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Ibanez PN15 Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar Brown Sunburst

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Hardshell Case of Ibanez PN15 Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar Brown Sunburst
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Product Description

The PN15 Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar incorporates Ibanez quality at an affordable price. Its compact size, along with a spruce top and mahogany back & sides, generates a surprising amount of volume. This is a great guitar to keep handy in the parlour or living room. With its warm sunburst finish it'll fit right in. It would also make a reasonable travel guitar. Easy-to-play, the PN15 features a comfortable mahogany neck and a smooth rosewood fingerboard. Die-cast tuners offer precision tuning while the Ivorex II nut and saddle are designed to improve intonation and sustain.

Case sold separately.

Parlor Body Mahogany Neck Mahogany Back and Sides Spruce Top Black and White Multi Rosette Chrome Die-Cast Tuners Rosewood Bridge and Fretboard Ivorex II Nut and Saddle Advantage Bridge Pins Standard Acoustic Strings Case sold separately

Put a little parlour in your living room. Order today.


PN15 Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar

Body Style Parlor
Width 10"-14.3"
Depth 3.75"-4"
Length 19.5"

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The factory set up was a major disappointment. The absolute worst of any guitar purchase in 40+ years. The only instrument I've ever owned with factory actions this high was a square neck resonator. Yes it really was that high. Turns out it cost less to pay for a professional setup than the shipping charges involved with a return to MF.
Once setup properly the guitar sounds and plays wonderful. The PN15 is physically larger than any of the other "parlor" sized or travel guitars (Martin LX, Baby Taylor, Dirty 30, Jim Dandy, Fender CP-100 etc.). It is much closer to a 00 or standard classical sized body. The Ibanez PN-15 has a pleasant well balance voice and good volume. Sure it's not going to compare to a solid rosewood dreadnought for volume or bass response but it's not designed to. The neck is extremely comfortable, (ignoring HORRIBLE factory set up). The overall fit and finish is flawless. The body and neck have real binding (not painted on like some competitors).
Bottom line: if you're looking for a 50's throwback, boxy small tone this is NOT your guitar. However if you want a very good sounding small(er) guitar at a reasonable price this is just the ticket. But be prepared to add the cost of a professional set up to the purchase price.
Would I replace this if lost, stolen or damaged? Yes, but I'd play before buying next time.
Ibanez PN15 Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar Brown Sunburst
.I bought this guitar after being disappointed with the Breedlove C200, Not "overly" crisp sounding but has to be the most fun to play of any guitar I've played in a while. The Custom Guitar's Gear 3/4 Gig bag fits this perfectly.
Ibanez PN15 Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar Brown Sunburst
.I always wanted a parlor guitar after playing an OLD Gibson parlor years ago.This is not a Gibson.That being said it "is what it is" and what it is,is a great sounding fun to play guitar with a real comfy neck(for me) as I have kinda small hands.No,it does not have the "big" sound of a dreadnought guitar,but an articulate pleasing tone very suited to finger-picking as well as strumming.Its easy to sing over and easy to bring places and inexpensive enough that its always laying around waiting to be played.I find myself preferring it over more expensive acoustics I own,because it's so easy to play.So much so that I'm going to put a pickup in it so I can plug in too.Looks great also-although the "sunburst" is not quite as pronounced as the picture but still a beautiful instrument-and it stays in tune surprisingly well. P.S. I did not have any big setup issues,which sometimes happen with an import,no dead/sharp frets.Nut was set a WEE high.I filed the string grooves a tad and that was it!Hope you get the same good luck : - )
Ibanez PN15 Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar Brown Sunburst
.Great for playing in the home on the sofa or for smaller people to learn guitar. Looks great, and for a small guitar, sounds fine. Action is great. somewhat larger then other parlor guitars whichs makes the sound better.
Ibanez PN15 Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar Brown Sunburst
.This is a high quality guitar. Made from the right wood that produces a beautiful sound. I am very happy that I purchased this guitar to add to my collection. Thanks MF for the great price!
Ibanez PN15 Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar Brown Sunburst
.Nice guitar to have around and pick up whenever you want. Also nice to travel with.
Ibanez PN15 Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar Brown Sunburst
.This guitar is what it represents its self as, which is a budget parlor. Finish is ok. The nut was a bit overcut. Fretwork was ok. no buzzing. stays in tune ok, unless you're being assertive, but the you'd have to tune any stringed instrument.

Neck is a little small for me, would have liked just a touch wider, I don't see it working for slide due to the real-estate.

I wanted a beater for sitting on the floor with the little-one and it fills that role. I think it might mic well(actually), being a brighter instrument.
Ibanez PN15 Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar Brown Sunburst
.Action is very high but has plenty room for adjusment. In addition to the nut needing a lot of work, it is more narrow than the neck width. I bought this for a friend and I will do the setup after the holidays. However, he really likes the guitar as it is. It is a pretty good deal/price, but plan on having someone do a setup unless you are able to do it yourself.
Ibanez PN15 Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar Brown Sunburst
.Bought this little guy used for my blues trio. I play slide and open tunings so I keep my takamine in C and this one in E so I can play C to A with the help of a capo. Planned on using it exclusively with an acoustic soundhole pickup so the timbre of the body wasn't really a concern of mine but to my surprise this little guitar sounds really great! The nice thing about it is they cut cost down by putting plastic nuts, saddles and bridge pins on it but kept a nice solid wood top (as opposed laminate top like the majority of guitars in this price range) so if you really wanted to improve on its tone you can swap the plastic bits for bone relatively easily. I personally swapped the bridge pins with some brass ones I had laying around, cleaned up the fretboard with some conditioning oil and put some Ernie ball aluminum bronze strings and it sounds exceptional. The fret edges are smooth and the action is prefect for finger style (not ideal for slide but I manage)
The only thing I don't really like about this guitar is the finish looks kind of cheap. However the tuners that came stock do a great job! I figured I would have to swap them for some grovers down the line but there is no need.

This is a great little guitar with lots of potential. For the price point it can't be beat.
Ibanez PN15 Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar Brown Sunburst
.I really do love this guitar. It's just the right size for keeping out of the case and close at hand. The tone is wonderful, very rich sounds and great volume. My only complaint is that the front perimeter color on mine is much lighter than the photos and I wonder if they forgot to put a final darker coat. In any case, it doesn't effect the sound or the playability.
Ibanez PN15 Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar Brown Sunburst

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