a full hollowbody. The body itself is narrow enough to be comfortable to play for smaller or female players. Unplugged, this guitar is as loud as any acoustic, but plays much more comfortably as the action is not quite as high. It has a nice bright sound thanks to the steel strings.

I find the factory pickups to be very nice-sounding for my style. They're rather warm, probably enhanced by the fact that I use flatwound strings, but the bridge pickup sounds clear and clean (for a humbucker) and the neck pickup has a beautiful softer tone for those creamy solos. When you select both at once, it's absolute heaven. Each pickup has its own volume and tone knob, which allows you to dial in exactly the sound you want - although even just cranked to 10 across the board it sounds phenomenal.

The Bigsby-style arm is the icing on the cake. The factory setup allowed it to go up or down one full step perfectly (or as perfectly as a Bigsby can get). It can be a little too noisy for using during live acoustic recording, as it groans a little when being adjusted. Deep-digging picking can cause the strings to jump off of their rollers on the bridge, but I only do that when I get carried away. There are so many neat things you can do with it that the benefits outweigh the scanty issues inherent to the mechanism.
Inside and out it is obvious that care has been taken in creating an instrument that looks, plays and sounds wonderful. No stray globs of glue, no cracks or poor joins, no loose parts, just sleek sexy craftsmanship the whole way through. The frets are well-defined and placed, and although I personally prefer chunkier ones these were a joy to play, especially legato. The tuners are smooth and precise in operation, and the pickup selector switch moves with military authority, no jiggling around. The only appreciable flaw I could find was a small burr on the finish in the inside of one of the soundholes, which was easily sanded down - and which went unnoticed by me for over a month.
For the money, I don't think you can find another hollow-body guitar that is even comparable in quality and overall versatility and playability. The fact that it sounds great plugged in or unplugged makes it a great starting guitar if you don't mind spending a little more than the average beginners instrument, and chances are you will fall in love and continue to use it long after you've established your chops.
Ibanez Artcore Series AF75TDGIV Hollowbody Electric Guitar Ivory
.This is a remarkable instrument for the money. I compared it against several other "box" guitars including the Gretsch 5120. Truthfully, there is no real comparison. This guitar is a beautiful work of craftmanship and is a pleasure to play. Just buy it and enjoy. You'll have no regrets. And I can say this as a performing musician having played guitar over a period of more than 50 years.
Ibanez Artcore Series AF75TDGIV Hollowbody Electric Guitar Ivory
.Very good!
I've had mine for almost three years now. I keep thinking that I'll somehow "upgrade", I tell my wife that I'll sell this Ibanez when the next axe arrives...never happens. Get your axe set up properly by a professional, put some heavy gauge strings on it, (at least 12s). That's what this screamer is made for. I've got 14 guitars, I'll never let this one go. Not to mention how impossibly beautiful it is.
Ibanez Artcore Series AF75TDGIV Hollowbody Electric Guitar Ivory
.Overall, this is a a very nice guitar for someone who can't afford a Gibson. I am very much pleased with it, more so than I expected. I would recommend it to anyone on a low budget who wants a decent playing hollowbody.
This guitar plays so nicely, much better than what I expected for the money. The body is hollow giving a full toned sound. It has a tremolo built into the tailpiece. Rolling bridge to minimize string slippage when using the tremolo; I haven't been having any excessive tuning issues, surprisingly. Ibanez ACH Humbuckers come stock in this guitar. They sound decent, especially when turned up. I replaced them with Gibson Classic 57's and now the guitar sounds great! I bought it as a backup guitar to my Les Pauls but I find myself using it much more than I had planned. It is a stunning looking guitar as well.
I've had it for about a year and a half. I have no issues with the quality of this instrument.
The value of this guitar to me is higher than what it actually sells for. It would probably sell for more with better pickups stock.
Ibanez Artcore Series AF75TDGIV Hollowbody Electric Guitar Ivory
.I already owned an Artcore hollow body electric and loved it. My friend owns this one, and he loves it too. This one has a slightly thicker body and shorter neck than my other one (which is an AF75TD). So far, I have not taken this one out of the house, but playing it at home, acoustic or plugged in, has been a joy. It can get a very full mellow sound for jazz, or a nice twang for the type of rock I like to play (not much into distortion), but I'm sure it would be up to the task to play any style. It's a plus that it projects well acoustically for practice without an amp. You won't confuse it with an acoustic guitar, but it is a nice feature for my uses. I have many guitars and this one is now one of my favorites. I go by the feel of a guitar, and this one felt like it had come home as soon as I started to play it. I'm very happy I bought it.
Ibanez Artcore Series AF75TDGIV Hollowbody Electric Guitar Ivory
.I got this for my husband for christmas, I wanted to get him something easier to play then our old acoustic since his hands have been giving him trouble, I didnt know what I was doing looking for a guitar like this, so I literally went to school for months learning about them. when he opened it on christmas, he cried, when he played it, he cried again, when he hooked it up, he cried again! an he cant say enough about it. he keeps saying "How did you manage to get such a wonderful guitar sight unseen?"
Ibanez Artcore Series AF75TDGIV Hollowbody Electric Guitar Ivory
. I love it. I can't put it down. It is perfect for anyone wanting the vintage rockabilly sound or even blues or jazz. Very versatile.
With the gold hardware and tremolo bar, you can't lose.
Good solid guitar.
It appears that this guitar will last a long time if cared for. Much guitar for the money and the sound is much more than some of the more pricey brands.
Ibanez Artcore Series AF75TDGIV Hollowbody Electric Guitar Ivory
.First things First!! I did not purchase my Ibanez AF75tdg from MF. However I have purchased another guitar from them and the service is awesome. Ok AF75tdg pro's. Solid guitar doesn't feel cheep at all. Very easy to play, action almost perfect. Con's. Pickups are not great. Good but not great. However with the guitar being only $500 or so. You could swap out the pickups with something better and turn a $500 sounding guitar into a $2000 sounding guitar. For little money. I put SeymourDuncan Seth Lovers in mine and what a difference!!!. Had this guitar inspected by a pro guitar tech. Same guy did the pickup swap. He was very impressed with the guitar from construction to quality. Ibanez makes a very good product. His quote is "They hit the nail on the head" with this gutiar. Components are great, Roller bridge with the bigsby, tuners, Great. The nut at the head stock is plastic. You want want to have this replaced if you are into that. I highly recommend the purchase of this guitar. Find one cheap, swap the pickups and you will have a guitar worth keeping for a very long time.
Ibanez Artcore Series AF75TDGIV Hollowbody Electric Guitar Ivory
.Bought it because it was so beautiful
Fun to play but it MUST be plugged into an amp. - Acoustically it's a bit thin (A Gretsch it's NOT)
Sure looks and feels like a much more expensive guitar.
Ibanez Artcore Series AF75TDGIV Hollowbody Electric Guitar Ivory
.I just love this guitar, For the price I paid, it was a steal!!!! I purchased it at a competator, not mucisans friend, GG, but it is the same guitar. You cant beat this guitar for quality and I have been playing for over 45 years. If you want an excellent jazz/blues guitar, do NOT pass on this one. Buy it.
Ibanez Artcore Series AF75TDGIV Hollowbody Electric Guitar Ivory

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