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Line 6 DT25 112 1x12 25W Tube Guitar Combo Amp

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Hardshell Case of Line 6 DT25 112 1x12 25W Tube Guitar Combo Amp
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Product Description

If your tone is your masterpiece, the DT25 tube guitar combo amp is your paintbrush. This portable 25W/10W tube amp from Line 6 and tube-amp guru Reinhold Bogner gives you four stunning, lust-worthy amp voicings and unprecedented versatility that lay the foundation for you to build your perfect tone.

The powerful combination of reconfigurable analog components and HD modeling allows the DT25 combo to be four boutique tube amps in one, capable of producing stunning American cleans, British crunch, class A chime, and modern high-gain tones. Selectable operating class, power tube mode, and four Voicings (which offer the perfect combinations of negative feedback loop topology, and HD preamp and tone stack modeling) can dial in classic vintage tones or be shaped into highly customized originals - and each one drips with boutique tone and touch-response.

The DT25 amp gets to the point. It's a simple, two-channel amp with a streamlined front panel. But if you connect a POD HD multi-effect pedal or POD HD Pro multi-effect rack to this little monster the two integrate to become a boutique tube amp factory!

Connected via exclusive L6 LINK technology, the DT25 amp and POD multi-effect rewrite the traditional amp/multi-effect paradigm and introduce powerful new concepts in control and customization. Add effects, additional amp voicings, foot control and instant scalability (including stereo operation with multiple DT25 amplifiers). DT25 is the perfect pairing for POD HD multi-effects. The days of plugging a POD into the front of an amp are over!

Revolutionary Bogner tube design meets Line 6 HD modeling
The Voicing switch is the heart of DT25 amp. It conjures the characteristic tone, feel and response that are at the heart of four celebrated amp voicings: American clean, British crunch, class A chime and modern high-gain. Different negative feedback loop topologies pair with HD preamp and tone stack modeling to produce the perfect tonal springboards for you to craft your perfect tones:

¢ Voicing I: Classic American Clean (tight negative feedback loop)
¢ Voicing II: British Crunch (medium negative feedback loop)
¢ Voicing III: Class A Chime (zero negative feedback loop)
¢ Voicing IV: Modern, High-Gain (resonant negative feedback loop)

Selectable operating class and power tube mode
Take your tone in many different directions with the selectable operating classes and power tube modes. Mix and match them with the Voicing switch to dial in truly unique tones. Or align the components in tried-and-true combinations to deliver fresh takes on the immortal classics.

¢ Selectable operating classes - Class AB/25 watts/fixed bias; Class A/10 watts/cathode biased
¢ Selectable power tube modes - Pentode; Triode

Any two amps you want, separated by a single channel switch
The two channels can be set to any combination of Voicing, operating class and power tube mode, so the channel switch is more like an A/B switch connected to two different amps. (Or, for a boost channel, set the channels the same with one a little louder.)

For example, set Channel A to a California clean tone. It can be complete with a high amount of negative feedback for a tight sound, characteristic class AB headroom and plenty of pentode-powered body. Set Channel B to deliver vintage Class A chime with zero negative feedback for an open, dynamic feel. Triode mode darkens the tone a bit and rounds off the edges, and Class A operation provides no shortage of touch sensitivity when you dig in with your pick. That's total analog and digital reconfiguration in one touch.

DT25 amplifier + POD HD multi-effect = Boutique tube amp factory
DT25 amplifiers and POD HD multi-effects don't just connect, they seamlessly integrate to transform into a boutique tube amp factory capable of creating any tone you need with incredible tone and feel. POD HD multi-effects come to the party with additional models including 20+ HD amp models, 20+ HD guitar preamp-only models, huge collections of effects, cabs, mics and more. With a single L6 LINK connection, you get:

¢ Automatic analog configuration. Select a POD HD amp model or preset and the DT25 analog components will automatically configure themselves to the appropriate operating class, biasing method, negative feedback topology and power tube mode.

¢ Save custom analog configurations. Saving your custom DT25 configurations is as easy as saving POD HD presets. Tweak the DT25 amp settings, press Save on the POD HD multi-effect and incredibly unique and complex amp configurations can be recalled instantly.

