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Fender Hipshot Tremsetter Kit

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Hardshell Case of Fender Hipshot Tremsetter Kit
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Product Description

The Fender Hipshot Tremsetter Kit installs into the tremolo cavity of your electric guitar or bass to help eliminate flutter and tuning instability. Includes all parts and an allen wrench for adjustment.

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My 2005 American Deluxe Strat came with a Tremsetter Installed. I just didn't work properly. My tech's answer was to remove it. But let's face it a floating bridge has trouble staying in tune. I watched the owner's YouTube video and decided to give Tremsetter another shot. The key is proper installation. The original problem was the previous owner used a short drill bit and the hole was too angled, creating drag. It also forced the tremsetter to sit at an angle so it rubbed against the cover plate. I used a long drill bit to redrill the hole which solved most of the problem. The hook part that connects to the sustain bar also sat too high. I used a need nose pliers to make a slight adjustment. The tremsetter now sits flat with no drag in the hole or against the plate. Does it work as represented? Pretty much. The guitar holds tune when string bending and also come back to tune after using the tremelo bar. I am pretty satisfied.
Fender Hipshot Tremsetter Kit
.I recently purchased an American Standard Strat (2007) and was a bit dismayed. Compared to my 78' strat hardtail, the new one just didn't feel or sound 'right'. It sounded loose, almost sloppy, and it seemed I spent more time tuning than playing. After moving to .010's, 5 springs and adjusting the spring claw it made a difference, but still no joy.I just installed a tremsetter and wow, the fight to reach pitch on bends, especially double stops was tamed. The downward pitching of open strings as you bend up was also eliminated. Overall the guitar sounds a lot 'tighter'. It also plays a bit tighter because the bridge isn't see-sawing on bends or heavy rhythms. Now one disclaimer, I'm not a heavy trem user.. if I could have bought an American Standard off the shelf with a hard tail, I would have. You have the option of using two or three of your springs, I used three to stiffen it up. With that in mind, the tremsetter was a workable, cost effective solution.Installation is not for the squeamish. It isn't all that difficult, but you can't rush through it. Measure twice, drill once. It took me about an hour from start to finish.You can always revert back to your original setup if it's not what you had hoped for. You'll have a couple of extra holes, but they'll be hidden under the trem spring cover plate.Hope this helps.
Fender Hipshot Tremsetter Kit
.I started looking into the Tremsetter mainly to stop the floating bridge on my Strat from sagging during string bends and making chords with bent notes go off key. None of the third party reviews or website discussions I'd read directly answered whether or not the Tremsetter solves this problem, so I decided to gamble the money and time, and I'm totally satisfied. As several other reviewers have pointed out, it takes some work to install. It took me about two hours from start to finish, including adjustments. I adjusted the tension on mine so that I can bend the G and/or B string up a full tone, plus a little margin, and the bridge doesn't move. You can increase the spring tension in the Tremsetter for higher stability than that, but for the licks I play, it's not needed.One thing that takes some getting used to is that when I rock the trem across the zero point with the Tremsetter installed, I can feel it, sort of like a rocking chair with a flat spot on the rails. I think that's just the nature of the device, though, and for me it's well worth it. I thought that it would make a loud "clunk" when amplified, but I cranked my amp way loud, hit a chord and rocked the trem from one extreme to the other, and it sounded fine. In fact, the guitar sounds better, period. No wavering notes when I palm mute or accidentally rest my hand on the bridge, no tuning my E string down and having the rest go out of whack, and heavily struck chords sound cleaner. A good investment!
Fender Hipshot Tremsetter Kit
.I have used the tremsetter for 15 years on two strats. I'm playing since 1963. If properly installed and the guitar has no other issues such as bad machines or improperly fit nut, it will work. The guitars stay in tune, bending notes is easier and requires smaller bends to achieve the desired pitch.
Fender Hipshot Tremsetter Kit
.This works great, if you have it professionally installed. Someone comments they didn't like it because it wasn't like the floating trem, but that is really the point. This is designed to give you up and down action with a stable bridge, it is NOT a floating trem.
Fender Hipshot Tremsetter Kit
.I have an Ibanez RG370 with a locking tremolo. I could never get it to stay in tune. Even the slightest movement of the tremolo would make the tuning go way out of whack. I put this on and now it works perfectly. Installation is a bit of a pain because you have to set up your tremolo first and then you put the Tremsetter on. It only took 30 minutes to install though. I highly recommend this product for any guitar with a tremolo.
Fender Hipshot Tremsetter Kit
.Being annoyed by tremolo systems in general, I always block my trems right away. But, I have this one guitar that I thought might be even cooler with an active trem. So... I installed this thing with the idea that if it worked: Great. Then I would have one guitar with a working trem. If not: Also fine. I would just take solace in the fact that I tried.

