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Ibanez AEB10E Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar with Onboard Tuner Dark Violin Sunburst

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Hardshell Case of Ibanez AEB10E Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar with Onboard Tuner Dark Violin Sunburs
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Product Description

The Ibanez AEB10E Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar with Onboard Tuner gives you warm, full tones. A Fishman Sonicore pickup and SST preamp deliver a fat, punchy sound. The mahogany neck, back, and sides make for a rich low end. Features a spruce top, pearl dot inlays, die-cast chrome tuners, rosewood fretboard and bridge, and an onboard tuner.

Case sold separately.

Mahogany neck, back, and sides Rosewood fretboard and bridge Spruce top Fishman Sonicore pickup and SST preamp Pearl dot inlays Die-cast chrome tuners Onboard tuner

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A fantastic bass for any style of music, once you work through any quality issues. I would buy again, but would make sure to play EVERY note on the neck to check for fret buzz that can't be fixed or dead frets.
I love the onboard tuner. I've used this bass to play gigs, playing hard rock. It's so nice to be able to tune on-the-fly.
The quality varies from instrument to instrument. Play it before you put it away. The first one I got had a couple of dead frets. I exchanged it for a new one that plays and sounds great. It will have serious feedback, in my experience with it when it's played at higher volume, but that is easily solved with a plug for the sound hole. It's the best playing bass I own and, by far, the cheapest bass I own.
I'd buy another one in a heartbeat, if something were to ever happen to the one I own. I can't stress enough though, play it up and down, top to bottom, all the way up the neck and back, as soon as you get it.
Ibanez AEB10E Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar with Onboard Tuner Dark Violin Sunburst
.I noticed what I thought was a very good price on the Ibanez AEB5E, ordered it and received it about two weeks ago. After more research I decided to upgrade to the AEB10E, with its all mahogany body except for the spruce sound board and rosewood frets. I also liked the idea of getting an upgrade in the electronics. This violin sunburst finish with understated accents is gorgeous. It you want a "head-turner," this finish will do the job. The upgrade was money very well spent. As owner of a 1956 Gibson J 45, I know what a great tone sounds like and how quality materials endure. Frankly, I am amazed at what Ibanez has accomplished with the AEB10E as well as the lessor AEV5E in terms of sound quality for the price they are asking. There is considerable difference in the acoustic resonance (sound projection) of the AEV10E and the AEV5E. With a spruce top on the AEV10E, one might expect that. However, one needs to also consider the difference in price if you're on an especially tight budget. As an ole rocker myself, who focused primarily on keyboard and rhythm guitar back-in-the-day, I am now undertaking to learn a bit of bass guitar since both my son and grandson are now respectable guitar players. If you are just now starting out on bass and want the acoustic sound, the AEB5E would be an excellent buy for you. If you are more experienced or just want an acoustic bass with high quality electronics, constructed of traditional superior guitar-making materials, for the money, it's hard to see how you could beat the price/quality ratio you receive with the AEB10E. Did I mention that the customer service at Custom Guitars Friend is awesome? It is!
Ibanez AEB10E Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar with Onboard Tuner Dark Violin Sunburst
.Would now have trouble going to a different bass.
This is my third bass and my first acoustic bass. Years ago I played a Goetz upright bass and then switched to solid body electrics. The solids were too heavy for the folk, folk rock and country we do, along with our acoustic 6 & 12 strings. The solids were also to "electric" sounding. The Ibanez AEB10E Acoustic Bass was a great alternative. Warm, rich sounds, on-board tuner, lighter-weight, great pre-amp and excellent tuners. Once tuned, it stays in tune. Great compilments on its looks and its sound. I recommend changing the strings to light, GHS stainless steel flatwound bass strings. I also added a plastic Fender thumb rest above the sound hole for easier multi-finger playing. You will then come as close to the sound of a fretless bass as possible with this bass and these strings.
Excellent quality and worksmanship and the dark violin finish is very rich and beautifully done. Pick-up, tuner and pre-amp work beautifully. Fret board action excellent, especially with the light flatwound strings.
This bass would be a good value at twice the cost.
Ibanez AEB10E Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar with Onboard Tuner Dark Violin Sunburst
This is a great bass, but needs a little fixing to reach its potential. When I got mine, there were a couple comments about how the D and G strings were barely audible, and so forth. I decided since the bass has Fishman electronics and was not a cheapo model that it was worth the risk, so I bought one. Well, the folks were right. I took it apart and discovered that the saddle of the bridge was made of soft plastic, and was used to transmit the sound to the piezo piece beneath. Thinking that the softness would limit the sound transmission, I ordered a hard bone saddle blank on Ebay. I drew the template from the old plastic one onto it, adding about a millimeter due to some string buzzing issues, and used a bench grinder to shape it, followed by rounding and polishing with sandpaper. I installed it, but got a thumping sound and not clear treble. I then took the strings back off and noticed it was binding in the slot. I trimmed it again ever so slightly so it was loose in the slot, and voila - sound volume went way up, thumping stopped, and it sounds great! So, a little work and a cheap part and you will have a world-class instrument.
