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Ibanez M510 A-Style Mandolin Vintage Sunburst

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Hardshell Case of Ibanez M510 A-Style Mandolin Vintage Sunburst
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Product Description

Like the Ibanez mandolins of yesteryear, this M510 mandolin offers the highest standard of craftsmanship and tonality, while offering it at a price that any beginner or working musician can afford. Built with quality components and desirable features, this 8-string is a welcome addition to any instrument collection that won't breaking the bank.

Built on the teardrop A-style platform, the Ibanez mandolin features a spruce top for balanced tone right out of the box. The mahogany body offers rich lows and a pristine sustain. The rosewood fretboard promotes the clear sustain and the tonal clarity that has made Ibanez a household name in the mandolin realm. Additional appointments include chrome hardware and a high gloss finish.

Case sold separately.

8-string mandolin A-style body type Mahogany neck, back, and sides Spruce top Scale: 350 mm Mahogany neck Rosewood fretboard 20 frets Nut width: 30mm Flat fretboard Rosewood bridge Chrome tuners Chrome hardware High gloss finish Case sold separately

The M510 A-Style Acoustic Mandolin is a perfect instrument for the beginning bluegrass musician, or a welcome addition to your folk instrument collection. Order now.

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Out of the box this mando is nice for the money. I would suggest removing all the strings except one G and one A string. Take some painters tape and use as a marker where the bridge rests as delivered. Loosen the two strings (G and A)that are still on the mando and remove the bridge. Take off the plastic under the bridge and discard. Put the bridge back on at the position where you marked with the tape. Adjust the bridge down all the way. Tune up the G and A string. Pick the G string at the 12th fret and see if it buzzes. If so then loosen and adjust the wheel up. (I actually filed my fret and checked the height with a steel ruler and gage but you will need to know what you are doing for this). Do the same with the A string. Now pick the G and A. If they are in tune at open and at the 12th you are good. If not then move or tap the bridge up or down to get it in tune. My bridge position was lower on the G than the A and sits at an angle of about 3 degrees. Now put tape all around the bridge so it won't move and put the best strings you can afford on the mando. Tune up and you will find this model plays and holds tune very well. I would suggest using fret fast for sure. I wanted something cheap to cart around and use as a practice piece. I found it to be more than that and I am very pleased. I would try a light, medium, flat wound and coated strings if you are starting out to see which works for you since no one person picks the same as far as tension or pressure goes and the tone and feel will be a personal thing. Strings are a cheap way to develop your individual character for playing.
Ibanez M510 A-Style Mandolin Vintage Sunburst
.Purchased this for our son's 14th birthday present. He currently plays the violin, ukelele, and swanks out lively tunes on his harmonica. When he opened the box the day of his birthday we were all surprised at how beautiful this mandolin was. It was prompty tuned and off his fingers went to play up and down the strings to make the most incredible sounds. The tone was rich and strong. We bought the dark "violin" finish, as it was the only color they had in stock at the time we place our order for one. Our son had a liking for the "sunburst" finish so we were hoping it wouldn't be too dark. Surprisingly, it wasn't overly dark at all. The natural wood grain finish has a rich, warm, dark brown appearance that deepens into black just a little around the edges-- not too much black. It is gorgeous, quite actually. He's had a lot of fun playing it around the house getting used to the eight strings. He REALLY likes this instrument! We're all SOOO pleased with this instrument, and we heartily recommend it to someone who wants more than just a beginner level quality one, as this stays in tune nicely and doesn't appear to be something that would need to be replaced or upgraded any time soon.
Ibanez M510 A-Style Mandolin Vintage Sunburst
.I am a long time guitarist who bought this mandolin as a Christmas present for my 8 year old daughter. When the instrument came, the finish was nice, and the neck, fretboard and frets were all in good playing condition. The violin finish was darker than the pictures showed--very dark brown, almost black--but is still nice looking.

The action needed to be lowered at the bridge and the intonation needed to be set, but this was not difficult to do. The only drawback is that the nut was not filed properly, so most of the strings actually were sitting on top of the grooves, making the action very high toward the nut and very difficult to play (like driving a bus). This is the kind of thing that you come to expect when looking for instruments in this price range. Fortunately, we have the tools to file the nut and after doing so, the mandolin now plays very nicely and produces good tones.

Overall, it is a great value for the money. If you can't do the setup yourself, I would highly recommend paying the 50 bones, or thereabouts, for a professional setup. After a nice setup, it plays and sounds much better than any of the mandolins in its price range and, in my opinion, better than many that I have seen and played in the 500-600 greenback range.

