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Ibanez IBZ10B 10W Bass Amplifier

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Hardshell Case of Ibanez IBZ10B 10W Bass Amplifier
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Product Description

The IBZ10B features a closed-back cabinet and 6.5" Power Jam speaker for producing real bass sound. The 3-band EQ allows players access to a variety of sounds, and the amp also comes with a CD input.

Output: 10W@8Î Speaker: 6.5" speaker Controls: Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume I/O: Bass Input, Aux Input, Headphones Out Cabinet: Closed back Size (WxDxH): 274mm x 205mm x 313mm, 10.8" x 7.9" x 12.3"

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I've been playing guitar for awhile now... but this amp is a really good one. I would totally buy it again. But It's got amazing effects but if you want a synthy type effect you won't find it here. This amp likes to be strong even though it's only 10 watts, it likes more of a rock or metal sound. I really don't have any complaints about it other than it could be a little louder. i do say though that the value of this little amp is great. There was this one time that i had just came back from a gig and we were unloading equipment, and it began to rain... the amp was completely covered in water on the outside but, when we checked it out, there was no water on the inside, the screws and the metal pieces on the top that hold the handle never rusted, and the leather didn't wrinkle or tear. i think it could've floated down the river and it wouldn't have been messed up. Today, I still have it and it still works, the water didn't fry it i have to say though the value of a waterproof amp has to be pretty high. All-in-All this is just a good amp and I encourage you to buy it.
Ibanez IBZ10B 10W Bass Amplifier
.it's a 6 inch speaker, it's tiny, it's a PERFECT PRACTICE AMP. No buzz/hum. Tone controls do change tone that much... but, roll the tone off on the Bass and it booms (softly). It's a practice amp with a tone that's a nice low volume bass sound. Cd input and headphone jack. Get it cheap and you've got a bargain.
Ibanez IBZ10B 10W Bass Amplifier
.It's a very good amp for practising by yourself. Not much options on it to choose, but playable. Not for live performances and professional recordings.
Ibanez IBZ10B 10W Bass Amplifier
.I got this amp as part of the starter package and it is very poor quality. It sounds Ok for maybe 20-30 seconds, then after it warms up the sound gets distorted and the volume is low (even much lower than you would expect for this low wattage).I tried to contact Ibanez customer service since I'm assuming the amp is faulty (it can't really be designed to sound this bad on purpose), but they have not responded.Custom Guitars Friend was great to work with though! So I highly recommend Custom Guitars Friend, but I'd stay away from Ibanez for amps. I replaced it with a Fender Rumble and am very happy with that.
Ibanez IBZ10B 10W Bass Amplifier
.this is a really crappy amp, for 70 bucks? no way! my friend had this one and I tried it w/ a cheap bass, a mediocre bass and my peavy TL5 bass, the sound is terrible, plain noise. My bookshelf speakers(60 bucks) can do much better than this amp, I would say get a bass amp above 60 watts, anything below that will give you a dull sound and no punch at all, don't get this one
Ibanez IBZ10B 10W Bass Amplifier
.This amp is like the worst ever. It really gives a bad name to Ibanez amps. I have the Soundwave 100 watt and it is amazing. I know a 10 watt isn't supposed to be amazing or sound as good but it busses no matter what I had a cheap Ibanez bass that I played through it and it buzzed so I thought it might be the bass but then I used my new Fender Deluxe Active Jazz with Noiseless pickups and it still buzzed. Same up some more money and go for the Crate or Fender. You'll thank yourself.Oh yeah, did I mention it's just over a year old and I plugged it in the other day and it just totally doesn't work, I changed the fuse in the back and everything. Take my word for it, don't buy this amp.
Ibanez IBZ10B 10W Bass Amplifier
.This is a good practice amp like previously said. Its pretty much just got the basics you know, but the sound quality is pretty much based on the kind of bass you have. It also makes a decent guitar amp.So if you're looking for something to bring to practice but also something you can play at home and not anger your neighbors, this is the amp for you. And good price
Ibanez IBZ10B 10W Bass Amplifier
.This was the first amp I ever owned " and have I come a long way!", THis amp probably makes a better guitar amp than bass, I will Say though its a sturdy little amp & Has a nice Warm But somewhat bright sound.A nice amp for beginners but there are better amps out there
Ibanez IBZ10B 10W Bass Amplifier
.I bought the Ibanez starter pack and it included this amp. It good for beginners but once you advnace you will want to throw it out the window!!! I sold it and used some of that money to buy a Crate BT100. It was like hearing my bass for the first time. Dont buy it Buy a Crate!!
Ibanez IBZ10B 10W Bass Amplifier
.This was a pretty good amp for me, I can be heard well even working with my friend's 15w guitar amp, but I would definitely be happier if it was louder. This amp is not very good for gigs, but if you must use it it is worth a shot to hook it up to a p.a. there is a little bit of hum but nothing can be perfect and for a price this cheap i'd say it's a pretty decent bass... only problem i've had with it over the past 3 years was some knobs falling off and that was my fault.
Ibanez IBZ10B 10W Bass Amplifier

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