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Ibanez Artcore Expressionist AM93 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Antique Yellow Sunburst

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Hardshell Case of Ibanez Artcore Expressionist AM93 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Antique Yellow Sunbu
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Product Description

This Artcore Expressionist AM93 semi-hollowbody guitar uses Custom 58 pickups combined with an arched quilted maple top, back, and sides to produce a warm and quick response. The slim and compact 3-piece Artcore set-in neck is made from mahogany and maple. The bound rosewood fretboard with 22 large frets, bound top, and gold hardware offers lush looks accented by white block inlays and multiple binding. The ART1 bridge provides accurate rock-solid intonation while the Quik Change III makes string changing easy.

Case sold separately.

3-piece mahogany/maple set-in neck Quilted maple top, back, and sides White block fretboard inlays Bound top and fretboard 22 frets ART1 bridge and Quik Change III tailpiece Custom 58 pickups Gold hardware Case sold separately

Order this compact semi-hollowbody with full-bodied sound you can really get your arms around.

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This model falls short of a 10 given the quality control of excessive dye on the rosewood fretboard, and slightly sharp fret edges. I am not a guitar snob although I do own and play Gibson Standards, and Custom Brian Moores, and a slew of previous Fenders. This instrument sounds just as good if not better as noted above. I know that is shocking, but you will have to A/B it yourself. Its hard telling how long she will hold up, but I do not seeing anything obvious to "fall apart". If you are in the market for a semi-hollow LP sized, I recommend this model from Ibanez. It is simply stunning cosmetically, and outstanding sonically: playability and comfort is top notch. I bought this to avoid breaking out my museum pieces and case queens and given some minor adjustments this model might just be a future star. You can't go wrong here, she is a buy!
This Ibanez model had all of the features I was looking for in a semi hollow guitar.
1 Outstanidng hardware, bridge, and tuners, and speed knobs which are subtle the way they should be.
2 The hardware performance was quite a surpirse given that this is a Chinese manufactured instrument which don't always have the best reputation, but I think the gap has closed here with Ibanez quality control.
3 The tuners are as solid as my Gibson, and the pick-ups (58 models) are the best that Ibanez offers bar none. I agree with the other reviewer when it comes to poor sounding Ibanez pickups, but the 58's in this model are in a class of their on for tone, responsiveness, and recordability. How good, you ask?

