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Ibanez GA Series GA6CE Classical Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural

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Hardshell Case of Ibanez GA Series GA6CE Classical Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
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Product Description

The Ibanez GA6CE Classical-Nylon Acoustic-Electric Guitar is not your traditional nylon-string classical guitar. It steps outside the tradition with a cutaway body, nylon strings, and advanced electronics. It features a spruce top on a mahogany body, rosewood fretboard and bridge, gold hardware, piezo pickup with 4-band EQ, and classical tuning machines.

Case sold separately.

Cutaway body for easy access to higher registers Spruce top Mahogany body Rosewood fretboard and bridge Gold hardware Piezo pickup with 4-band EQ Case sold separately

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This is a great budget guitar. The only problems are the strings that come on the unit standard are very cheap and the Nut Bridge has a very squared sharpness to it, that if you are not careful when playing in 1st fret position you can take chunks of flesh out of your finger. Overall if you change the nut and strings you have a great guitar for a cheap price!
Ibanez GA Series GA6CE Classical Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.No it's not a $1500 used classical from Spain or a nice used good Yamaha ... it's a China built, inexpensive, pretty darn good sounding CE with a decent EQ and pickup and factory action and finish and tone that is adequate or better.I have playd concert caliber guitars and own one as well as a Francisco Navarro and a nice 'New Masters' from China. The Ibanez is worth the money to get most of the way 'there' if you are a good amateur or serious student. Have a luthier/repairman replace the saddle and nut with umbleached bone and get Hannabach or Luthier brand strings in hard tension. It will easily improve it by 20% and make it play really nice if the setup guy knows his business.
Ibanez GA Series GA6CE Classical Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.I purchased this as an inexpensive classical that I could bring with me when I travel without having to worry about damage. I selected this model in particular because of the mahogany back which really adds to the bass and low-end. The action is nice and tight, the cutaway for easy playing, and the guitar is surprisingly heavier than other guitars in its price range. The electronics are so-so, but they're there if you need them. I recommend putting a quality set of strings on the guitar, having it setup upon purchase, and replacing the nut for a quality bone-nut. If you do all of those things you have a great sounding classical guitar for very little money.

I also play on a few other very expensive classical guitars and comparatively it does sound more hollow and flat. HOWEVER for the price you really cannot beat it. I'm extremely satisfied with the purchase and I'd buy one again in a heartbeat. Highly recommended for beginner players and even for pros who are looking for a classical guitar to travel with.
Ibanez GA Series GA6CE Classical Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.Love this guitar. No problems with it what so ever. I've had it for about a year now. Play it a lot (as a hobby). A friend of mine played in a band years ago said, it has a good sound. With or without the amplifier. I like the sound when played with the amplifier. I also like the 2.5" wide nut because of my fat finger tips for playing chords. My other acoustic guitar has a 1 5/8" wide nut and I'm always muting a string.
I feel bad for the ones with low star counts. Like everything else, you take a chance when you buy anything.
Over all it is a good guitar for the price.
Ibanez GA Series GA6CE Classical Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.I could not be happier or more surprised at the construction quality, finish and sound. It came with D. Addario EXP strings laid over a IvoreXII nut and saddle which produced a nice warm tone. In fact, I could still hear the sustain after I put it away in my Humi-case. Apparently, the top is spruce, but it is the most beautifully patterned spruce I have ever seen. Color of a medium dark honey. I have since replaced the nut and saddle with my handmade Wyoming Buffalo bone nut and saddle and now it sparkels like a very high end guitar. Seriously, you will be pleased with the Ivorex, but bone transforms this guitar, head and shoulders above the crowd. No skin/finger snagging as you work up and down the fingerboard. Electronics work great. I'm going to have to stop bad mouthing Chinese products.
Ibanez GA Series GA6CE Classical Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.You simply cannot find a better guitar in this price range. I went to [@] and tried some Yamahas, Alvares, Dean Espana, etc. You can find others that may sound as good, but not better. Ibanez has done it again!!
Ibanez GA Series GA6CE Classical Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.I have played several classical guitars and this one doesn't measure up. Hollow sounding acoustically; problems with the saddle/bridge alignment; frets and nut were poorly finished; tuning machines were crap and had to be replaced. Reasons I kept this guitar: 1) better than average sustain for nylon strings. 2) the piezo pickup makes this guitar sound completely different and better 3) believe it or not, if you play the blues with a hard and rough technique (using a pick) through the pickup it sounds pretty cool.. for blues that is, not classical. But I did stop recommending Ibanez after I got this one.From reading the other reviews, it seems there is a wide variation in quality for this model. So try before you buy.
Ibanez GA Series GA6CE Classical Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.I have owned a GA6CE for more than 2 years now and have enjoyed this guitar immensely. I just got back from a seminar sponsored by Martin Guitars where I had the chance to play instruments costing up to $7,400.00. I compared these back to back with my humble GA6 with silk and steel strings. While the Martins sounded lush and rich, especially the high end models, I found that I PLAYED mine better. Why? The wide fretboard gave me room for my finger stlye playing. The cypress top and 12 fret neck give a rich tone. The low tension strings made it easy for me to be more expressive in terms of volume and bending notes. Even my timing was better with the little Ibanez. Yes, I do have week hands. Yes, I would like a custom Martin, but to get something better than my Ibanez from the custom shop would cost a lot more. So, maybe I'll just play the hell out of my current guitar, and when it wears out, I'll buy 15 more and wear them out too! If you are considering a nylon string acoustic, I highly recommend you try the Ibanez GA6CE (or get a nice Jumbo Martin).
Ibanez GA Series GA6CE Classical Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.i thought this guitar sounded very good through the amplifier, and the action was nice right out of the box. However, the axe I received had a problem with the finish. It looked fine, but if you ran your hand around the sides it felt very rough around the upper bouts on both sides, as if the finish had been left to dry while the guitar was upright in a dusty environment. Also there was a very disturbing buzzing noise coming from inside the body. I was sure it was some electrical component that was loose, and I turned the guitar over as if I was playing left-handed, sure enough the noise went away. Soon as I flipped it back the right way, the noise was back. The ends of the frets were also VERY sharp, you could easily snag a finger on them... If I had kept the guitar I could've fixed that, but because of the other problems I sent it back. MF took it back, no questions. Decided not to get another one, this one scared me off.
Ibanez GA Series GA6CE Classical Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
.This is one of the first nylon stringed classical guitar I used, and I was shocked. The way this guitar plays is beautiful. The acoustics of it are top notch. The guitar itself needed some professional set-up (a little buzz as you hit higher frets). One thing kind of cool about it was the Piezo in the bridge very cool and had a nice bluesy Quack sound which could be taken out with the proper EQing. All in all amazing sounding guitar, and killer looks I am definitely buying one soon.
Ibanez GA Series GA6CE Classical Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural

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