Ibanez AEB10E Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar with Onboard Tuner Dark Violin Sunburst
.AEB-10E, I Bought a used One, Got It Home!
Buzzed In the 3rd fret Big E,
But Noticed How Clean the other 3 were. So Returned and Talked to QC! Person,I New there was NO WAY a Guitar Player sent this OUT!
He said He would make sure second one was hand checked By a Player, Now the Big E action Just as sweet as The Little One! For the Money You Will Not Buy a Prettier Guitar!
But If Your One of those people that buy stuff to look at and brag about cause You cant play!
Dont Buy This You don't deserve IT!
I'd slap funk or grass with this baby, Weekend camping out or sunday morning church.
The dark model I got kinda gives You The look of old sadle leather, But Classy enough to take anywhere!
I read some of the other reviews before buying it. Sounded like player that don't know how to play or had a rich daddy to buy anything they wanted? Cause any guitar under a grand is going to have to be ajusted "alittle" or Your going to ajust to it? Iv found being a poor hillbilly!
Ibanez AEB10E Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar with Onboard Tuner Dark Violin Sunburst
. The guitar sounds and plays real good
Sound great plugged in and acoustically.You can dial the sound right in.
I,m rating this bass low because of quality control.The first one I received had a stripped out tuning peg and the clear coat of the finish was sprayed over a layer of buffing compound.It looked terrible.That being said, the bass sounded really good acoustically and plugged in so I exchanged for another.Misiciansfriend was real good to work with and I received the guitar quickly.Well the second bass has the same clearcoat problem, although not as bad as the first guitar.It also has a couple good dings in the finish,but the bass sounds really good acoustically and plugged in so I'm keeping it.Also the bass comes set up with high action witch I like.If not for you it comes with a second bridge to dial the guitar in to your touch.
Ibanez AEB10E Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar with Onboard Tuner Dark Violin Sunburst
.When I bought this guitar I had not played a bass for about eight years. I decided to get back into it and buy my first real bass after always borrowing others. I like this one on many levels. It has a nice full sound and responds well. Another nice feature is that I do not have to plug it in to practice and my neighbors love me for that! The dual plug ins are a nice feature also. If we do an acoustic set i can plug directly into the system and not overpower the other instuments or I can plug into the amp and crank out the sound. I have relly enjoyed owning this guitar for the last year. It has been a fun investment!
The electronics on that the AEB10E comes with are what made me skip the lower end Ibanez bass and go for this one. The onboard tuner has proven to be very useful.
The bridge that came on the guitar allowed the E string to buzz on a fret. The guitar came with a second bridge that set the strings higher until I can get it into the shop to be set up properly. I like the look and feel of this guitar! I have the dark violin sunburst and it has turned some heads.
The value of this guitar is what made me go for it.
Ibanez AEB10E Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar with Onboard Tuner Dark Violin Sunburst
.Absolutely awsum ABG for the price. As long as you are not going in expecting top-of-the-line sound and quality.
Have been running the AEB10E through its paces for about 3 weeks now. Loving the on board tuner and phase option, becuase without that on, it wants to feedback Like a mofo.
Quality seems to be solid all the way around as nothing feels cheap or flimsy. There is definetly some fret buzz issue, but I hopping that I can address with new strings.
I couldnt possibly expect more for the price tag.
Ibanez AEB10E Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar with Onboard Tuner Dark Violin Sunburst
.This is currently my favorite guitar/bass. I love showing up to gigs with my oversized case and saying, "I brought my cello today." It excels at everything. You can play mellow and sound smooth and cool, or really plunk away and get the sharp sound of bronze strings. Unplugged it's loud enough to practice with or even play with a lightly played guitar. Don't expect it to be as loud as an upright, that's why it has electronics. Very nice electronics that will give you all the volume you can use. The tuner, the sound shaper, and the XLR out are all wonderful bonuses. There are a couple of downsides though: first of all I've found that as my strings get old the volume and sustain at different frets can seem drastically different. I generally cope with this by adjusting my eq, changing my play style, or just breaking down and buying new strings. The other issue is that this thing is a feedback machine. The phase cancellation button helps eliminate the feedback caused by itself, but a loud guitar can still cause problems. Thankfully the base has a standard sized 4" sound hole so you can install a plug. All in all, if someone asked me what to get if they were looking for an acoustic bass, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this one.
Ibanez AEB10E Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar with Onboard Tuner Dark Violin Sunburst
.Received my new Ibanez AEB10E Acoustic Bass and was shocked by the guitar's terrible finish. It had multiple scratches from a circular buffer on the face and back of the instrument. These scrath marks were under the clearcoat, and easily visible from across the room. They obviously occured during production and not during shipping, etc. Doesn't Ibanez have QC standards? Can't understand how anyone would think it was okay to ship a product that messed up. I'm returning it for a replacement. I expect a perfect finish on the replacement. If not, I will cancel the order and get a refund. Totally unacceptable.
Ibanez AEB10E Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar with Onboard Tuner Dark Violin Sunburst

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