¢ No ground loops. You'll never get ground loop hum from an L6 LINK connection!

Flexible tube section designed by tube-amp guru Reinhold Bogner 1 - 12AX7, 2 EL84 tubes 1x12" Custom Celestion G12H90 speaker Intuitive, 2-channel design, instantly reconfigurable per channel Selectable operating class (Class AB/25 Watts/Fixed Bias or Class A/10 Watts/Cathode Biased) Selectable power tube mode (Pentode or Triode) Four unique Voicings (negative feedback loop topologies paired with HD preamp and tone stack modeling): (1) Classic American Clean/Tight NFL (2) British Crunch/Medium NFL (3) Class A Chime/Zero NFL, (4) Modern, High-Gain/Resonant NFL HD amp modeling technology fuels each Voicing's preamp and tone stack, and automatically pairs them with corresponding Bogner-designed dynamic analog circuitry Both channels have Drive, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, Reverb, Channel Volume. Rest of front panel: Channel switch; Voicing switch; Pentode/Triode switch; Class A/Class AB switch; Master volume; Power; Standby; Backlit front panel Modeled spring reverb with individual level control per channel Back-lit front panel MIDI I/O Series effects loop Cabinet simulated direct output Low Volume Mode provides cranked up tube tone at whisper-quiet volume Speaker jack-sensing provides relay driven output transformer protection circuit L6 LINK connects the DT25 amp to a POD HD multi-effect for additional effects, amp voicings and instant scalability (including stereo operation with multiple DT25 amplifiers) - all controlled by any L6 LINK equipped POD HD multi-effect

An incredibly evolved tube amp with tones for every style, including ones you've yet to create! Order your DT25 combo now!

Custom Guitar's Friend Gold Coverage

Gold Coverage goes above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty to protect your gear from unexpected breakdowns, accidental damage from handling and failures. This plan covers your product for one, two, three or up to five years from your date of purchase, costs just pennies per day and gives you a complete "no-worry" solution for protecting your investment.

Gold Coverage Includes:

Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal wear and tear Power surges Dust, internal heat and humidity

Other plan features include:

For products over $200, No Lemon Policy applies. If it fails for the same defect 3 times, it is replaced on the 4th breakdown. (Does not apply to failures due to drops, spills, and cracks) For products under $200 experiencing the above failures, a Custom Guitar's Friend gift card will be issued for the full price of the product + tax. Shipping fees covered if required for repair or replacement Plans are transferable in the event merchandise is sold Plans are renewable on new gear

*Limitations and exclusions apply. See terms and conditions for program details

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Having the pair of the HD500 and the DT25 is amazing. I've been able to create different patches for every song in our set and along the way have used several different amp models. I used to limit myself to 4 main tones for a set, a clean tone, a clean with delay and chorus, a crunch, and a heavy distortion. Now I have searched for a tone that best fits the song and made variations of it for different song sections.

I had some concerns that the amp would not be loud enough and it turns out to be plenty loud for both rehearsals and on stage volume. This brings me to one of my only complaints for this rig. Setting even volume levels between all of your patches is a lengthy process. The more patches you have, the more work involved. The first thing I did was set the clean patches to a maximum volume and then spent time lowering the distorted patches to a similar level. I used a db meter app on my iPhone and strummed the same chords with each patch to get them close. I've had to continue to tweak them to get them closer as gigs and rehearsals have given me a better reference to the actual level changes.

The HD500/DT25 rig also has a learning curve that might be difficult for some. It is definitely worth the time that it takes to get everything to your liking but it is a lot more complex that just a traditional amp with some pedals.
By itself the amp is capable of a wide variety of nice tones. When combined with the Pod HD500, it is capable of almost any tone style that you would ever need.

The process of integrating the HD500 with the DT25 is simple from a connection standpoint, but fully developing patches for the two is a bit more involved. The easiest way for me has been to use the HD Edit software on the PC. Navigating through the menus on the HD500 is a lot more complicated.
The amp is a bit smaller in footprint than I thought it would be. It appears to be slightly smaller than a Spider IV 75. The weight is not too bad coming in around 45 pounds.