4 I A/Bed this guitar through Sonar (blind test to avoid prejudice) against my Gibson Standard that has the PAF 57-59s, and gulp, the Ibanez were superior on clean and moderate drive settings! Of course, tone is subjective, but even being in the ball park should say something. The guitar is not really meant for high gain, so I do not have any comparison to note there. Read on, its not all heaven.
Quality score is roughly 8, mostly since my guitar came with ebony die residue (rosewood fretboard) on the fretboard that I had to clean repeatedly becuase the staining went directly onto my fingers...not good. Also, the setup needed tweaking as the string height was a bit too high. The frets are also a bit rough and the binding, unlike Gibson, does not cover the sharp ends of the frets. The frets ends wont really jab your hand, but the bound neck appears to be mostly cosmetic. I have owned many Ibanez Prestige's and RG's before so rough frets are not typical with Ibanez from my expereince. Not a showstopper, but not exactly top quality either from quality control. Also, the frets are not really medium, they appear and feel to be smaller, which is slightly dissapointing.
Where else can you get a professional tone, classic 58's, a quilted maple top, sides, and back, plus gold hardware and rock solid hardware with a decent neck for under $550.00 in a semihollow build, Unreal!
Ibanez Artcore Expressionist AM93 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Antique Yellow Sunburst
.Beautiful, well balanced, perfect tuning and intonation, strong pickups, great bridge and tailpiece, gold hardware, execellent antique yellow finish, as much fun to look at as to play.
Pickups are great, very responsive, as advertised. The neck profile makes playing a joy and the double cutaway allows effortless access to all the frets. The cosmetics are good but not perfect. The flaws are tiny and must be actively looked for to be seen. They do not detract from the beautiful appearance of the guitar. The tiny flaws are on the binding and again, if your'e not looking for them they will never be noticed. What struck me most was how well the guitar tunes and intonates. I have another Artcore model, which I love, but it doesn't tune nearly as well as the AM93. The guitar is heavier than I expected and I presume this is due to the sound block. The guitar is slimmer than 'standard' semi-hollow bodies, which I find pleasing. The guitar sounds great. And the out of the box set up was spot on, no adjustments needed.It is simply a beautiful instrument.
Fit and finish is excellent,only a minor flaw in the binding. The maple finish is gorgeous. The bridge and tailpiece are perfect for this type of guitar and no doubt explains the perfect tuning.
Way more than your moneys worth which is typical of the Artcore series.
Ibanez Artcore Expressionist AM93 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Antique Yellow Sunburst
Ibanez Artcore Expressionist AM93 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Antique Yellow Sunburst
.Exceptional low cost guitar. I've been debating on purchasing one for awhile, and I play pieces that are typically 4x's as much. I question the construction flaws, and the deeper flaws that are unseen. Although definitely a stage worthy guitar and a great low cost guitar for someone that needs a new or additional piece to there kit. The best bright points are the electronics and functionality definitely makes the piece worth while. Purchasing is far from being a mistake or regrettable,
Extremely pretty guitar. It has great looks. The alnico humbuckers sounded very nice, nice hardware, especially the speed knobs. The knobs are very attractive and function very well. The smaller size is nice and unnoticable for the most part. It's more comfortable when sitting down when compared to its counter parts.
Although pretty there are obvious construction issues. The lines of the binding didn't exactly line up. Granted this is a low cost guitar designed to look a premier expensive guitar, but it just doesn't have the flawlessness of a boutique or standard higher end brand name. I would consider this ranking higher on a list of "lower quality" guitars. This isn't one you are going to keep for 30+ years like the higher quality counterparts.
For the features, there are no cheaper options. It has all the top end looked for features including binding, flame top, nice hardware for low cost. One nice value is the alnico pickups. I have a real hard time with Ibanez pickups and find them offensive in most cases, and wish they would sell guitars without pickups. However, these are by far the best ibanez pickups I've heard and would not question playing these and leaving the piece stock.
Ibanez Artcore Expressionist AM93 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Antique Yellow Sunburst
.The Ibanez AM93 is a really nice guitar. Not just a good guitar for the money, but a good guitar. Period.

I think it is above-average in the aesthetics department with the quilted maple and the gold hardware. The bindings are nice. The finish on mine is flawless. I got a yellow one and really like the look.

The neck has a nice feel; it is not super thin but not chunky either. I have always liked the volute detail on the back of the neck like the '70s style Gibsons. The guitar is a nice size as well. I find the ES-335 style guitars to be a little too big. This guitar is bigger than a Les Paul, but not as large as a traditional semi-acoustic electric.

Mine was set up pretty nice right out of the box. I raised the action just a tad because I thought it was a little "slinky".

As far as I can tell, all of these Artcore guitars are really nice. I played a buddy's Ibanez AS73 at a jazz gig the other day and I was enthusiastic about that guitar as well.

I have played guitar for over 35 years and have owned some pretty fancy guitars (Gibsons, Rickenbachers, PRSs). This guitar compares favorably with any of those, and it comes at a very reasonable price.

