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Line 6 Spider V 240 240W 2x12 Guitar Combo Amp

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Hardshell Case of Line 6 Spider V 240 240W 2x12 Guitar Combo Amp
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Product Description

Featuring a huge collection of upgraded amp and effects models, a clean and modern design, and a specialized full-range speaker system, Spider V 240 is the best-sounding and easiest to use Spider ever. Choose from over 200 newly refined amps, cabs and effects. Quickly dial-in the perfect tone using simple color-coded controls. The bi-amped, full-range speaker system delivers incredible depth and clarity for both electric and acoustic guitars. Plus, Spider V 240 is paced with over 100 specially designed presets—including iconic rigs, artist-built tones and Line 6 originals—giving you instant access to an arsenal of professionally dialed-in sounds. Spider V 240 even comes wireless-ready—just add an optional Relay transmitter.

Spider V is packed with more than 200 updated amps, cabs and effects models, giving you the power to rock out with a virtually limitless number of amazing guitar tones. The enhanced modeling engine packs a serious punch—with quality and realism that are unprecedented for amps in this class. Combine up to 8 effects for some seriously original tones.

Spider V makes it fast and easy to craft your sound thanks to familiar, easy-to-use controls. Tweak settings and parameters directly on the amp using traditional knobs and the intuitive editing interface. Get the perfect tone faster using simple color-coded controls for different types of amps and effects models. Because when it’s time to rock, you don’t want to mess with complex menus.

The line-up of presets in Spider V is truly special. The Spider V amplifier’s Iconic Rig presets are based on incredible setups from legendary songs and albums. Artist Presets were created by many of today’s hottest guitarists, with cutting-edge tones that you’ll hear on the radio now. And Standard Presets give you classic Line 6 originals, dialed in by our professional tone masters.

Unlike conventional guitar amps, Spider V has the added power of being equipped with a full-range speaker system, which consists of a custom-designed guitar speaker and high-frequency tweeter. This means your amp will sound great with electrics, acoustics and music. Hear your modeled amps and effects tones in stunning clarity. Play your acoustic guitar through Spider V and save on the cost of a separate amp. You can even play your favorite music through Spider V for a great experience when it’s time to practice.

Spider V is packed with the extra features you need to take practicing and performing live to the next level. Keep everything sounding great with a built-in tuner. Keep your riffs in time and on point with a metronome. And hone your timing and chops by playing along with a collection of real drummer loops recorded by pro musicians.

Ready to cut the cord? Spider V is equipped with an internal wireless receiver that’s compatible with the Relay G10T transmitter. It doesn’t get any easier to take your performance wireless—just plug in and start rocking. Going wireless has never been this streamlined or easy.

Power: 240W Speaker: 2x12 in., two high-frequency tweeters More than 200 amps, cabs and FX Works with electric and acoustic guitars Combine up to eight effects simultaneously 128 crafted tonal presets USB port for 24-bit recording and playback with Mac, PC, Android and iOS devices Integration with Spider App for iOS and Android Built-in drummer loops Built-in tuner Built-in metronome Aux. input Headphone output Backlit LCD display XLR direct outputs Wireless ready with Line 6 Relay transmitters (sold separately) Compatible with FBV 3 and FBV MKII footcontrollers (sold separately) Dimensions: 26.9 in. x 21.7 in. x 10.7 in.

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Gold Coverage Includes:

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Very Loud. Great Amplifier. There are some haters that don't give model amps a chance. They are selling a lot of these. Line 6 nailed it on this one. I been playing guitar for 25 years and love this sound. You can dial any sound in. Even takes pedals great but you won't really need them. Great effects.
Line 6 Spider V 240 240W 2x12 Guitar Combo Amp
.I tried this in store. Problem with all the ' modeling ' amps is they are all the same. Even peaveys vyper series or Boss gt100. If you are an experienced guitarist and you see or hear the word ' modeling ' you should run the other way. They all have ' that sound ' . Nasally thin digital sound. Even analog modeling has it. It will sound good for a while but after time you will notice the shortcomings.

Now for cleans, they arent bad at all but high gain ? Forget it. The only brands that can pull it off are Axe FX and Kemper and even those if played at high volume expose their sterile sound.

Rule #1 for guitarists should be : Keep all preamp gain signals 100% non modeling analog . End of story. Now if you are a beginner and want a decent amp to start, these are fine but even then why buy something you will probably sell later ?

There are less and less non modeling practice amps out there these days. If you like rock and metal give randall rg's or the KH series a try . Straight analog with FX loop .
Line 6 Spider V 240 240W 2x12 Guitar Combo Amp
.Cool drum machine with built in loops. Also lets you record yourself playing and dub and loop.
Line 6 Spider V 240 240W 2x12 Guitar Combo Amp
.Line 6 combos are jam packed full of amp presets, effects, user amp set-ups... virtually endless. You don't need a floor covered with pedals to get a unique sound.
Line 6 Spider V 240 240W 2x12 Guitar Combo Amp
.Don't judge these based on factory presets. My FAS AxeFX had bad factory presets, but the unit tweaked is amazing. LIne 6 did a great design with this Spider V. After I learned to tweak it up which didn't take much but a PEQ added, it was roaring with great tones. The internal wireless, the added FBV3 that is color coordinated make this amp really fun. I wished it had a PC editor. For now, I am getting around on the mobile app, but it took some time. The app is garbage though imo if you want to record and make adjustments on the fly. Just really dumb to be on an iPad or Android, and then jump to the PC for recording. You can't do both with Android when it is used because the USB audio will not stream when connected to the tablet. COME ON LINE 6!! MAKE A PC EDITOR!
All that behind me now, I have had 4 gigs with it. The dual XLR outs to the board and stereo from the amp is crazy good. The room and stage gets flooded with great sound. Use the stereo fx mix levels sparingly. Anything over 30% wet fx when used live will sound really wet. I go at about 20% for heaviest fx, and about 10% for ambient patches.

Using it with the G10T and FBV3 is where this gets cool. Best FBV design yet imo. Like some other guys, I am not a fan of one button looper option. Maybe they can fix that in firmware. The rest of the FBV is made very well. Tuner tracks well. Display is bright, and the colored LEDs are cool. I even have my singer do my toe tapping on some solos. Hit the green button!! and she does !

G10T charges fast. Mine has lasted well over 4 hr gig times. It's got a good range too. I went about 75' before noticing any noise or signal loss. Goes right through walls and floor too.
Everything needed to gig is there. The models sound great when you do a couple tweaks. I have used the same PEQ setting for most high gain models. I like to change the cabinet model and mic model. Some amps and cabs I boost the cab room effect. Works best on clean sounds.

Drives, Del, Mods, Synths, good
Line 6 Spider V 240 240W 2x12 Guitar Combo Amp
.Plenty of sounds and plenty of power.
Line 6 Spider V 240 240W 2x12 Guitar Combo Amp

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