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Electro-Harmonix Classics Flanger Hoax Guitar Effects Pedal

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Hardshell Case of Electro-Harmonix Classics Flanger Hoax Guitar Effects Pedal
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Product Description

From shimmering static and active phasing to frequency-adjustable flanging, the Flanger Hoax gives you an exciting new palette of textures to create with. Familiar and advanced modulation controls and 3 outputs (direct, blended, effect) let you create endless variations that will do everything from subtly shade to wildly animate your music.

The Flanger Hoax is made up of 2 separate phaser sections--the Fixed Phaser and Swept Phaser--and their associated delay lines. The Fixed Phaser is similar to a traditional phaser, modulated by a low-frequency sine wave called the Modulator. Each phaser circuit is followed by its own analog delay line, each of which can also be independently swept by the Modulator. Each phaser section can be bypassed to access the delay lines without any phase shift. Feedback control allows you to send the wet output of the pedal or the output of the Swept Phaser back into the phaser circuits. 18V power supply included.

BLEND knob: Mixes between the effect and the dry signal. The counter-clockwise position is all-dry, while the clockwise position is all effect. The result of the BLEND Control goes out the BLENDED OUTPUT jack
DELAY MODE switch: Selects between different phase shift combinations for the modulating waveform that sweeps the Fixed Phaser Delay line and the Swept Phaser Delay.
FEEDBACK knob: Sets the amount of signal that is fed back into both phase shift circuits. The counter-clocker-clockwise position gives you no feedback; the clockwise position yields maximum feedback.
OFF toggle switch position: All Feedback is turned off, no matter where the FEEDBACK knob is set.
RATE knob: Sets the frequency of the sine wave Modulator. The available frequency range is from 0.07 Hz (14 Seconds) to 220 Hz.
SWPT toggle switch position: In the SWPT Position, the output of the Swept Phaser is fed back into Phaser circuits.
WET toggler switch position: In the WET position, the wet signal (which is at the EFFECT OUTPUT Jack) is fed back to the phaser circuits.

Ethereal flange and phase effects, great for guitar, bass, and keyboards True bypass 5 delay modes including DC 5 modulation modes from 270 degrees to DC Fixed phaser with invert and bypass Feedback from wet to swept and bypass Direct, blended, and effect outputs Blend control 18DC-500 18v power supply included

With the Flanger Hoax, your creativity is your only limitation. Call or click to buy now!

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A lot of people seem to be having trouble with this pedal. I think that a lot of this is due to the confusing layout of the pedal, which seems to divide the controls into modulation, feedback, swept and fixed phaser. This layout confused me for a long time until I researched the pedal further and realized that it basically boils down to two phasers and two delay lines (which are not necessarily connected to each other). I've had the hoax for several years now and am just now starting to find some useful settings. For me the best way to find useful settings is to turn down the delay lines (which are the source of most of the hoax's weird sounds), turn off the invert and fixed switches, and turn off the feedback. I use the rate knob, the amount knob, and the modulation mode to dial in a useful phaser sound. From their I color the sound by adding delay(s), fixed phaser, invert, feedback etc. Finally I use the blend knob to make the setting match my needs. Remember that some settings that may sound like space noises with the blend knob turned up can provide interesting undertones to your music with the blend turned down. Overall, I would say that this is a very powerful and useful pedal. I'm not entirely sure why EHX didn't give it a more intuitive layout or useful manual.

The pedal does have a few other drawbacks, which seem to be widely acknowledged. The first is that there is a fairly substantial drop in volume. The second is that the pedal tends to hiss sometimes, especially with the delay lines are being used. I've heard that this is common for analog delays (the hoax contains two of these).

