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Line 6 Sonic Port

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Hardshell Case of Line 6 Sonic Port
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Product Description

Get legendary Line 6 amp and effect models on your iOS device with pristine, pro-quality audio. Sonic Port provides an incredible 110dB of dynamic range on the guitar input, to capture your full range of expression and works with GarageBand, the free Mobile POD app, and much more. You can even use it to play live.

Jam with the Tone of Your Favorite Artists
World-famous guitarists depend on Line 6 POD multi-effects for amazing tone in the studio and on stage. The free Mobile POD app brings these legendary tones to your iOS device. Mobile POD includes over 10,000 presets designed by artists, Line 6 and other players, so you can call up the right tone in an instant.

If you want to go further, you can mix and match 32 amps, 16 stompbox and rack effects, and 16 speaker cabinets for an impressive array of sounds. The intuitive interface makes it easy to tweak and save your custom tones. Mobile POD also lets you play along with your iTunes library* using your custom tones.

Learn, Jam and Record with Hit Songs
Sonic Port works with the award-winning Jammit app-the first to let you play along with real, multi-track master recordings from major artists. Jammit isolates individual audio tracks within original master recordings, so you can learn, jam and record along with your favorite songs as played by the original artists.

You can isolate your instrument from the track for closer scrutiny, loop the track for extended practice or slow it down to a comfortable pace for learning. With Sonic Port as the guitar interface, Jammit loads perfectly matched Line 6 tones for a variety of its jam tracks, automatically changing the sound when needed as the song plays.

Plug into iOS Creativity
Sonic Port makes it easy to connect your guitar or bass to your iOS device and start making music. Simply plug your instrument into the 1/4" guitar input, launch GarageBand, the free Line 6 Mobile POD app, or another CoreAudio app, and start playing. Pro specs-up to 24-bit/48kHz audio quality throughout, and 110dB dynamic range on the guitar input-translate to full, powerful guitar tones.

Sonic Port also transforms your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad into a complete mobile studio. Track keyboards, mixers, CD players and other iOS devices using the 1/8" stereo line input. Plug in your favorite headphones and hear your audio in stunning clarity. You can even connect powered studio monitors via the 1/4" mono/stereo guitar/line-level output.

Perform Live while Traveling Light
With Sonic Port and your iOS device, you can take the exact same tones from your home studio to the stage. Dial in your Mobile POD presets in the studio, then use Sonic Port and your iOS device to replace a heavy, cumbersome pedal board when you perform live.

Simply connect Sonic Port between your guitar and your amp using standard 1/4" cables-then use the Mobile POD app to instantly recall your whole effects chain for every song in your set list. It's the easiest way to get the exact same tones every time.

The centerpiece of your GarageBand mobile studio Get the authentic tones of your favorite artists” or create your own The only system that lets you jam along with original hit recordings (with the free Jammit app) Includes detachable Lightning and 30-pin cables

Take the power of Line 6 with you wherever you are. Order today!


Sonic Port

Up to 24-bit/48kHz audio quality
110dB dynamic range on guitar input
1/4" guitar input
1/8" stereo line input
1/4" mono-stereo guitar/line-level output
1/8" stereo headphones output
Compatible with GarageBand, Jammit and other CoreAudio music apps
Powered by your iOS device”no additional power supply or batteries needed
Includes detachable 30-pin dock connector cable and Lightning connector cable
Mobile POD app (free download)
32 amps, 16 effects and 16 speaker cabinets
Over 10,000 presets designed by artists, Line 6 and other players
Built-in chromatic tuner; Auto Mute lets you tune in silence

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Gold Coverage Includes:

Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal wear and tear Power surges Dust, internal heat and humidity