The attention to detail is superb. The knobs all feel substantial and move very smoothly. The speaker is capable of very full tones and has very clear definition.
It was a bit pricier than some of the other tube amps that I was looking at but the ability to integrate with the HD500 makes it worth the extra cost. You end up with having the ability to emulate several amps which adds to the value.
Line 6 DT25 112 1x12 25W Tube Guitar Combo Amp
.I spent loads of time testing out different amps from Marshall, Orange, Mesa, Vox and Fender. It wasn't until I tested this Line6/Bogner DT25 that I fell in love. Truly a remarkable amp.

Those of you who have a hard time embracing technology, it's your loss, because this is a tone monster and rest assured, it is a tube amp, designed by Mr. Bogner himself.

I want two things in an amp. A Fender sounding clean channel and ballsy drive channel. As opposed to spending a fortune on both a fender and a mesa amp to get the sound I want, this amp does both and so well that I can put it side by side with the amp it emulates and you can't tell the difference. I've been playing in a jam space for a couple of months through a Vox AC30 and I truly can't tell the difference between the actual Vox and the Line6 Vox amp model.

It isn't necassary to spend a few hundred extra bucks on one of the HD Pedalboards. My regular pedals play great through it. I've finally been able to emulate the early 90's Zakk Wylde tone out of my dirty channel that I've been wanting for so long.

With the flick of the switch in the back of the amp, I'm able to play at a volume at home that won't keep the neighbours up and the best part is that it doesn't kill your tone by switching the wattage. When in full 25W mode, it's a loud amp with some serious guts.

This amp is all about being versatile and definitely fits any genre of music that you may want to play. I have absolutely no regrets about buying this amp and I can't speak highly enough about it.
Line 6 DT25 112 1x12 25W Tube Guitar Combo Amp
.I've personally had a '65 Fender Super Reverb (new), a '72 Marshall 100 watt super Lead, and a 50 watt, a new '81 Mesa Boogie Mark IIB, a Fender Hot Rod DeVille 212 and a Peavey Classic 50. I have been playing electric guitar professionally since 1966. I have run a professional recording studio for 24 years and used many other amps, and this without a doubt the best sounding, most flexible, it actually does what it says, and easy to use amp I have ever used. The 4 basic sound setups are dead on, and the ability to quickly & easily modify those is wonderful. I now have "the Dream Rig", a Pod HD 500, a JT '69 Variax, (I also have an old Variax 500 that I love)and now the DT25. I have not yet had time to integrate things as I wish, but simply using the amp onstage with my POD X3 has been a wonderful experience. And the amp by itself sounds absolutely amazing. The Fender setting sounds like a Fender, the Marshall kills, the AC30 is heaven and the Mesa Boogie does what is is supposed to do. I should have gotten this a long time ago. I'm a real human being-guitar player-engineer producer and I have paid for every piece of Line 6 gear I've ever bought, though I do watch out for deals, they don't pay me a dime. You will not go wrong with this amp, unless all you want is to inpress people with it's size or play so loud that you don't need a PA in a coliseum. It sounds amazingly smooth and rich and solid at any volume. Most amps have a sweet spot volume wise where they really sound good. This one sounds great no matter where you set it. You will never find a sweeter, richer, punchier, cleaner, nastier, raunchier, simpler or easier to use amp. And to get a minimum of 4 of the best amps in the world (more actually), well all I can say is "....DUH, this is the one!" But now I've got to buy a case for it!
Line 6 DT25 112 1x12 25W Tube Guitar Combo Amp
.Bought the DT25 to compliment my HD500, and I have never been happier. The amp by itself is warm and responsive, with great tonal options. Two channels is enough to hit the basic tones you need to cover all types of music, and if you throw some pedals into the mix either in front or through the fx loop, you will be a tone machine! It really shines with the HD500 though, as there is nothing cooler than running a Vox AC30 preamp through a Marshall power section etc.. the possibilities are endless. Low Volume Mode is decent soundwise, but you need those tubes cooking to get the most out of this amp, and at 25 watts it's possible to do that without breaking windows. A must-buy if you own a Pod HD and still a must-buy if you want Bogner flexibility and tone and a light, portable amp with tube tone. Buy it!
Line 6 DT25 112 1x12 25W Tube Guitar Combo Amp
.I have a dream rig. The DT25 was the last piece. I've had the JTV-59 and POD HD500 for 2 yrs. As expected, the pieces function flawlessly and interact well.

