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Ibanez JEMJR Steve Vai Signature JEM Series Electric Guitar White

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Hardshell Case of Ibanez JEMJR Steve Vai Signature JEM Series Electric Guitar White
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Product Description

When Steve Vai teamed up with Ibanez in 1987, little did he realize what a lasting impact his signature model guitar would have. Today, the JEM is an iconic instrument immediately identified with the legendary guitarist. Famous for its distinctive look and innovative design, time has seen this popular, upscale guitar become the most counterfeited model in the world.

In an effort to make the JEM available to a broader fan base, Ibanez has released the JEMJR, providing more affordable access to the magic that is the JEM. Featuring a mahogany body attached to a Wizard III neck, the JEMJR offers many of the JEMs distinguishing characteristics; the H/S/H pickup configuration, the Tree of Life inlay, a double locking tremolo system, and, of course, the famous Monkey grip and Lion's Claw tremolo cavity. Case sold separately.

Body: Mahogany Neck type: Wizard III Maple neck Fretboard: Rosewood Fretboard Inlay: Tree of Life Frets: Jumbo Fretboard radius: 400mm (15.75") Scale Length: 648mm (25.5") Neck Width at Nut: 43mm (1.7") Neck Width at Last Fret: 58mm (2.3") Neck Thickness at 1st Fret: 19mm (0.75") Neck Thickness at 12th Fret: 21mm (0.82") Bridge: Standard Ibanez Double Locking Tremolo System Pickup configuration: HSH Neck Pickup: Quantum Neck Humbucker (Passive/Ceramic) Middle Pickup:Quantum single-coil mid pickup (Passive/Ceramic) Bridge Pickup: Quantum Bridge Humbucker (Passive/Ceramic) Hardware Color: Cosmo black Other Features: Monkey Grip, Lion's Claw tremolo cavity Case: Sold Separately

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The Jem Jr is a great guitar for the money. It is an economical alternative for those guitarists that always wanted a Jem but didn't want to spend the cash. The pickups are very good, they are obviously voiced like DiMarzios. The output is a medium to high output. The guitar came ready to play, but I had it set up to my taste. The bridge stays in tune with no problem. Forget the other reviews. I have been playing for 31 years and I own over 35 quality guitars. This is a solid instrument. The build quality is just fine.
Ibanez JEMJR Steve Vai Signature JEM Series Electric Guitar White
.I first played one of these back in February or March 2015 at a local store. I actually wasn't too impressed with it then, it didn't seem to play any better than a cheap GRG150 I had at the time, don't laugh that GRG150 played really well. In fact I think this guitar has the same exact neck as a GRG150, it feels exactly the same to me and it has the same two piece construction with a scarf joint. It is NOT a Wizard III three piece neck. Anyway, I returned another Ibanez RG series guitar due to QC issues and decided to get the Jem JR and MF was nice to enough to offer me a discount on it due to my issues with the other RG. I always wanted a Jem and not because of Steve Vai, I happen to like white guitars and I always liked the looks of this particular model but I wasn't going to spend thousands on it. Well, after setting this guitar up and slapping some D'Addario EXL-125 3D mixed gauge strings on it I have to say she plays really well.

The tremolo bar is obviously not an Edge or Edge Zero II but it does the job for now, it stays in tune. I noticed Ibanez no longer offers RG450DX models with the Edge Zero II on them, they now have this standard DL model installed. That's too bad because the Edge Zero II is a very good tremolo bar IMO. I guess they're trying to cut costs on the lower end RG models.

The Quantum pickups sound very good, they're warmer, more articulate and have lower output than Infinity pickups, I think the neck pickup is a tad too weak, at least for my taste. The bridge pickup screams.

The paint is nice, there's some dirt in the finish on mine but I really don't care.

All in all it's a nice guitar but I don't think it's worth the retail price. I have a used RG450M that I picked up for about half of what the Jem JR goes for new and the RG450M is the better guitar, hands down, even with the Infinity pickups. Better neck, better bridge, the whole guitar feels more solid.