A very excellent beginner mandolin.
Ibanez M510 A-Style Mandolin Vintage Sunburst
.I have been completly blown away by this mandolin. I ordered this crossing my fingers, hoping I wouldn't get a piece of krud, and as it turns out this has been a joy to play. A little over two months and the constant and consitent elegant sounds that this instrument can produce still shocks me. Bluegrass favorits such as cripple creek and red haired boy are highly complimented by this insrtruments capabilities. Overall, if you want a low price mandolin that can play with the best of them, this is a good way to go.
Comes equiped with high quality hardware. Just make sure that as soon as you get it that you replace the strings, mine were nearly black with age. The only thing I dislike was the pick guard, it is a piece of crap. The fret dots both on the front and side of the board are wonderful. The dark violin finish on mine is dark and elegant and has no visible imperfections except for inside the F-holes.
The quality is great. The stock strings could be better and the pickguard again was ridiculous, otherwise I have no qualms about this instrument.
For the price you cannot do much better, I have spent great amoutns of time playing 400-1000 dollar mandolins and the sound on this little Ibanez can stand up to any of them.
Ibanez M510 A-Style Mandolin Vintage Sunburst
.Has a few upgrades over competitors in the same price range. I have enjoyed the instrument and am very pleased with its quality. Plays best of all those I played in the guitar store.
Ibanez M510 A-Style Mandolin Vintage Sunburst
.I wanted to learn mandolin and at this price point I was excited to jump in without breaking the bank, I was a little weary about it being too cheap but i got it anyways. I had it set up by a luither who put the bridge in the correct place and put some of the D'addario j75 strings on it. The Mando sounds really nice, the strings are nice and mellow but still have a bit of bite without being too shrill. It is really light, it is holding its tuning well and looks amazing. Its a no brainer if your intrested in this Mando just to get it, it has a cheap price tag and Im really impressed by Ibanez's quality entry level instruments.
Ibanez M510 A-Style Mandolin Vintage Sunburst

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I been playing guitar mostly electric with one acoustic for many years and written my own music. My guitars I own are ESP Deluxe 1000, Schecter Diamond series, Fender American Strat, Fender Mexican Strat and Humbuckler HTTS, one Highway 101 Telecaster,1 Ibanez shredder Rg series The acoustic I own is a Takamine. The Ibanbez M510A for $149.00 is truly incredible. When I opened the box for a $149.00 mandolin I expected garbage with plastic tuners, The beauty of this little instrument knocked me on the ground. Metal tuners, astonishing color. The frets are marked with bar marks so you know where you are. The play ability is simple incredible with the sound coming out of this mystifying. Easy to tune, Easy to string. Even if your never going to play it you got this baby showcased in your home your gonna get comments. This thing looks like a Stradivarius or something. The M510 -A mandolin to all the pro mandoliners out there check this one out. The reason the quality only got a 4.5 is that it's delicate and there is a plastic foam insert between the bridge and the body. Is that standard? Ibanez Great job. Custom Guitars Friend great price. This is a winner!
Ibanez M510 A-Style Mandolin Vintage Sunburst
.I am not a great musician. I am better at getting instruments to sound better than they come. So the first thing I do is get rid of the cheap bridge unless it happens to be well constructed and replace the strings, most of the time the overseas instruments suffer from the ocean transportation rust on the strings. Even though they use the moisture packs to ward this off. Overall the mandolin is pretty well built, has a truss rod, the fretboard looks straight (although in need of some lemon oil) and the frets are very level. It sounds great but I would like to make a bone nut for it to replace the plastic one it came with to get an even better tone. But for the price and quality, you can't go wrong in purchasing this little mandolin.
Ibanez M510 A-Style Mandolin Vintage Sunburst
.I played guitar years ago and after retiring decided to buy a mandolin to play around with. This is not a Gibson by any means but it is a solid instrument for someone who wants to test the mandolin waters. Sound is not bad and it seems to stay in tune. I am very happy with this mandolin for the price I paid.
Ibanez M510 A-Style Mandolin Vintage Sunburst
.My loving family gave me one of these for Christmas. One of the best presents I've ever received. I'm not into the whole bluegrass thingy but I've been having fun learning new fiddle tunes. We are doing a some bluegrass at church this summer. Had to get a p/u for it (the Lr Baggs one works great) for putting though the board at church.The coolest thing is now when I pick up my Martin or Les Paul my fingers just fly. Don't know if it's playing a new instrument or just being jacked about playing again - like when I first picked up a guiter.
Ibanez M510 A-Style Mandolin Vintage Sunburst

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