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Custom Korg Triton Le Music Workstation

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Custom Korg Triton Le Music Workstation

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Hardshell Case of Custom Korg Triton Le Music Workstation
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Product Description


Korg Triton Le 61 Music Workstation
Complete with power adapter

About This Keyboard

This Triton Le 61 is in perfect working condition and comes with the Korg power adapter. The screen is bright and clear and all of the buttons and knobs work just as they should. Cosmetically it is very nice with just a few scuffs and scratches here and there. We updated it to the newest OS version 1.51 with the media slot so we know that it works well. There and no chipped or broken keys and they all play properly. I think you can just let the pictures speak for themselves. These sell very quickly so ACT NOW!!!

Features At A Glance

61-note keyboard Four Banks of Programs (A-D) plus a GM sound set. Three Banks of Combinations (A-C). 62-note polyphony. 64Mb maximum sample RAM. 32Mb of waveform ROM. 200,000-note sequencer (resolution 192ppqn). Two main stereo effects processors, one stereo insert effect, master EQ. SmartMedia storage slot. (Smart media card not included) External power supply. 240x64-pixel display. Two main and two auxiliary outputs. Product Description

Triton Le, the Lean, Mean Music Workstation
The new Triton Le Music Workstation distills all the best features of its namesake into a streamlined, cost-effective package. Available in 61 and 76-key versions, the Triton Le inherits the main functionality of the Triton and features an interface that even entry-level users will find comfortable. Triton Le and Triton share the same sophisticated HI (Hyper Integrated) synthesis system, a tone generator acclaimed by professionals throughout the world.

Loaded with High Quality Triton Sound Data
The Triton Le's extra-large 32 MB PCM ROM (borrowed from the Triton, of course) is packed with 425 multi-samples and 413 drum samples. They cover a broad palette of instruments ranging from indispensable standards like piano, guitar, brass, strings, and tuned percussion to the most modern synth sounds that are perfect for dance grooves. High-quality 48-kHz sampling ensures that every detail of every sound is richly preserved.

Exciting New Sounds, Plus Many Triton Classics
The Triton Le features both high-quality sounds selected from Triton's preload data and an assortment of new Programs and Combinations voiced especially for the instrument. In addition to its 448 onboard programs (64 program locations are also available for your own sound creations/edits), 128 programs and 9 drum kits (compatible with the GM Level 2 sound map) are included, allowing the Triton Le to be GM compatible.

The new music workstation also contains 384 Combinations, each consisting of up to 8 Programs. These Combis include richly layered sounds, splits, velocity layers, and controller-assigned combinations that will give your music guaranteed impact.

You can also customize the Triton Le's Programs, Combinations, and drum kits - or create your own - and overwrite them into the 512 programs/384 combinations/24 drum kits in the workstation's internal memory. All of these can be backed up onto SmartMedia cards, an external hard drive or removable media drive (if the optional EXB-SMPL Sampling Upgrade board is installed) to create enormous libraries of your own personal sounds.

4-Part Effects Section for Studio-Quality Sound
The Triton Le provides one stereo insert effect, 2 master effects plus a master EQ (stereo 3 band) and a mixer section that controls their routing. With 89 different effects types, it delivers the same high-quality processing found in the Triton - including realtime modulation of many effect parameters and the ability to sync to MIDI Clock or to the internal sequencer. Effects can be set for each Program, Combination, and Song, enabling you to perfect your sound down to the last detail and without the need for any additional gear.

Fully-Featured 16-track Sequencer for All-in-One Music Production
A full-fledged 16-track sequencer with a capacity of up to 200,000 notes and 200 songs is built in, and delivers the same level of functionality found in the Triton and Karma Music Workstations. You can record in realtime or step time, and a host of powerful editing tools are provided.

The Cue List lets you assemble your song from separate elements (Verse, Chorus, Break, etc.), and even convert them back into a single song for further recording or editing. Powerful features allow consecutive playback, changes in structure, and rearranging the sections of your song. One hundred and fifty preset drum patterns and 100 user patterns, a Track Loop function that lets you play back specified measures of a track as a loop, and even a Template Song function (16 presets and 16 user memories) that contain program and effect setups appropriate for various styles of music, all make music production fast, easy and efficient.

Your sequence data can be saved as SMF format 0 or 1, making it simple for you to exchange data with other sequencers or sequencing software. Data can be saved or exchanged via SmartMedia. Data can also be saved or exchanged via SCSI devices when the optional EXB-SMPL Sampling Upgrade is installed.

Dual Arpeggiator and RPPR Functions Inherited from Triton
The Triton Le provides 2 powerful polyphonic arpeggiators that can be used to create intricate and expressive pitched patterns or drum grooves. Two hundred and five patterns are provided (5 Preset/200 editable), with 16 User locations available for your own creations. You can use one arpeggiator in Program mode, and 2 arpeggiators in Combi and Sequencer modes, and you can even record the arpeggiators into the internal sequencer. Korg's unique RPPR function allows you to trigger sequenced patterns from individual keys on the keyboard for cool DJ style performances.

High-Capacity SmartMedia for even Greater Convenience
The Triton Le sports a SmartMedia slot to accommodate compact and high-capacity SmartMedia, allowing you to exchange or backup large amounts of data easily. Imagine storing nearly 90 floppy disks worth of Program, Combi, Sequence, and sample data on a card the size of a cracker, with almost no load time! SmartMedia sizes up to 128 Mbyte are supported, and data can easily be exchanged with a computer via readily available adapters commonly used with digital cameras.

You're in Control
The Triton Le provides a joystick, 2 assignable switches, and 4 real-time control knobs, and lets you use these for Alternate Modulation Sources to apply modulation to LFO and filters etc., to dynamically control effect parameters or to control the arpeggiators.

Finding sounds on the Triton Le is a breeze. A dedicated [Category] key brings you to an easy interface for finding Programs and Combinations quickly and easily. This "category selection" method is used not only for selecting sounds, but also when selecting oscillator waveforms and effect algorithms.

We will do our best to accurately describe the item in the listing but, unless otherwise noted, all items are used and should be expected to show varying levels of wear and tear from regular use. We only test to the level of our ability so some functions could be defective without our knowledge. Please feel free to email any additional questions. All keyboards are guaranteed to be non-doa but are otherwise non-returnable unless approved by customer service. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. We ship only within the contiguous US and shipping carriers may vary depending on your location.

Product Specs

Condition:Very Good Make:Korg Model:Triton Le Music Workstation Categories:Workstations, Digital Synths, Digital Pianos



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