If you buy one of these try to buy one when MF is having their 15% off deal.
Ibanez JEMJR Steve Vai Signature JEM Series Electric Guitar White
.Not to mention Steve Vai teamed up with Ibanez in Dec of 1986 not 1987.
Ibanez JEMJR Steve Vai Signature JEM Series Electric Guitar White
.Specs say it doesn't have a maple cap of some sort but the bridge pickup does a great job at exuding what I'd describe as that classic Dimarzio Fred sound. It's mahogany but it doesn't sound as fat as a Les Paul would. The need to swap out Quantums for Dimarzios can be delayed because of the enjoyable tonal characteristics you can explore using the stock pups. You adjust them lower and you get a cleaner, EMG-HZ-ish kind of sound. You raise them and it gets bluesy (and muddy) like a '57 Epi alnico classic pup. The build quality was fantastic. Been collecting Epiphones (Slash Rosso Corsa LP, an IBJL Casino, Joe Pass Emperor II, etc) and it seems the QA guys in Quingdao aren't too keen on addressing fret buzz issues, even on high-end signature models. For the more experienced guys, applying a standard set-up on any guitar doesn't pose much of a challenge. But for those who are just starting out, getting the basics wrong (like action and leveled frets) can prove too frustrating to mend. This particular Jem model (made in Indonesia) came out of the shop near-perfect. You lower the Floyd a bit and you've got an amazing guitar with the potential to do everything that Vai does on his Ibanez.
Ibanez JEMJR Steve Vai Signature JEM Series Electric Guitar White
.I bought this as an open box, so I was expecting to see some problems (there were none). I even expected the locking tremolo to have been messed with as the reason for someone else sending it back (usually a problem with open box returns on guitars with locking tremolo - but again, there was none). What I did buy was an excellent Ibanez JEM Jr in great shape with no problems right out of the box. No buzz, no defects, only a great example of good guitar manufacturing! only needed tuning and I could tune from the tremolo only without having to unlock the nut.

I love this guitar. The monkey grip is a great way to pick it up and carry. The pickups are great in their own (but if you want something else (better?) than exchange them. I like the sound and the switching layout (you only get straight single coil in the middle position - 2 and 4 give you the single coil of the humbuckers mixed with the single coil only).

Not much else to say. 1) It's an Ibanez, 2) It has H-S-H configuration, 3) Locking tremolo, 4) Monkey grip, 5) Great pickups (I play through electronics anyway), 6) It's Beautiful! (I absolutely love white guitars and the black hardware complements it quite well)

Plenty of videos on youtube can demonstrate it's abilities. Buy with confidence. It is a great guitar.
Ibanez JEMJR Steve Vai Signature JEM Series Electric Guitar White
.Great guitar for the value.
It would be a Syn not to play...lol!
Ibanez JEMJR Steve Vai Signature JEM Series Electric Guitar White


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This is not a MIJ JEM. Dont expect it to be. More like an RG that looks like a JEM. That being said,here is my opinion. I dont like the features of the highend JEM. I am not a showboat player. I like to play metal and clean based sounds. The lack of scalkoped frets on this guitar is a plus for me. The mahogany body is also a plus. I changed the bridge pickup to a Seymour TB-4 and spent some time to dial it in to my play style. You will need to also. After dialing it in I can honestly say it was worth every penny I spent used and for the pickup. I run this through a Diezel VH4 pedal and cabinet software and it sounds amazing. I compared it to my american strat and 85 gibson explorer custom and it has a sound of its own filling in a gap in my needs. I would call it an RG with the JEM look. Not disappointing if you take the time to set it up for you specifically. That being said.......you want a real JEM go spend more.
Ibanez JEMJR Steve Vai Signature JEM Series Electric Guitar White

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Played this in store. It has a really good tone. The pickups on a mahogany body really shine. But overall it felt cheap. Floyd special type bridge, the volume knob was sticky , and it just didnt feel solid . The one thing - it is a steve vai type neck. Profile to his specs. Not 6100 frets like on standard rg's ...more like 6150's or a tad bigger. What guitar companies are selling on lower priced sig guitars is neck profiles. Thats where all the action happens ...so it makes sense. But by the time you replaced the bridge, knobs , maybe upgraded pups you could have the real deal. If you could find a used floyd original and get decent pots it might be worth your while. I have played on many jems since the early 90's. Amazing guitars but frilly graphics. Would like to see the black and green with pyramid inlays come back. Most dudes dont want flowers and vines on their guitars. Otherwise the neck on this is very good !
Ibanez JEMJR Steve Vai Signature JEM Series Electric Guitar White
.After a set up, the guitar plays very nice. Only problem is I do not like the quantum bridge pick up. No sustain from it. Am replacing it with a evo 159. Once dialed in, you can whammy it out, and it comes back in tune better than my JS model. All in all, for the money, you can't complain. Just have it set up professionally and it is a pleasure to play.
Ibanez JEMJR Steve Vai Signature JEM Series Electric Guitar White
.best guitar i have ever owned
Ibanez JEMJR Steve Vai Signature JEM Series Electric Guitar White

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