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Ibanez AM73B Electric Guitar Flat Tobacco

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Hardshell Case of Ibanez AM73B Electric Guitar Flat Tobacco
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Product Description

The semi-hollow Ibanez AM73B Electric Guitar is perfect for smaller players, hyperactive stage performers, or anyone else who wants the traditional semi-acoustic elements but not the traditional size. The AM body shape is an original early '80s Ibanez design that incorporates the classic semi-acoustic shape in a more compact and comfortable body size.

You get the full tones, strong sustain, and light weight of a semi-acoustic and the comfortable size and standout rock shape normally associated with a solid-body all in one guitar. Double-cutaway for easy access to upper frets.

Case sold separately.

Check the drop-down menu to the right to select colors and/or other options.

NeckType: Artcore set-In Body: Maple top/back/sides Binding: Body and neck Frets: Large frets Fingerboard: Bound rosewood Inlay: Pearl dot Bridge: Quick Change III Pickups: Exposed ACH1-S neck pickup, ACH2-S bridge pickup Hardware color: Chrome Width: Max width at lower bout: 14-3/4" Body Thickness: Max body thickness: 2-5/8" Case sold separately

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I bought this guitar on Christmas special with a nice discount and cheap overnight shipping- kudos to Custom Guitars Friend.
After I opened the package I realized that it was a repack- most likely a customer return. There were two sets of tape on the box and the guitar had a sweat streak or two- but no scratches. Also it came almost in perfect tune.
I played it for a few minutes and noticed that the G and B strings have dead spots on the first and second fret- sitar effect. Also, the action was a bit high at 12th fret and above. I inspected the neck closer and noticed that it has a backward bend toward the top of the fretboard- consistent with the symptom. I looked at the truss rod cover and the screws had screwdriver marks on them. Someone has cranked the tension too hard on the neck. So, I loosened the trus rod maybe a quarter turn, dropped the bridge a bit and now the guitar plays and feels fantastic.
The tone is very flexible- pickups have some bite, but are easily tamed by turning them back a little. Tone control is fairly typical for a dual humbucker setup. By the way, one of the humbuckers is not as quiet as typical humbuckers I'm accostomed to. There is still some buzz coming through with higher gain settings on the preamp. I blame it on unequal number of turns on the two coils.
The wiring is unusual in the way that in the middle position, either volume pot will eventually cut the output all the way. I'm used to the two volumes being independent.
But, all in all it's a good quality instrument. The finish is flawless, and the feel is right.
It's amazing what Ibanez can deliver for little money. I know it's a Chinese instrument, so the labor costs are way down, but the quality is definitely not compromised.
Ibanez AM73B Electric Guitar Flat Tobacco
.you bet! this thing really puts it down nicely. I had it set up by a pro and changed the strings(DR nickle blues). The neck p/u is smooth, mellow and bluesy up to 6-1/2 to 7 on the volume ,then it breaks up really nice. The bridge p/u is rich & full to about 6 and then it gets rough, down & dirty in a hurry. This guitar is worth a lot more than they charge, I've had it 3 years with no problems save that the input jack came loose in the first couple of hours, tightend it up and thats it! I play this through a Marshall ValveState(100watt) twin combo with a Digi Tech Crossroads & a Boss Compressor stomp boxes. The tuners could be better but as far as the rest of the guitar, nice wood, neck is easy to play, a lot of range in the tone controls. The only drawback is one color (flat black), but the finish is nice with white pin striping. This guitar would easily compete with the Gretsch's & Gibson's out there for a lot less dollars! I play guitar for fun, I've been playing drums over 25+ years. Been in lot's of bands and know quality instruments. that's it ! Rock on !!
Ibanez AM73B Electric Guitar Flat Tobacco
.Great product. I have owned other semi-hollows, and this guitar ransk right up there.
Basic overall ES-339-style semi-hollowbody, maple top back and sides, rosewood fingerboard with two volume and two tone. I have the flat black version.
The guitar is solid and well-built. The only issue I can see is that the fret ends are a little rough, but could be due to the lack of humidty in the winter in the MIdwest.
Ibanez AM73B Electric Guitar Flat Tobacco
. for an older picker i find this the guitar i would have liked to own many years ago. Thanke you ibanez for bringing this guitar to us.
The am73b guitar is just right for a smaller player who wants a hollow body. IT has been built with a lot of good features. I thought when i played it first i had to get one. I am playing it thru a line 6 red face 50 watt and 100 watt amps. The sound and tone i get is phenominal and i could not be more pleased. we play older country and it was made for it. Someone wanting a hollowbody that is not to heavey or large will really like this guitar. Thru a line 6 amp i am getting the sounds i need and the tone. The case the gentleman matched is a road runner case, as the case for this series was a little too large..With a bit of care this will be a great addition for me. All in all this is a great purchase, thank you ibanez .
