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Fender Getting Started On Acoustic Guitar DVD

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Product Description

Over 3 hours long with 50 interactive lessons. Covers tuning, essential chords and scales, music reference, practice tips, rhythm techniques, play-along tracks with a band, 3-D fretboard graphics, instrument care, and more. Includes 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, Japanese, and German. Hosted by Keith Wyatt of the Custom Guitars Institute.

Over 3 hours long 50 interactive music lessons Covers: Tuning Essential chords and scales Music reference Practice tips Rhythm techniques Play-along tracks with a band 3-D fretboard graphics Instrument care tips from Fender's Custom Shop

A wonderful beginner's introduction from the masters of the instrument.

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I started taking lessons from a teacher who is pretty good and costs alot. I started watching the video and taking lessons from the video and I'm learning alot more and faster through the video than from my teacher. I wish I would have just taken lessons from the video, and mastered that, before spending money on basics with a teacher. The video is great, you go at your own pace and the video teacher explains things very well. With my teacher I doubt we will cover all this information in a years time.
Fender Getting Started On Acoustic Guitar DVD
.I have tried learning from Books and from friends but walked away discouraged knowing only power Chords. This DVD allows me to work at my own pace and covers a variety of styles. Just practice with the practice tracks along with the band to build speed and memory.
Fender Getting Started On Acoustic Guitar DVD
.To start out with this DVD I would only recommend it if you're also taking lessons. For a beginner the lessons are hard to follow, when the guy goes through them so fast. I did not like the play along feature because it was confusing. You could either play along with a simulated fret board or a music sheet with TAB, but they both moved along too quickly and you could not pause it to go over it without starting over. It does go over teaching the chords well which is a plus.
Fender Getting Started On Acoustic Guitar DVD
.I tried to start playing acoustic guitar with this video. I ended up having to buy a method book because this moves way too fast and doesn't teach you any music - just chords and scales.
Fender Getting Started On Acoustic Guitar DVD
.This DVD has helped me learn all the essential chords for acoustic play. With how it catogorizes all the chords and the 3D guitar that comes on it makes it real simple to learn the chords. And if he's moving to fast than just rewind and watch a part you dont get again. The practive tracks do get boring but it gets you into making smooth transitions from chord to chord, if your just starting on acoustic guitar this DVD is perfect, especially if you dont have enough money for lessons.
Fender Getting Started On Acoustic Guitar DVD
.I play it on my player and try to follow it. Unfortunately ( I don't know if it is because of my player or the DVD) it is very difficult to move to chapters and pause and continue when trying to play along with it... Good instruction, but very time consuming and frustrating due to the playing controls of the disk. Many times I must start from the beginning then try to figure out how to get to the chapter I want.
Fender Getting Started On Acoustic Guitar DVD
.This DVD is OK, but the problem I have with it is that it does not have actual songs for you to learn. On the "Practice Tracks" it just has a background beat that you play your chords to which makes it get quite boring. I think next time I would go with the eMedia Method 1 it has like 70 songs or something.
Fender Getting Started On Acoustic Guitar DVD

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