Guess what? This thing works brilliantly. Right away it works really good but once you get it finely adjusted, it's literally amazing. It's exactly like having a hard tail until you want to use the trem. Then you use the trem until your done. At this time it goes back to being a hard tail again. I like that you don't have to turn it on and off. Honestly, this really seems like the way a trem should work in general. I think this device should be standard equipment on all trem equipped guitars. I can't imagine anyone not benefiting from using this. You can do whole step bends and the other strings don't go flat. Awesome.

I guess I'm handy. But, I thought it was a breeze to install.

In conclusion I have to say that this is a great product all the way around. Bravo. Five stars all the way.
Fender Hipshot Tremsetter Kit
.A little bit of a pain to install. Included instructions are fine but if you do a YouTube search for the inventors instruction video, the device seems to work better. I put it on an entry level Ibanez with the vintage six screw tremolo, non locking. I float the front of the tremolo just enough of the deck to not touch it in the front(approx .010) and the back of trem gap of less than 1/8 inch. Stays in phenomenol tune for what the guitar is. Once I put a new tusq xl nut and string trees in it will stay in tune dang near like a Floyd. I can't abuse it like Steve vai but I aint him anyways! The unit works for returning back to "zero" , reduces most trem arm flutter, doesn't improve double stop bends fantastically, overall great design, will buy in the future for guitars I am putting together with Floyd whammys for just that little bit of insurance.
Fender Hipshot Tremsetter Kit
.I installed this tremsetter on a 70s Strat. It is a 3-spring model. It is installed in place of the middle spring. It's a bit tricky. If you are in a hurry to install it, forget it! It doesn't seem too technical, but you basically have one shot to install it and it better be right. So, read the directions first...several times if needed. Make your measurements, and TAKE YOUR TIME. As others have said. it is a bit tricky. Once it's on, the back plate will need to be left off for a while because a little adjusting will be needed to fit your particular taste. Mine is wound very tight because I prefer it that way. You may prefer a bit looser. Once you get used to it, I think you will agree that it works very well.
Fender Hipshot Tremsetter Kit
.I was seeking bridge stability without sacrificing any of a floating tremolo's capabilities (as by converting it to a "dive-only" bridge), and the Fender Hipshot Tremsetter Kit was a godsend for me. For years, I had been (primarily) troubled by tension interdependence amongst the strings and (secondarily) troubled by inadvertent sharpening caused by touching the bridge while muting some of the strings. So I simultaneously installed Tremsetters on my Carvin DC400 (with a Floyd Rose tremolo) and on my Carvin BOLT (with Wilkinson tremolo) which resulted in astounding improvements, especially to the Floyd Rose tremolo. Now I can bend the wound E string into the middle of the neck without the affecting the pitch of the high E string one cent! Or apply a moderate amount of pressure to the bridge without causing the strings to sharpen. Also, a bent string is now sharper for the same amount of work because none of the work is wasted on the other strings. It's an excellent solution.
Fender Hipshot Tremsetter Kit

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