My suggestion: Buy one. I'm really glad I got mine.
Ibanez Artcore Expressionist AM93 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Antique Yellow Sunburst
. I would recommend this guitar to anyone who plays jazz, blues, and rock. Well, I would say it would work for country too-the bridge pick-up gives a clean, crisp, and brilliant tone. (Probably not a first choice for a metal head, but they generally don't play semi-hollows anyway.) The neck pick-up gives a GREAT jazz tone, mellow but versatile. And by the way, do not let the slightly smaller size fool you!
OK, the guitar is the stock 2 pick-up, 2 volume, 2 tone set-up, and that's all that I need, or anyone else for that matter. Listen people-the pick-ups are GOOD! Also, the fact that it is a wee bit lighter than a typical semi-hollow is a definite asset.
This instrument is firstly a beautiful guitar- I don't think that there is any controversy about that. It plays very well, although I did tweak the set-up to my liking-I personally like a heavier gauge on the bottom strings. (by the way, I am quite picky about set-up.) I didn't see any dings, scratches, misalignments, or inconsistencies with the binding. Anyway, my primary concerns are sound and playability and both are first rate. The pick-ups are good-dramatically better than the ones Ibanez usually puts in their lower end guitars. I think that makes a BIG difference-the guitar works beautifully for jazz and blues, but also works for rock and roll. I REALLY dig this guitar!
This guitar has got to be one of Ibanez's best kept secrets, seriously. I can't figure out why more people have not commented on it!
Ibanez Artcore Expressionist AM93 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Antique Yellow Sunburst
.This guitar is a real steal. I don't know how, or why, they do it. Way too much guitar for the money. I have bought a lot of guitars, This came as good or better than most. The factory setup and attention to detail was excellent. Even the volume and tone knobs are extremely classy.
Very responsive controls, great tuners, The bridge and tailpiece are excellent and quiet. There is no buzz or rattle in the bridge which is a welcome relief after owning some of the "expensive" guitars. Strum without any amp and you just hear the strings.
A major problem on my guitar was tarnish on the gold. The fret ends are not as smooth as one might expect from a bound neck. Not worth doing anything about. Other than that the guitar was perfect. The setup that I needed to do was really very minor. This guitar was almost perfect, right out of the box.
You will not believe the quality for the price. Plays like an expensive guitar. Solid, well made and a real beauty.
Ibanez Artcore Expressionist AM93 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Antique Yellow Sunburst
.I was completely delighted to learn that Ibanez is offering a really nice AM guitar again after all these years. I fell in love with the AM guitar when they were first introduced back in the early 80's and I've wanted one ever since. It was the most comfortable semi-hollow body guitar I had ever played - and I really wanted one. Back then I couldn't afford one though. Once I was able to afford one, they were no longer available. So naturally when I learned Ibanez planned to offer a new version of the AM guitar in the Artcore Deluxe AM93, I jumped on the chance to get one. I am very glad I did.
The product description on this site is inaccurate. The Ibanez Artcore AM93 comes with Custom 58 pickups, not ACH pickups. The guitar has everything I need and nothing I don't. Two great sounding pickups with their own volume and tone controls and a three-way toggle switch. What more do you need? I totally love the top on my AM93. I could not have asked for better.
The fit and finish of my AM93 is amazing and the sound is equally amazing. I have been gigging with my AM93 since the day I received it. I totally love this guitar. Being a small person, the smaller size of the Ibanez AM guitar is just perfect for me in every way.
You simply cannot beat the bang for your buck you get with Ibanez Artcore guitars. The AM93 takes that whole idea to the next level.
Ibanez Artcore Expressionist AM93 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Antique Yellow Sunburst
.I'll start by saying I currently own American Deluxe Fenders (Tele and Strat) and 2 Gibson Les Pauls in addition to Taylor, Martin, Breedlover and Ovation acoustics. This Ibanez is by far the least expensive guitar I own. However, it plays like silk, has flawless fret work, a gorgeous finish and the most buttery, bluesy tone I have ever heard through my amps. Clean it has a nice jazz flavor. I wanted it because I had no semi hollows and wanted one especially for playing blues and blues rock. I would buy this guitar in a heartbeat again. It is as good or better than anything else I own. Ibanez did a great job on the pups as they sound like the Gibson humbuckers found on the 50's models that are so highly prized. The only reason I did not give this guitar 5 stars is I wish it had come with strap locks. Other than that I would put this up against ANYTHING made by PRS, Fender and Gibson at any price it is that good!
Ibanez Artcore Expressionist AM93 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Antique Yellow Sunburst
.Other than the guitar needing a set up to my taste with a set of D'Addario 11-49's absolutly a beautifull guitar. I got the transparent red, beautifull body & neck bindings, great neck & feel, great sound from the Custom Super 58's. She looks plays & sounds more like a guitar that cost twice as much. Ibanez has always made great guitar's and this is no exception. I purchased a used model and cannot see anything wrong. GREAT DEAL FOR GREAT GUITAR FROM MUSICIAN'S FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ibanez Artcore Expressionist AM93 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Antique Yellow Sunburst

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