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Ibanez AEB5E Acoustic-Electric Bass Black

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Hardshell Case of Ibanez AEB5E Acoustic-Electric Bass Black
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Product Description

The Ibanez AEB5E acoustic-electric bass delivers a punchy low end, whether amplified or not. As an unplugged acoustic bass, its agathis body and sides give it a warm tone.

The Ibanez piezo pickup and Ibanez AEQ-202T preamp with 2-band EQ and onboard tuner allows quick tuning and easy amplification with a natural acoustic sound.

Acoustic bass adds a tasty layer of warm, low-end resonance that makes songs come alive and arrangements sound more fleshed-out. When amplified, the Ibanez AEB5E bass guitar uses its pickup and preamp to pump the tone and offer the thump you need at whatever volume.
Case sold separately.

Agathis back and sides Chrome die-cast tuners Ibanez piezo pickup Ibanez AEQ-202T 2-band preamp with onboard tuner Rosewood bridge and fretboard Ivorex II nut and saddle Case sold separately

Order today and add an acoustic to your bass arsenal.


AEB5E Acoustic-Electric Bass

Pickup: Ibanez Piezo
Electronics: Ibanez AEQ Preamp with 2-Band EQ and onboard tuner
32" Scale
Dimensions: 16"W x 20"H x 5"D

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Overall, I'd definitely buy it again! It's my third bass, rounding out the set - it accompanies an Ibanez electric that's my "hard use" bass, and a 1976 Ric 4001 that (naturally) is my "good" bass. Good buy if the acoustic is something you're looking to add to your battery and won't be using as your primary bass. If you're shopping for a primary instrument, I might be tempted to go one notch up the quality scale, but for what I bought it for - amp-less practice and the maybe 5-10% of songs during gigs where I want the acoustic sound, it's perfect.
Tuner, volume, bass and treble controls on a this bass? All work as advertised, lots here for the money. The only down side here is that you have to plug it in for the tuner to work (designed that way). Sorta defeats the acoustic with built-in tuner concept of being able to go play somewhere without an amp... But - easy fix - just stick a plug from an old cord or an adapter in your case so you have a plug to stick in the jack while tuning, and you're good to go.
A fair amount of fret buzz out of the box, and I haven't had a chance to see if a quality set-up will improve that. Some has been helped by adjusting my playing style, going at it a bit more gently than I'm used to with my electrics... But, the finish is nice, the bass plays well, the electronics all work great, it holds a tune, good action, and nice tone - absolutely no complaints at this price!
I frankly, can't believe I got this much bass for this little money! The sound is great, and (unlike some reviews I've read on other acoustics) this one can hold its own volume-wise in an acoustic setting with the six-strings you're likely to be playing with.
Ibanez AEB5E Acoustic-Electric Bass Black
.This item takes a few minutes to get comfortable with, which is not a bad thing. It is quite different than playing my Jackson electric bass, at least for me. It is not unwieldy, you just need to find your comfy playing position. I picked this because it is a bit smaller than the Dean EABC, and the GC rep said the preamp was better. Plus it was a little cheaper. I do prefer the natural finish vs black (personal preference), but I could only find the black one. However, I am getting plenty of compliments on the black.
It sounds really great playing acoustically, very rich tone. The action is great, and there are no dead spots or buzzing in the frets. It felt setup when I bought it, but I doubt it really was, so praise to Ibanez. I played this vs a Fender Kingman, and I chose the Ibanez. (Plus the headstock on the Fender looks silly on an acoustic.) Plugged in, I run it through my Zoom B3 pedal, and I could swear that it is louder than my Jackson with active pickups. There is some hum, but this is removed by adjusting the two-band EQ on the bass. I use my pedal to shape my sound anyway. The onboard tuner works well, but is a little over sensitive for my taste. The stock phosphor bronze strings sound terrific, but I am looking forward to replacing those when needed with some recommended Earthwoods.
I am very pleased with this instrument. I noticed a couple little nicks in the binding, but this is of course a floor model so who knows who played it before me. When you look at it, it seems pretty no frills (no soundhole rosette, no snazzy fingerboard inlays, etc.) but it sounds terrific and plays like butter. I'll take that over cosmetics any day of the week. I am looking forward to playing this for a long time.
Ibanez AEB5E Acoustic-Electric Bass Black
.Hi there, i bought this bass guitar about 3-5 months ago and ever since i bought it ive had no complaints. the guitar has moderate construction as when i opened it up i noticed the fret wire extends past the fretboard but only by a little bit, maybe 1/8 of a centimeter and has a pretty fine texture to it, on a scale of 1 to 10 on how fine the texture of the fret wire is i would say it is about a 7 - 8. the wood on the inside of the body is not very sanded or smooth, in some places small pieces of wood will kind of "peel" off but nothing that would effect the look or solid feel of it. the pickups inside the bass are delightful and good for all types of sounds, but i would recommend investing in a soundhole cover as they are active and can be a feedback monster if the volume is cranked up. the tuners are fairly good but i would recommend tightening them when it arrives as they are made on an assembly line and are sorta loosely assembled. i bought this new and the one they sent me had the truss rod very well set up right out of the box, it had a little bit of a buzz but you can easily adjust it to take that out. the finish on the guitar is absolutely stunning and the neck is smooth as silk. the sound of the guitar when its not plugged in is golden, it sounds like a fender expierienced level bass rather than a novice one. the feel of the bass will make your whole body move as you can glide over the neck with ease. all in all if your looking for a bass that is terrific and fun overall that is at a stunningly low price i recommend you buy the ibanez AEB5E Acoustic-Electric Bass.
Ibanez AEB5E Acoustic-Electric Bass Black
.Great bass but you should be able to use the turner without an amp. I would recomend it to any person who is just starting out.
The only problem is you cant use the tuner unless its pluged into an amp.
All around great bass for an even better price.
Amazing for the price I got it for.
Ibanez AEB5E Acoustic-Electric Bass Black
.I got this bass around two years ago after my guitarist convinced me I need an acoustic bass (which you certainly don't). I expected it to be JUST well enough to play, and it definitely exceeded my expectations. It came in the mail with no cosmetic flaw (expected with musicians friend) and came, to my surprise, with SUPER low action and no fret buzz whatsoever. To this day even, it has never had a set up and i've only changed the strings once (she's long past due right about now). With some Ernie Earthwounds she really sings, almost a piano-like tone. I use it for folk mainly, Avett Brothers etc. and she gets the job done well. I've never had a problem, would say it's worth double the price. I wonder what the AEB10E is like.......
Ibanez AEB5E Acoustic-Electric Bass Black
.By all means, buy this instrument. I love it. Yes, the neck is heavy. I fixed this fairly easily by gluing 1.3 lbs of lead shot to the inside of the body about halfway between the battery bay and the end post. Yes, the instrument is just a bit heavier overall, but not bad at all. No, it does not change the sound at all. Yes, it is 1000 times easier on my left hand and arm now that my fingers are 100% free to deal with the strings. I'm sure purists are cringing, but this is an entry level instrument and my left hand needs to focus on the strings, not on holding up the neck.