The DT25 is heavy but very strong. Stand on it. Transport it every night. It won't fall apart. Do your back a favor and put some heavy-duty wheels on it if you're going to constantly move it.

The Celestian speaker has plenty of headroom so your sound is true and not colored by speaker breakup.

The volume is fine for home and small to medium sized clubs. It really can get loud. I set the channel vol and drive to suit the topology/preamp/tone and also balance the levels among the POD presets. The master is used as the overall level for the room. This way, the tubes are pushed and add the fatness/warmth to the sound at all levels and sound-checks are a simple one-knob (master) adjustment.

The DT25 functions stand-alone fine and sounds from clean to crunch to metal are all easily set. The amp's natural tones are so good I find I'm using less effects, if any. I've played through many amps and the DT25 sounds as good as any of them. I got it for it's versatility and it has delivered.

I purchased the DT25 instead of the DT50 because the lower wattage permits driving the tubes at the volumes I play at. Also, the smaller amp permits expansion (add another DT25) for stereo effect and/or more headroom (if I would ever need that). Use the direct-out or mic the amp for very large gigs or recording. If you play anything less than a stadium then the DT25 is fine.

My only regret: I could have bought the DT25 as a separate head. It would be easier to adjust the settings and the heat from the tubes would not cook the internal components over time since the tubes would be above the circuitry. I knew this going in but did not want to spend more at the time. However, the combo is hard to beat for stereo/headroom expansion value as more units are purchased.
Line 6 DT25 112 1x12 25W Tube Guitar Combo Amp
.I am blown away by how awesome this amp is. Warm, crisp, clear, with lots of low end too if you want it. By itself it is great - keep in mind the controls respond the way the models I-IV would on that actual amp. With my POD HD500X it is the live sound I've been looking for - with all the versatility I love. The presets will give you an idea but my advice is to make sure everything is up to date with the latest software including the amp and then start your own patch and tweak from there. Don't forget if you are using this with a pod to make sure your POD is setup correctly for that (tons of videos and info online for this) and your patches themselves use the preamp models.
Line 6 DT25 112 1x12 25W Tube Guitar Combo Amp
.A lot louder than I expected a 25 watt tube amp w/1 12" speaker. The low volume mode does get used. I would strongly recommend one of the HD foot switches for optimal control. Overall I'd have to rate it Awsome!
Line 6 DT25 112 1x12 25W Tube Guitar Combo Amp
.I wanted an amp a little lighter and smaller than my Fender Concert to take to gigs, but I didn't want to loose my tone. I have also been using the HD500, and found some tones I liked. When I saw this amp, and the way it interfaced with the HD500, I was intrigued. When the amp went on sale I was sold! I love it. ...but.

The amp is not exactly small, and it's not exactly light. It does have an amazing spectrum of tones - and when combined with the HD500, the tone I liked before just blossomed with the addition of real tubes. It's a great little rig. I just wish it was about 15% smaller.
Line 6 DT25 112 1x12 25W Tube Guitar Combo Amp
.So, this is a great sounding amp. However, I had to go through four of them to get one that actually worked. The first three made sounds and, at times, sounded good. But the first two had strange electrical anomalies that resulted in mysterious drops on volume levels and routing issues. The third one just plain started to ignite--yup, it started smoking and I had to act quickly before it caught on fire. The fourth one works like a charm--no routing issues, consistent volume, no spontaneous combustion and pure, sweet tone. Knock on wood. I suspect that Line 6 is closing out all of the DT models and many of the remaining ones are repacks or go-backs. If you can find a good one, hold on tight to her!
Line 6 DT25 112 1x12 25W Tube Guitar Combo Amp
.Use with the Hd500 Pod. This amp sounds good alone but together with the pod is amazing. Only comment is this little bad boy is heavy! If quality was measured by weight this amp wins! It's heavy but it's sound is well worth it.
Line 6 DT25 112 1x12 25W Tube Guitar Combo Amp

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