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I've had a couple of Sonic Ports. All of them came with weak connection cables and they are not easy to find for replacement. They are also not USB compatible, only a Line 6 cable can be plugged into it. So, if you lose or break a cable, you're Sonic Port is now a doorstop. Save your hard earned money and find another iOS interface that is more rugged and can work with easy to find, or common replacement equipment. I was happy withe product while I could use it. Cable went bad, now it's just a something I'm trying to get rid of. Cheap. Me know if anyone wants it.
Line 6 Sonic Port
.I've tried lots of multi-tone devices like this: by far this is the most stable, most versatile and easiest to use. With a sonic port, an iPad and a guitar you can create endless sounds and model any amp or set of effects. The free app and iPad work great: switching from one tone to another instantly with a touch. I use an iPad mini, which I can clamp right on my mic stand, or just set on the couch while I'm practicing. I'm a Mac guy, so it's all very intuitive to me. There are literally 100's of preconfigured tones and amp models: some named for particular guitarists, others for particular sounds, others just for fun. Easy to scroll through all the tones, and easy to save sets of your favorite tones. Easy to set up a folders of saved tones for using different sounds for different songs in a set: all with just the simple touch of your finger on the iPad. I have spent hours exploring the pre-saved tones in the free app: and I still haven't gone through everything yet. And that doesn't even consider the ability to customize a saved tone and then re-save with a new name. Using with a set of headphones allows you to hear the "tone" in it's purest from, as it is meant to sound. Using it with an amp is a little trickier: tones sound different through different amps. You just have to experiment. Best results are had using an amp with a very clean channel, with minimal tonal influence: let the sonic port provide the tone. I experimented with several amps till I found one that sounded truest to the headphone sound. So far, for me, it's my Marshall MG100DFX amp. The sonic port can be plugged into the front of the amp, or it can be plugged directly into the return port of the effects loop: this works just fine and is actually probably the cleanest way to use it. You just have to experiment. The one thing it doesn't have is a true bypass, but I've thought of a way to accomplish this, which I have yet to try: plug the guitar into an AB switch: plug the A channel of the switch into the sonic port, then the sonic port into the effects return; then plug the B side of the switch into the front of the amp (or through another set of pedals first). Then I can either use the sonic port and its many customized tones (A switch), OR bypass the sonic port (B switch) and run through the front of the amp, using conventional pedals if I choose. This way I would not be totally reliant on the sonic port (should the program or device crash during a performance). I could use the sonic port for certain songs, and use the amp and my own pedals in the conventional manner when I wanted: best of both worlds! One thing the sonic port could use is a holder to attach to a mic stand. Should be easy to rig something up. Anyway, I could go on. But you get the picture. This thing really works great. Been using it for a month now with no issues. Still exploring how to best use it. But definitely worth what I paid (I got a great deal through Custom Guitars Friend). It's tons of fun to practice with, and may have real performance potential (once I set it up so I can bypass it). The ability to switch from one complex set of effects to another with just one touch of your finger is nothing short of amazing. Check it out!
Line 6 Sonic Port
.Similar to the Apogee Jam that I already had. This provided a cable for the new iPhone, which was comparable in price to the cable alone from Apogee. Like the Line6 software, but it doesn't play in the background, which is a bit of a problem.

Overall good, sturdy interface.
Line 6 Sonic Port
.I wanted a clean direct input to get my guitar into my iPhone/iPad. The sonic port does that perfectly. I actually chose this unit as one of the few with a couple outputs and 1/4 jacks for easy connection to an amp or pa. I have the Irig and Tascam iur2. This stomps both of them. Digital 48k, clean and very simple. I haven't tried the line 6 mobile pod (I have a pod hd), I wanted mainly for garage band/ jam up. Works perfect. Honestly really surprised how well this worked after getting subpar results with other devices.

Only two knocks I have, and I knew these in advance. Not going to be able to use it with a mic, at least not a powered one. Can't use it with your pc as a usb interface. Small complaints and thugs I don't need it to do, but issues other people might have. This device will not charge your apple device while using it. There is also no level control. You know what though my amp doesn't have an input level control, so not an issue.
Line 6 Sonic Port
.Very cool device if you want or need to skip having a bunch of pedal and amp set up for live playing. Obviously this won't replace your particular set up, but it's good if you want to try out new sounds without having to drop a lot of cash on pedals and amps. Good simulation.

You can get more pedal and amp options through In- App Purchase. Keep an eye out for when the bundles go on sale, as they often do for Apps.

I do wish it had more stereo effects in the regular release.
Line 6 Sonic Port
.I like the line 6 app that goes with it and you can use audiobus app to link it with GarageBand. Although I wish it would work through camcorder mode. As for the sound Quality I'm impressed. On the bad side you have to use the headphones jack on the unit when plugged in. But all in all it does it's job it gets my guitar into my ipad and iPhone, and I can use my ext recorder through the line in jack for a little extra pep ;p
Line 6 Sonic Port
.I buy a lot of MF gear, and the actual things one can play are invariably good. Not quite so much with electronic gizmos, as was the case with the Line 6 Sonic Port. Although advertised as compatible with iPhone 4s and iPad 2, it came only with a cord for later i models. Hence no connection. It may work well, but I'll never know. Also seemed pretty plasticky. MF was good about return, but quite a bit of wasted time, and some disappointment.
Line 6 Sonic Port
.Clean signal. Bought it for the Swell effect. I can't believe how well this thing works. I just used it on a recording and it performed perfectly. I just wish the iOS app was better for live work for changing patches but it sounds great. 50 bucs on Stupid Deal and I would say it's a no-brainer to get. Especially for that price.
Line 6 Sonic Port
.When we tried to use the unit we found it was not compatible with our computer system without ordering more expensive hardware or software. Customer service rep was wonderful about setting up return and credit.
Line 6 Sonic Port
.I needed an iOS interface for my Apple 5s that had pro quality, but the Sonic Port exceeded this. The 1/4 line out allows me to use an ordinary instrument cable to play directly out of my amp or powered direct box. I no longer need a special cable to play live. The sound quality and speed is pro quality.
Line 6 Sonic Port

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