very well built, quality for an inexpensive guitar
This guitar is rated highly for value by me
Ibanez AM73B Electric Guitar Flat Tobacco
.I purchased my flat black Artcore after playing another one (blue burst) on stage. I've been extremely happy with it since. I did have troubles keeping her in tune (with only nines on), so I swapped out the tuners for Schaller Locking Mini's (which I suggest putting on every guitar if you play live and don't have a guitar tech)I gave her a Value of 5 because this guitar is a beast - FOR ITS PRICE-POINT. The quality and features are just slightly above average. The neck p/u is really fat, the bridge is really tin-can. Two tone pots, two volume. Overall, a solid "4". If you play hardcore-grinding-death-distortion-screaming-shred-rock, look elsewhere. If you are looking for a solidly-built, fun guitar that is unique to the rock scene I would suggest no other guitar before this one. If you just always wanted a semi-hollow to fiddle around with, here's your axe. Personally, I'm looking into a second one so I can play around with pick-ups and compare the sounds to my original.
Ibanez AM73B Electric Guitar Flat Tobacco
.This guitar has such great tones when playing blues or jazz licks, great feel, gorgeous finish, and can easily get down and dirty. The ONLY problem is, fret buzz. Ive gone thru two of these so far. The first had low action but so much fret buzz on the 4,5,6 string from frets 1-7, that came thru the amp. the second one only had the buzz on 6th string. luthier said that frets were mildy uneven on both, even with adjustments, action had to be raised to stop buzz, which took away from the playability. both were new out of the box. i love this guitars sound and feel so im ordering a 3rd, ill let everyone know how it works out.
Ibanez AM73B Electric Guitar Flat Tobacco
.I bought this guitar not too long ago after i had been looking at it for a few months at a local music store. This thing blew me away!! I was playing all the diffrent semi-hollows in the store and this was over any other!! It plays just as well as gibson semi-hollows and sounds better! The first day i got it i played a gig later that night and we rocked the house!! MUST BUYYY!!
Ibanez AM73B Electric Guitar Flat Tobacco
.I am a professional drummer (over 40 years) and an avid guitar collector and player. I have over 100 guitars in my collection, and this is probably the best semi-hollow player I have ever come across in this (or higher)price range. Ibanez hit it out of the park on this one. It is very light, about the size of an ES339 with sharper cutaway horns. It is the stripped down version of the AM93 that is higher priced, much heavier, has bindings, fancy gloss finish, covered pickups, and you want to replace the pickups. I have two 93's and three 73's in my collection, and out of the five guitars, play a 73 full time. As stated, the only thing I would ever replace on this guitar would be the tuners, but at this point, they are OK. This is one of the first guitars that I have not wanted to change out pickups on (unlike the 93). The neck is round and fast, the fret edges are well dressed, and the guitar is very easy to fret, which makes you want to pick up the guitar. This guitar is not just for smaller hand players, as I am 6 foot and 185 pounds and just love this sized guitar compared to the larger 335 size. This could come from playing solid bodies for at least half the time, like the Ibanez SA, or most other solid body guitars that tend to be much thinner and smaller than a semi-hollow.
Ibanez AM73B Electric Guitar Flat Tobacco
.One of my friends trying to get back into guitar bought this little baby. He brought it over and I put down my IbanezSA160qm with SH-8 Invader and a Duncan performer in it and couldn't put down his guitar. The cleans were suprisingly good and with the gain it is crisp and clear. I played some incubus on it and it sounded practically identical. I was using a grunge pedal and a marshall avt20 with it so that may have made a little difference, but overall this guitar is a lot of bang for a little buck. I love it and would recommend it to anyone wanting a decently priced semi hollow body guitar.
Ibanez AM73B Electric Guitar Flat Tobacco
. Overall, a great guitar. Funny, this guitar was even serviced by a Lutherer and I still had to adjust the nuts on the tuners to stop the inability to keep a tune. Guess the lutherer was out to charge for action adjustment and not looking at factory failures in tightening when installing. Those robotic arms are not always adjusted to perfection.
Nice but does not shine like the picture indicates. I like a glossy guitar, but this one is flat. My son played it and took it away from me and he's been jamming all week. It's a worthy instrument, but I got it second hand because it was purchased here three weeks ago and it would not hold a tune on two strings. I figured the strings were wired too short for the tuners, but after putting the new strings on found the nuts on the tuners were loose enough to turn by finger. I quick tightening and it's holding the tuning nicely now. Now to order the case.
When I heard the guy wanted to sell his Ibenez I felt it would not look good and to my surprise the head and neck were unique and made the rest of the guitar stylish.
Can't beat the price for this good a sound.
Ibanez AM73B Electric Guitar Flat Tobacco

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