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Electro-Harmonix White Finger XO Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal

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Hardshell Case of Electro-Harmonix White Finger XO Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal
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Product Description

The Electro-Harmonix White Finger Guitar Pedal yields transparent, long sustain that preserves attack. Two optocouplers (LED and lamp) offer distinctly different readings and uniquely varied compressions. The White Finger Pedal features multiple FETs instead of vacuum tubes, making it the affordable alternative.

LED optocoupler for a faster attack compression Lamp optocoupler for softer blooming compressor Quiet long sustains with transparent tones Pre-gain control lets you control how hard your instrument hits the compressor Sensitivity knob for control of how the compression will be hit Compression amount allows you to dial in the perfect ratio for your music Same compression theory as our professional NY-2A but uses FETs instead of tubes

Don't sacrifice your tone for long sustain—add the White Finger XO to the cart now.

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Built like a tank. Clean sound (I have a good power noise filter). It's got many options that I like....a clean boost with the compressor turned down, makes a good smoothed signal, or make your signal percussive, can be set as more of a limitor..... If I use a digital effect, I put it in front of this, then through my tube distortion and to a tube/hybrid amp. I plugged my digital drums into this enhanced the sound as well. Like the big ehx pedals, you have more options to shape you sound than most other pedals. Their new digital octaves and delays make me wish that it could save settings, lol this a great analog comp.
Electro-Harmonix White Finger XO Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal
.This a nice pedal if you buy it with the intention of using it as an effect and not as a tone inhancer/sustainer (i.e. a Ross clone style like the Keeley). On the higher settings it can squash your signal like nobody's business. It's also quite a bit bassier that you're typical compressor/sustainer unit. It works best with a good clean tube amp with a dash of reverb or delay; it also favors brigher sounding guitars with single coils: Tele players will love this box; humbucker boy's, not so much. You can go from an inhanced twang to a pretty pronounced percussive pop without the "effect" side of things being to over the top. The Nashville thing is certainly in there, as is the chicken pickin' snap you good ol' boys like cutting your teeth on (you rascals know who you are). The negative on this unit are fairly minor: it can be a little noisy on the higher settings; it takes a little while to learn how to dial it in properly; and it doesn't like distortion at all or work particularly well with other pedals. What it does do it does quite well, provided you keep it simple.
Electro-Harmonix White Finger XO Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal
.Some people say it is a noisy pedal but I don't find it to be (my guitars have humbuckers so that may be why). I wouldn't say it doesn't affect your tone because it makes my rather bright/trebbly sounding Trace Elliot amp (mine happens to be all solid state) sound warmer, darker, fatter," but not necessarily muddier. I would say the sound changes quite dramatically when I switch it on. One thing this compressor does which I wasn't expecting is that it can add quite a bit of gain to the signal and really push the amp like an overdrive or boost pedal. Perhaps this is what some reviewers mean by ""noise"". So", I have the pre gain knob turned all the way up and the post gain knob only about 1/4 of the way. I set the compression at about 1/3 and sensitivity knob all the way to the left. I find I like the sound of the LED setting better and I leave the squash setting on. Even with the post gain at 1/4 of the way it seems like it is pushing my amp and making it distort. To my ears the lamp setting seems even more distorted than the led and doesn't seem as smooth. One sound I was trying to get is the sound on some of the old Bread recordings from the 1970's (compressed but not a lot of distortion). I'd say the post gain knob probably has to go lower than even 1/4 of the way on to get anything like the sound of Bread. But, the sounds it does seem to want to make would be say the sound of Slash on Sweet Child of Mine or Neal Schon doing a solo. So, since this is my first compressor pedal I guess I didn't know which one would give me the 1970's Bread sound. I guess it sounds more like it with the pedal than without. It may be that the sound was achieved with a certain kind of tube amp, etc. Once the pedal is on I'd probably have to leave it on if I was performing because otherwise I'd have to adjust all the treble knobs on my amp. With the compressor on I can turn the treble all the way up on my amp and it doesn't sound harsh but with the compressor off I have to roll the trebles back quite a bit. A drummer I used to play with would have liked this because the brightness of my amp always bothered him. To my ears the compression doesn't affect my pick attack much (perhaps because I have the sensitivity knob all the way left). With the unit on my sound just seems a lot warmer and I don't get the ear drum bursting treble peaks that I used to without any compression. Maybe if you have a nice tube amp it does all that without needing a compressor but I think it would still give you more control over your sound. Playing around with the settings you can get weird swells, etc. I was mostly just trying to get a smoother sound and now that I have it I think it is going to stay on most of the time.
Quite a few nobs and several switches to play around with.
Seems well made.
Not sure it does everything but it does do some interesting things. Ordered on a Monday and it arrived on a Wednesday with the free shipping.
Electro-Harmonix White Finger XO Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal
.40volt optical compressor. They are being replaced by 9v which is obviously a different circuit. Plenty of head room on this one. Slow to twangy compression. You select % of how much of the signal is affected or goes directly through so you will still keep dynamics but limit the maximum loudness. You can see when the LED lights up the amount of compression you are using which can help you to get what you want each time you use a different setup. Good for Guitars, Bass, Drums. Some noise past 80% (on the headroom not compression) and that is past the territory I find useful anyway. I have a FET compressor and that provides the long sustain. They are both different animals. The Black Finger has a tube circuit in it but it does not use the tubes for the compression of the device if you are wondering about that. Its big but its a higher voltage old school compressor. Mine is 10 years old.
Electro-Harmonix White Finger XO Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal

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