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Ibanez TSA15H Tube Screamer 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head

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Hardshell Case of Ibanez TSA15H Tube Screamer 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head
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Product Description

Guitarists normally have to depend on a separate effect pedal to get the distinctive, warm overdrive sounds of a tube amp. Not anymore. The Ibanez TSA15H tube amp has a genuine Tube Screamer circuit, built right into the front end, for all the warm tube overdrive punch and crunch you'll need. The all-tube amp head features 2 - 12AX7 preamp tubes and 2 - 6V6 power tubes. The result is loud, balanced sound that cuts through the mix with plenty of full, meaty guitar tone. Built with rugged Ibanez craftsmanship, this guitar amp head is sure to last for many years, able to stand up to the toughest conditions of heavy gigging. Includes footswitchable function with Tube Screamer Overdrive, Tone, and Level controls. Ibanez TSA112C speaker cabinet and IFS2G footswitch sold separately.

15W All-tube head 2 x 12AX7 tubes (Pre) 2 x 6V6 tubes (Power) Genuine Tube Screamer circuit built into the front end Controls: Tube Screamer”Overdrive, Tone, Level; Amp”Treble, Bass, Volume

This amp is a class act all the way. Order today and let it scream.

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I have played just about all of these budget mini-tube amps from China, including the "original" Valve Junior, but also the Blackheart / Blackstar / Jet City amps, and a few cheap bigger tube heads and combos of recent vintage by Fender, Crate, etc. The Ibanez is one of the first of this generation / style of amps I've actually liked at all or thought worth buying.

I think a lot of this has to do with the TSA15H's smart use of 6V6 power tubes rather than the brighter, frankly harsher EL84s used in most of the rest. I personally prefer deep, rich, resounding vintage-Fender-like clean tones. None of these other cheapies have that at all, but the Ibanez does, and reminds me to a surprising degree of the original blackface and silverface Princetons and Deluxes I used to own-- if missing some of the chime, air and/or soul of real-deal Fender amps... but missing far *less* of those characteristics than the current crop of comparable Fender products, in my humble opinion. The Tube Screamer "side" also sounds very good and, particularly with the boost, adds an awful lot of versatility to this box, whereas most of the competition consists of one-trick ponies.

One thing to note is that the tone does change pretty dramatically in 5W mode. It doesn't sound bad in this mode, but it gives up a noticeable amount of low-end punch and chime from the 15W "full on" mode. I find I never make the switch because of this, despite the arguable breakup "benefits." 5W of tube amp actually breaking up is still way too loud for an apartment anyway; get your modelers out if that's your application. Speaking of volume, with the right speaker I think you could probably get by gigging with this thing in many full-band applications, as long as your drummer isn't hammer-handed. I am running mine with a Weber Silver Bell 1x12" and it gets quite loud.

At the price, this is a real winner and puts a lot of not only its direct competition, but also quite a few much more expensive amps to shame.
Effects send included. The footswitchable Tube Screamer and boost features effectively make this a 2.5-channel amp. The switchable 5/15W mode is also nice to have, at least in theory. I'd like a sweepable midrange control instead of just bass / treble cut and boost, but at this price I may be asking a bit much.
Not sure about build quality yet; some componentry looks a little sketchy through the vent grille. At the price I'm not all that surprised.
Ibanez TSA15H Tube Screamer 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head
.I wanted a tube amp that would push a 4x12 for guitar and a 2x10 for bass. This works great for both. I use the 5W mode for guitar and the 15W mode for bass. I use it for recording in my home studio and I am so proud of this little amp that can. My tracks are sweet. Nice and warm just the way I like them. The Tube Screamer is awesome but it loves other pedals as well. My favorite is a fuzz pedal with the Tube Screamer turned off. I use the Tube Screamer for bass and it rules. It's louder than I thought it would be. Plenty of lows and the highs will hurt your ears. It's well built. 5 different speaker outputs and an effects loop make it versatile. The footswitch should have came with it. It works great with humbucker and single coil pickups. I need more pedals now. It's not a metal amp so get a metal pedal for metal. ;)
Ibanez TSA15H Tube Screamer 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head
.It's just a great amp that gives perfectly smooth breakup that just can't be acheived with a solid state amp. I like to get right on the edge of clean and dirt. 6V6 power tubes give you the old Fender small combo sound. I'm liking it with pedals out front. I'm not a huge fan of the Tubescreamer side but I never loved the real TS pedals. Sounds cool with the Boss FDR-1 pedal.
It's nice!
I don't think I could ask any more from a small tube head at this price.
I see a few small places on tolex not wrapped perfectly (inside corners) and I wish I didn't see the wires when I look into the top vent. Would like to see two inputs incase one gets messed up.
The knobs and switches seem good.
Ibanez TSA15H Tube Screamer 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head
.Ibanez makes great stuff. Fair prices, good quality and great features. The TSA15H is a Class A tube they can be proud of.

