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Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

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Hardshell Case of Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal
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Product Description

The Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler has the soul of a multi-effects pedal and the power of a rack. It boasts a complete collection of the immortal stompbox effects, stompbox simplicity, rock-solid construction, and much more.

A complete collection of immortal stompbox sounds
Teeming with over 100 immortal distortions, reverbs, delays, and more, the Line 6 M13 pedal offers instant access to an arsenal of history's most celebrated stompbox sounds.

Get 19 celebrated analog and digital delays, 18 distinctive distortions from creamy to crazy, 12 reverbs from modern (particle verb) to vintage (spring reverb) to ancient (cave reverb), 26 vibey filters including wahs and pitch effects, 22 tangy mods including expressive trems and phasers, and 12 compressors and EQs that squash, gate and color.

The Line 6 pedal lets you use up to four models simultaneously, in any order and in any combination. It's like having a gigantic pedal board (without all the tangled cords and overloaded power strips) stuffed into a convenient, easy-to-use package.

Included are all the models from best-selling Line 6 pedals and rack gear DL4 Delay Modeler, DM4 Distortion Modeler, FM4 Filter Modeler, MM4 Modulation Modeler, Verbzilla, Echo Pro and others.

Stompbox simple
The Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler is easy to use, just like a classic stompbox. Tweak your tones on the fly using the dedicated knobs. No menus, no saving, no hassles-just turn the knobs and you're done. And your settings remain when you power down!

Four bright LCD screens show parameter names and values, and the built-in chromatic tuner.

Built-in looper
The 28-second looper is always at the ready with dedicated footswitches for Play/Stop, Undo/Redo, Rec/Overdub, Half Speed, Reverse, Play Once, and Pre/Post. You're free to adjust your sounds while looping or overdubbing.

Up to 48 different pedal boards
Different arrangements of models, or pedal board "scenes," can be created for each of your gigs-one for your metal band, one for your punk band, one for your Top 40 gig¦you get the picture. No more tearing up Velcro just to swap one or two pedals. Create and save up to 48 scenes. (Scenes can be backed up to your computer via MIDI in/out.)

Ins and outs
M13 Stompbox Modeler plays well with others. Take advantage of the stereo FX loop and put your other effect pedals in front, behind or even in between M13 Stompbox Modeler's models.

Prepared for any live or studio situation, Line 6 M13 guitar pedal features mono/stereo inputs and outputs (with True Analog bypass or DSP bypass), mono/stereo assignable FX sends and returns, MIDI input and output and two expression pedal inputs.

Total stompbox experience
Built tank-tough with all-metal construction, Line 6 M13 multi effects pedal is designed to survive on-stage abuse. From the chassis to the footswitches, it'll withstand constant stomping.

M13 Stompbox Modeler's treasured stompbox tones, built-in chromatic tuner, 28-second looper and bonehead simplicity will prove totally indispensable (not to mention highly addictive).

Check the Line 6 website for software updates that increase the power of your Line 6 M9 Stompbox Modeler!

Over 100 immortal stompbox FX 19 delays, 18 distortions, 12 reverbs, 26 filters, 22 mods, 12 compressors and EQs; Universal tap tempo Up to four FX at once in any order/combination Models are from best-selling Line 6 pedals and rack gear Simple design Tweak tones on the fly without menus, saving or hassles Built-in chromatic tuner 28-second sound-on-sound looper Dedicated footswitches for all looper controls Mono/stereo inputs and outputs (with True Analog bypass or DSP bypass) Mono/stereo FX sends and returns Two expression pedal jacks MIDI in/out Tough, all-metal construction Highly addictive Create up to 48 "scenes" No more tearing up Velcro just to swap one or two pedals Back up scenes via MIDI in/out Four bright LCD screens show parameter names and values Dedicated knobs control each effect's parameters Easy to use: No menus, no saving, no hassles SPECIFICATIONS

M13 Stompbox Modeler Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

19 Delays
Tube Echo
Tape Echo
Sweep Echo
Analog Echo
Analog W/Mod
Lo Res Delay
Digital Delay
Digital W/Mod
Stereo Delays
Ping Pong
Dynamic Delay
Auto Volume Echo
Echo Platter

