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Custom Avid Sync HD Pro Tools Synchronizer I/O Master Clock

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Pro-Audio,Outboard Gear,Avid,
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Custom Avid Sync HD Pro Tools Synchronizer I/O Master Clock

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one set
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Hardshell Case of Custom Avid Sync HD Pro Tools Synchronizer I/O Master Clock
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Within 3days after payment
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Product Description

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Avid Technologies Sync HD Master ClockHigh fidelity, low-jitter master clockNear sample-accurate lock to timecode or bi-phase signalsWord clock I/O up to 192 kHz capableSupports all major industry-standard clock sources and timecode formatsSupports SD and HD video reference input (tri-level sync) up to 1080p / 60 fpsSupports standard pull-up/pull-down rates for film/videoVideo input with timecode window inserterKeep your Pro Tools rigs and other connected gear in sync - no matter how massive your media production. Designed for Pro Tools HD systems, Pro Tools SYNC HD is the excellent low-jitter master clock, providing near sample-accurate lock to serial timecode. It's a must, when working with large-scale music and soundtrack productions. If you have multiple audio interfaces and digital devices in your studio, SYNC HD offers the stability, consistency, and reliability you need to keep everything running smoothly. And with its affordable cost, commanding precision is even easier than ever.
Connect your sourcesSYNC HD provides a wide variety of connections to sync your gear. Get all of the usual suspects to connect to NTSC/PAL sources, digital audio signals and MachineControl-enabled systems.
Set the clockEasily select SYNC HD's clock reference with just the press of a button. The interface supports all major industry-standard clock sources.
Choose your frame rateSelect the timecode frame rate and format (drop-frame or non-drop-frame) with a simple button press. You can scope your current rate by the lit LED indicator or a flashing LED indicator. And the "DF" LED will light to indicate drop-frame formats.
See and take controlView incoming timecode, as well as various function settings, on the multifunction LED display. See timecode displayed in hours : minutes : seconds : frames. Or use the controls below the display to configure timecode generator settings, PAL/NTSC selection, sample rate, and more while viewing those modes, parameters, and settings on the LED.
FeaturesNear Sample-Accurate, lock to time code or bi-phase/tach signals (When integrated with the host software)High-Fidelity, Low-Jitter ClockSupports All Major Industry- Standard Clock SourcesSupports All Industry-Standard Time Code FormatsSupports Industry Standard Pull- Up/Pull-Down Rates for Film/Video Integrated Support in AudioVision 4.0Supports SD and HD video reference input (tri-level sync) up to 1080p/60fpsIntegrated Support in Upcoming Pro Tools ReleaseEasy to Control through Front Panel or SoftwareIncludes Insertable Window-BurnSony 9-Pin connectors for machine control communication from the supported host software (When integrated with the host software)SMPTE Input; -24 to +20 dBu; 200K ohms; balanced female XLRSMPTE Output: -24 dBu to +9 dBu;<5Kohms; Balanced male XLRVITC Input (Vertical Interval Time Code): Lines 10 to 40 (all-line) or 10 to 22 (single-line)VITC Outputs: 2 lines, lines 10 to 20Word Clock Input/Output: 1x sample rate TTL levelSuper Clock Input/Output (Slave Clock): 256x sample rate; TTL level; BNC female connectorVideo Sync Inputs: NTSC/PAL formatsAES-EBU Digital Audio Input (AES null): 5 V p-p; 110 ohms; Balanced female XLRAES-EBU Digital Audio Outputs (AES null): 5 V p-p; 110 ohms; balanced male XLRBi-phase/Tach Input: 0 to 76.8kHz frequency; 3-5.5 V opto-isolated; 10 mA max; 2-255 modulo; programmable polarityPilot Input: 50/60Hz nominal frequency; 100 mV to 5.5 VResolver Inputs: Word Clock, Super Clock, Video Sync, LTC, AES-EBU, Bi-phase/Tach, Pilot TonePC connection: RS-232 serial port; 25-pin D-subminiature female connectorMacintosh connection: Mac serial format; 8-pin mini DIN female connectorMTC Output: 15 mA current loop; 31.25 KbaudNominal Output Sample Rates: 44.1kHz; 48kHz; 44.056 (44.1kHz pull-down); 47.952kHz (48kHz pull-down); 44.144kHz (44.1kHz pull-up); 48.048kHz (48kHz pull-up)Machine Control support (requires Machine Control option)
Tech SpecsSample Rate 192kHzClock Inputs 1 x Word (BNC), 1 x AES/EBU, 1 x LTC (XLR), 1 x Video (BNC), 1 x Loop Sync (BNC)Clock Outputs 1 x Word (BNC), 1 x AES/EBU, 1 x LTC (XLR), 1 x Video (BNC), 2 x Video Ref (BNC)Other I/O 1 x MTC Output (5-pin DIN)Pull Up/Down 0.1% and 4%Rack Spaces 1UHeight 1.75"Depth 10.63"Width 19"Weight 7.81 lbs.

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Condition:Brand New Make:Avid Model:SYNC HD Pro Tools Synchronizer Categories:Outboard Gear

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