This amp is my back up on stage, but I tend to practice with it pretty frequently because it has such nice tones and having the TS on deck keeps me from having to get my pedal board out and plugged in when I only have 30 minutes to jam.
The features on this thing are great! Multiple cabinet options, built in tube screamer, good built in boost, simple tone stacks, a pentode/triode switch that lets you operate at 5 or 15watts, detachable cord and the option to add a footswitch. Basically its everything you need and nothing you don't. Ibanez, as usual, thought this one through.
Seems very solid although its certainly not perfect. This isn't going to compete quality wise with the handmade, boutique style amps but I don't imagine ever having an issue with it. It's a simple class a tube with modern construction.

Definitely switch out the cheap chinese tubes. 2 new 12AX7 and 2 NOS 6v6s took this amp from pretty nice to awesome tone wise. Again, not as sweet as my custom made 6v6 amp, but a more then adequate back up that I may reach for first on occasion.
Great value for the price. You can definitely gig with it and have it rival most tube amps out there in higher price ranges. I love the pentode/triode option for sweet saturation at lower volumes.
Ibanez TSA15H Tube Screamer 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head
.I bought the head looking for a clean version to my Vox. I found the head to be very clean and I like the Overdrive. Its boost works great for leads. I do find it a little brite for my taste. I run it through a 4 12 cab and that gives it all the bottom end I need. But compared to my JCM, It comes up a little short. I do like the send and return feature as I use it for my echo and delays. Overall I would recomend it to a friend. I play it in our band with a fairly loud drummer and a bass player and never felt under powered. In fact my drummer asked me to turn my speakers a little cause I was pounding his ears. SO loud enought.
Ibanez TSA15H Tube Screamer 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head
.I discovered this amp, and WOW I am impressed. It is not the be all, end all of amps, but is a great amp to dial in a wide range of sounds. The 15w mode powers my Marshall 1936 well, and delivers fully saturated sound (dimed) at small clubs. It is a great tool at rehearsals and has recorded well on my home studio, and at a local large studio. I keep it my rack with my Marshall JCM as a back up for larger gigs.

The sound of this amp can be tweaked (obviously) by which cabinet you put with it. I am looking forward to trying it with my 1976 Kustom slotted back 4x12..with Alnico Golds in it! I do wish it had a true fx loop, but it still helps my delay/reverb to put it in the loop. I'm a pretty meat and potatoes player, and this amp offers me WAY more in quality than what I feel should have gotten for the price.
Ibanez TSA15H Tube Screamer 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head
.I have two complaints about this amp. Out of the box brand new effects loop did not work. Also, the Tube Screamer channel was tinny. I have a Tube Screamer pedal, this channel sounded weak compared to actual pedal. I did like the clean channel, sounded great, loud too, especially for a 15 watt amp. Had to send it back to MF.
Ibanez TSA15H Tube Screamer 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head
.Great little amp. Very light to carry around and the sound is excellant. And the tube screamer circuitry is great. Have it plugged into an old carvin 2x10 bass speaker and it sounds great. When you turn up the bass it sounds like a bass guitar. The cleans are very nice and when you flip the tube screamer it really wails. Buy this amp you won't be disappointed.
Ibanez TSA15H Tube Screamer 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head
.I grew tired of carrying heavy tube combo amps around, so I decided to give this a try. I already had a couple 1 x 12" speaker cabs (Epiphone Valve Jr. extention cabs w/70 watt Eminence Lady Luck speakers), so I bought this in hopes of using it with my Vox Tonelab LE. Its obvious that Ibanez put some forethought into this amp. Plenty of tube tone but CLEAN tube tone! It sounds fantastic through one or both of the cabs and its loud enough for most of the gigs I play. Now, instead of waddling around with a 60 pound combo I carry this amp (12 lbs?) and one of the Epiphone cabs (26 lbs). The Vox sounds great through it and I can use the footswitchable boost to solo in any preset. Awesome.
Ibanez TSA15H Tube Screamer 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head
.To get the most out of it, run a clean boost in front and all other pedals in the Fx loop. Evens out output differences between guitars, allows you to boost the TS. The TS may then boost all other dirt pedals, which gives you many more tonal possibilities. Putting a 12AX7 driven real tube overdrive after the TS allows you to drive the tube harder, effectively giving you 3 12AX7s in the preamp stage! Most of my drive pedals just became obsolete.
Also particularly sweet sounding is a Bad Monkey after the TS (add bass to taste) followed by a RAT. Literally everything from pristine clean through balls-out grind and everything in between, all controllable with your volume knob! Epic.
Perfect for gigging a 3 piece, needs to be mic'ed in two guitar bands.
Unbeatable at this price. Get one.
Ibanez TSA15H Tube Screamer 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head

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