22 Modulations
Opto Tremolo
Bias Tremolo
Dual Phaser
Panned Phaser
Rotary Drum
Rotary Drum & Horn
Analog Flanger
Jet Flanger
Analog Chorus
Tri Chorus
Pitch Vibrato
Ring Modulator

18 Distortions
Tube Drive
Classic Distortion
Heavy Distortion
Color Drive
Buzz Saw
Facial Fuzz
Jumbo Fuzz
Fuzz Pi
Jet Fuzz
Line 6 Drive
Line 6 Distortion
Sub Octave Fuzz
Octave Fuzz
Volume Pedal

26 Filters
Tron Down
Tron Up
Obi Wah
Voice Box
Spin Cycle
Comet Trails
Slow Filter
Attack Synth
Synth String
Q Filter

12 Compressors
Red Comp
Blue Comp
Blue Comp Treb
Vetta Comp
Vetta Juice

12 Reverbs
'63 Spring

Dimensions: 15"W x 3"H x 11.5"D

Custom Guitar's Friend Gold Coverage

Gold Coverage goes above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty to protect your gear from unexpected breakdowns, accidental damage from handling and failures. This plan covers your product for one, two, three or up to five years from your date of purchase, costs just pennies per day and gives you a complete "no-worry" solution for protecting your investment.

Gold Coverage Includes:

Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal wear and tear Power surges Dust, internal heat and humidity

Other plan features include:

For products over $200, No Lemon Policy applies. If it fails for the same defect 3 times, it is replaced on the 4th breakdown. (Does not apply to failures due to drops, spills, and cracks) For products under $200 experiencing the above failures, a Custom Guitar's Friend gift card will be issued for the full price of the product + tax. Shipping fees covered if required for repair or replacement Plans are transferable in the event merchandise is sold Plans are renewable on new gear

*Limitations and exclusions apply. See terms and conditions for program details

Term for New Gear begins on date of purchase but does not replace the store return policy or manufacturer coverage.

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Had the Line 6 HD500 which includes the same list of pedal effects and a ton of other features but too difficult to understand for the layman. Already have a couple of great amps so did not need the modelling capability. Traded straight up for the M13 and could not be happier. Lots of excellent effects, simple to use, quality steel build, a variety of connection options, looper capability and can output to two separate amps at the same time. Highly recommended.
Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal
.This is an excellent product. I wish more multi-effects processors were designed like this. The best part of this is that it's designed to be on a pedalboard. No fake sounding amp modling. Just effects and full flexibility to set them up how you like. Every other effects processor I've messed with, I've tried to use it the way this is designed to be used. Not all the effects are entirely accurate, some aren't practical, and the overdrives are not great. But this does have almost everything I need (and a lot that I don't).

As I'd mentioned in features, having 2 expression pedals is great! It's obviously easily used for wah. But for other effects, it controls ALL parameters at once. You just set the settings for up and set them for down and toggles between them smoothly. It's fun to set analog delay speed to a pedal and get chaotic, swirling sounds without bending over and turning knobs. However, your options for what expression pedal to buy for this are limited. The Line 6 expression pedal is horrible. I wish they had built them into this pedal.
Most of the effects are awesome. And the fx loop allows for a lot of possibilities for set up. The "scenes" feature is great! I have each scene assigned to a song in my band's setlist. My band used to get annoyed that I had to dial in the correct tempo on my delay pedals for each song. Now I press 2 buttons and we're ready for the next song!

The modulation, filter, delay, and reverb effects are all really good. Some are a TON of fun to experiment with (pattern tremolo, particle verb, octo reverb, stereo delay).