Finally, I would recommend this pedal for some, but not all, people. This pedal is neither a standard flanger pedal nor a pure noise machine. However, when used properly it can provide the detail oriented guitarist with a nice range of modulation possibilities and a great degree of control over the effect.
Electro-Harmonix Classics Flanger Hoax Guitar Effects Pedal
.I'm a big EHX fan. And after owning this for about 2 months now, I'm ready to throw it out the window :) That isn't to say its a bad thing. Just be aware that this pedal is complex. I've set out for one goal, to get a good sound to come out of this box, and I haven't achieved that yet. I've gotten plenty of weird unique sounds to come out, but nothing that blows me away.Break out the manual and be prepared to read the sound schematic.Basic Settings anyone? One thing I like about most pedals you buy is there are a few sample settings for you to dink with. But not here. You're left guessing.The other thing that irks me is the layout on the front of the pedal. The pedal is color coded, but it doesn't look to be color coded in the order the signal path travels, or grouped logically. For example, bypass switches in one group don't bypass that groups controls, just part of the group. The other portion is still active.I'll be looking online for sample settings to atleast get a decent sound out of this pedal so that I know it's possible, and maybe off of those I can learn a thing or two about the settings. Others have said it and I'll say it as well. This thing is an instrument all on its own.This isn't your basic flanger, don't buy it if that's what your looking for. Don't buy it as a replacement for your phaser. This is your signal fed through a maze of flangy modulation, a fixed phaser, delays, a swept phaser, feedback etc... the first pedal I've seen to ever feature "Degrees" Yup you heard me, we're back in math class now. Add this degree onto your "sine" wave and what do we have kids? I DONT KNOW! Lets see how it sounds...Yup..thats the best 180 Degree phase shift I've ever heard...Wouldn't replace it for the world! Honestly I wish they would have just drawn arrows on this thing. Hmm...might not be a bad idea... The hard part is I'd like to isolate a section, get it tuned the way I want and then add the next section, but I can't do that because there aren't bypasses for everything, and each mode changes which section is being affected. So in essence I have no idea which sections are running, which aren't or what knobs I should start tuning.All in all, it wont be on my pedal board at the moment. It's big, it takes a power adapter just like all EHX pedals (Wall warts) and I have no idea how to get a decent sound out of it. Maybe 6 months down the line when I get this figured out I'll write another review on how amazing it is :) But right now I'm just frustrated.
Electro-Harmonix Classics Flanger Hoax Guitar Effects Pedal
.Very unique pedal.When I first got this pedal I was a little overwhelmed. I spent 3 hours with it, tweaking the 9 knobs and 3 switches.After going through a worthless manual, I finally decided to search online. I found a few websites with settings, and went from there.Let me tell you, once you understand even a little bit of this pedal, you can get just about any sound out of it. It's just a matter of tweaking and toying.So far I've gotten everything to come out of it. Choruses, flanges, vibrato, tremolo, delay, rotating speaker, fuzz, overdrive, and God knows what else. There's some sounds I've never heard before come out of this pedal.Don't buy this pedal, because I want to be the only one who can have these sounds.
Electro-Harmonix Classics Flanger Hoax Guitar Effects Pedal
.so the compact design...bad joke, sorry. it's the size of a grade school desk.

anyway, i've had this pedal for a couple years now and i still don't understand it. i know what settings work for me, but i don't know really why/how it works. i've found that it works better with a solid signal(keyboards, etc) than guitar... at least that's my experience with it. you can get really cool flutters and sweeps with it, and time it so it stays in time with a steady drum rhythm. thats about all i know. if you like tweaking knobs and making strange/odd sounds, this is a pedal for you. i haven't been able to get a really good standard flange or phase sound from it, but i don't think that's what this pedal is for. throw some reverb and dirt at it...it likes it.
Electro-Harmonix Classics Flanger Hoax Guitar Effects Pedal
.this pedal will change your life, if you let it.this pedal is not for those who don't like experimenting with things, that's for sure. it takes time, patience, and a good memory; but it's worth it in the end.there is a lot of fuzz, but almost unnoticable when playing with a whole band. there is a volume drop, but not something a volume pedal wouldn't fix. (if you don't use a volume pedal, you should. dynamics are key in music, in my opinion).this pedal has opened my eyes to new styles, genres, potentials in every type of music i play.
Electro-Harmonix Classics Flanger Hoax Guitar Effects Pedal
.The Flanger Hoax is an incredible effect. Being an analog pedal, it has a warmth to it. It doesn't have much length to it, so you may want to consider a delay pedal if you don't have one. The paint job is somewhat poor, but it doesn't affect the overall product much. You can literally spend hours tweaking the knobs. The feedback and rate controls are great to adjust in real time. The true-bypass circuitry helps keep things in order. Overall it is a great effect that I would reccomend to anyone who digs that warm analog sound and wants options.
Electro-Harmonix Classics Flanger Hoax Guitar Effects Pedal
.The flanger hoax is one of the most dificult pedals I own. It is also the best flanger I have ever used. This pedal did give me alot of trouble when I first got it; mainly because I actually had to read the manual. This flanger is great because you can get the exact type of flange you want out of this pedal. It will take time, and reading, but once you are finished you should be pleased.
Electro-Harmonix Classics Flanger Hoax Guitar Effects Pedal
.For all you crazy noise guitarists out there...Get this pedal!! I tried this out at a local shop and all I can say is trippy... You don't even need to play your guitar to get crazy sounds out of this thing, you can get simple flanger and phase sounds, and weird whale and alien farts, it is sooo trippy, if you are into noise, buy one, but if you looking for a standard phaser go for the Small Stone, or a flanger, Electric Mistress.
Electro-Harmonix Classics Flanger Hoax Guitar Effects Pedal

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