This is a nice instrument at an extremely affordable price. With this little fix it is also very easy to hold and play.
Ibanez AEB5E Acoustic-Electric Bass Black
.Great Bass for my needs
Ibanez AEB5E Acoustic-Electric Bass Black
.I bought this bass as a 2nd bass, to add an acoustic tone to certains songs on the gig. It sounded decent live, but I had a hard time keeping the 'E' string in tune. In addition, intonation was less than stellar (some notes played sharp as I worked up the fretboard). Sustain was good overall, but dead when playing 'G' at the 11th fret on the 'A' string. As far as playing unamplified - I can hear all notes well during practice, but plugging in during a gig is a must, as a 6-string acoustic would likely overpower it. All-in-all, it's a good bass, with good tone, and great value for the money. But, if you're looking for accuracy, you may want to save up for something a bit better.
Ibanez AEB5E Acoustic-Electric Bass Black
.I wish that the tuner worked without being plugged in but still great regardless.
This is by far one of the nicest acoustic basses that I have played. for it's price, it is great, very well constructed and it has an amazing tone. especially when played with a pic. I havent tried plugging it in as I dont have an amp and the tuner does not work without being plugged into the amp but it is still one of the best purchases I have made! I highly recommend it.
Ibanez AEB5E Acoustic-Electric Bass Black
.It's amazing what this much can buy. This AEB5E is very playable. The neck is well intoned, as least this one is. Very pretty instrument.
I received this today so any imperfections or flaws I mention are not of my making.
Only upon closer inspection with a strong lamp did I find a number of anomalies.
1. The most obvious is the relative spacing of G string from the other strings. It's about 1/16" further spaced from the D string. I tried to re-seat the string but no luck.
2. The E string bridge peg protrudes up from the bridge approximately 1/8". Again, I tried to re-seat the string with no luck.
3. Crapes, scratches and wood imperfections abound.
4. The tuning machines are poorly chromed and scuffed.
An acoustic bass with electronics. at this price, can't be perfect. Corners must be cut. But for a reasonable price you get a nice, playable acoustic bass that looks swell, plays nicely and sounds like an acoustic bass. The preamp works nicely. Note, the tuner must be turned off for the electronics to operate.
Tip: Just plug in any 1/4" adapter and you always have access to the tuner. Just remember to turn it off so the battery won't needlessly drain.
Ibanez AEB5E Acoustic-Electric Bass Black

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