However, the overdrive units are sub-par in my opinion. I prefer my amp's overdrive, and as I mentioned, the fx loop accommodates that nicely. Also, the functionality of 2 expression pedals is great, but Line 6's expression pedal that does with this is a cheap piece of plastic which will run you $70.
Very solid build. Everything is solid metal. Again, most effects are great quality. Not sure about the power source. It seems to be causing some noise in my signal. But the noise varies based on how I have it set up.
Yes, you would spend a lot purchasing all the products these effects are modeled after. But that's not what you're getting with this. This is a muti-effects unit. So you get a bunch of effects that are similar to those they are modeled after. So this is reasonably priced. It's not a steal, as some would have you believe.
Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal
. I had the Line 6 DL4 before I got this because all my favorite musicians seemed to use it. I had never really delved into lots of guitar effects before that. After seeing another of my favorite bands use this in concert, I had to check it out, and after I found out that it has all the FX of all the classic Line 6 pedals, I decided it would be a great way to expand my knowledge and maybe find a signature sound for my solo songs.
This pedal has, without fail, helped me in almost every way i could have imagined without going out and buying a whole bunch of pedals. Recently I have joined a cover band and we cover a whole bunch of different styles of music from different decades; before this I was still only really using the delay effects, reverb effects, and looper on this, but suddenly it became so much more.
I really like the delay effects, and the control you have over them. I'd never delved into the mod effects until recently, and the chorus, phaser, and tremolo effects are my favorites. Rotary speaker is a little hard to find a good sound, I don't even really know what to use it for. On reverbs, I personally like the Octo reverb; when playing clean or palm muting, it adds all the overtones on it and makes it sound soooooo cool; also quick stops and the way it trails....totally amazing. I was very disappointed in the distortions when I first got it and thought they were total crap. Big reccommendation: read the manual to see what models the sounds are modeled after. Once I started my cover band, I wanted to make the songs sound as accurate as possible in their effects; after realizing that the distortions are modeled after old/new pedal models, I was able to more fully appreciate them and now I have two scenes made out (one for 60s-70s music and one for 80s-today). I still won't use them for original stuff though, except for maybe one of the fuzz tones. The filter effects I still haven't found a practical use for yet, but they're way fun to just mess around with. the tuner is accurate (although I still prefer my Boss TU-2 just because of the LED lights; sometimes it's hard to tune when you're playing outside b/c you can't see it really well) and the looper is great to hash out song ideas. I once plugged my keyboard into it, started a looped drum beat, and then added my bass, guitar, and keys to it and hashed out a whole idea to a song. That was a fun day.
Some problems that I had about it have been fixed lately with the updates; for example, I was really excited to find that it had an effect to model the MXR boost comp; it didn't do at all what I was hoping for, but now that they have added the EQ effect it takes care of the situation. I also want to have some sorts of Octave sounds, but I think (maybe?) that the updates have taken care of that, too. The problems I still have with it are just 2 things; it doesn't have a great wah sound, and the distortions are still just too out there to use in the style of music that I write. Luckily, my amp takes care of the distortion, and I'm not needing wah anyway for what I do.
In the end, you should stop reading this and just go buy one; you'll be glad you did. I can't go without mine anymore; I feel naked without it.
Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal
.I chose the M13 for it's multiple effects and the ability to split the effects. The FX loop splitting was the most important feature and is why I eliminated other products and bought the M13. I can route delays to FX loop while routing other effects to the front of the amp.

I gave it a CON a 4 star rating because I think they need to release an idiot proof tutorial video. Fortunately I found several on youtube and that helped me figure out how to cable it properly. Search for the 4 cable method on youtube and several vids come up that show how to cable it to the amp so that FX loop is split properly. Distortion goes to the front of the amp and delays go to the FX loop and keep the sound clear and eliminate the mudd.

I use it with an Egnator Rebel 30 head and mostly only run the time delay effects in FX Loop, as I use the amp to create my tone. Occasionally use the distortion and compressor effects when needing over the top sound. Hope this review is helpful, I think the M13 is a good value.
Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal
Great sounding effects for the most part. No more tap-dancing. MIDI control of amp channel switching is a definite plus.

Sorry folks but if you think this doesn't change your tone then get down at ear level with your speaker/cabinet and listen close, then completely pull it out of the chain and go direct and listen close. You can hear the digital conversion. It's a fizzy sound. Recording-wise you may not notice as we all listen in digital nowadays anyway. And maybe you wouldn't hear it with a loud rock band either but on your own or in your sound guy's ears, it WILL change your tone in a slightly unpleasant way. For Line 6 to label this as "true bypass" is almost a marketing gimmick. Yes, with all the pedals off and the global settings in "true bypass" your tone will be unaffected (with the M13 in front of amp only). However, soon as you activate any effect/pedal the unit routes all signal to digital conversion. If you use the four cable method like I do then you can't switch off the true bypass at all and are now 100% digital conversion (due to no true bypass in effects loop of M13).

Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal
.The only better multi-effects processor is the TC Electronic floor system for $1500 or to custom create your own, which could potentially cost thousands of dollars to do right. Best bang for buck on the market.
Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal
.This is a neat approach to multi-effect processors. Instead of deep menus, and a bunch of extraneous features (except, see "features" above), have a set up that looks like traditional stomp boxes and once "scenes" are set, acts like them seems really great. Just make a simpler version without the silly looper.
Problem is not too few but too many! Why can't we have this without TWO ROWS of looper control buttons. This would be very cool with only ONE row of buttons to turn an effect on or off, just like having actual stomp boxes. The on/off button is on the third row, and I'll bet while tap dancing about to change effects, the looper buttons will be hit accidentally often.
It seems to be a good value, but see "features" above.
Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal
.Overall, this pedal rocks. It's certainly the best money I've ever spent on gear, and I don't plan on giving it up any time soon. The flexibility it offers is virtually unrivaled until you get into something like the TC G-System or rackmount units like the Axe-FX. It allows a guitarist to create a well-adequte number of effects combinations and routings in order to perfect his or her sound and style. This thing is truly a piece of equipment any gearhead should seriously look into.
This pedal is unique in that it gives you just about all of the accessiblility and sounds you could possibly want and/or need in one box--and it does it well. While some models are certainly better than others, they're all useable, and I haven't had any trouble from this unit. In my opinion, the modulation and delay effects are where this pedal shines. I'm a big U2 guy, which carries through in my sound, so the M13 is particularly useful when I want to create a soundscape by stacking a couple of delays and reverbs. Also, the "Octoverb" effect is aweome for producing a wonderful shimmer sound, and through a DigiTech Whammy set to a +1 octave harmony, this thing is just awesome.
As I said, some models are definitely better than others. In my opinion, the delay and modulation effects are where this pedal shines--not only in it's sounds but in the "tweakability" of each effect--I can take a standard Phase 90 model and have the ability to tweak it out the wazoo to the exact sound in my head that I want, anywhere from a slow, pulsing wash to a violent, shaking vibrato-esuqe effect--much more than you're able to do one the standard model, but it retains that special sound which has made pedls like the Phase 90 so popular. I really like the fuzz models, in particular the Fuzz Face, and the Tube Screamer and Driver models. That said, many of the drives aren't my favorite--I tend to supplement this section with other pedals, which is perfect because it leaes me more presets on the M13 to use for delays, verbs, and mods.
I know this has been said time and time again, but I really love the way this unit allows me to have a virtual library of rare, highly-sought-after, and great-sounding classic pedals all at my disposal, for the price and minimal pedalboard space (at least, it's a heck of a lot less than I'd use if I actually had all of these pedals!). Plus, the thing sounds great. It's the perfct way for a hardworking guitarist to achieve most any sound he can dream up. The only thing I'd ask for in a software update is some sort of MIDI sequencer so I can do arpeggiation patterns on my aforementioned DigiTech Whammy, but that's quite a long shot....
Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal
.I bought this unit about 6 months ago in the hopes that this would be a total solution for controlling midi with stomp box effects. While the effects are decent sounding...(not stomp box quality), the midi has latency (about 1/2 second) which might not seem like much, but switching at different tempos with any kind of challenging part can become a next-to-impossible feat. Had i known this was going to have problems with the midi, i never would have bought this unit.
Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal
.Loved it from the start. Feed it through a Valveking 100 tube head with a half stack. Instant response when you hit a pedal. Love the tuner, but sometimes it wakes up stupid and doesnt want to turn on the tuner. To fix it I have to turn it off and back on. Also the third led readout dimmed about 2 months after I bought it but its still legible. Only reason I didnt give it a fifth star. The loop effect is amazing. It allows me to lay a rhythm track while playing live and play the lead and come back to rhythm without missing a beat. Like having another guitarist in the band. Best pedal ive owned.
Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

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