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Fender 60CL Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Strings - Custom Light

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Hardshell Case of Fender 60CL Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Strings - Custom Light
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Product Description

Fender Phosphor Bronze wound strings deliver, rich, warm tones with complex harmonics. These acoustic guitar strings are ideal for singer/songwriters and solo performances.

Gauges: 11-15-23-32-42-52.

Fender has been an instrument of choice for many of the greatest musicians since 1946. Fender's popularity through the generations is a result of their design innovations and commitment to quality. These strings reflect this legacy and are worthy of the Fender name. Attention to detail and the finest materials ensure that you will get the best feeling and greatest sounding strings, set after set.

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These fender acoustic 11 gauge guitar strings are great! They are rich and warm sounding. I would buy these again.
Fender 60CL Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Strings - Custom Light
.Recently did a partial restoration of a 60's era Harmony Moneterey Archtop that belongs to my father. It had been stored in basements most of it's life, back pulled off and what not. Glued the back on, cleaned every part of the guitar and strung her up with these strings.

Without the neck reset, I was able to get the action comfortable for playing. The strings seem to stay in tune about as well as excpeted for this guitar. I am able to bend strings, sure not as far as I could a lighter set, but to something enjoyable. The strings have a nice tone to them, and seem to have decent volume with finger style playing (which is what I do 98% of the time). Haven't tried a pick on them, although I'm sure they are even louder than my thumb nail, if using a pick.

If one needs a set of decent economically priced strings, these will work. I'm not happy with the excessive squeaks and what not, because it just ruins recordings. It's annoying when practicing too. I'll be replacing with D'Adario or perhaps a cheap flatwound (some could be the guitar and further work needing done).

However, I must say that these strings fit the budget, and were priced right for slapping on a guitar that I wasn't even sure I could get the action set for. The tone is very enjoyable, not to figure out how to stop the squeaks giving these strings squeak just doing an alternating pattern with one finger (melody, or bass).
These are strings, what features are really necessary?
These strings seem to be of good quality. They tune up, and reasonably hold tune on the guitar I installed them on. This guitar needs a neck reset, but I was able to get the action comfortable. They bend fairly easily.

The only thing I am not impressed with, is the noisyness of the strings. Lots of squeaks and what not. I generally purchase the D'darrio version, which are priced a little higher. I decided to give Fender a try.

Perhaps, with Fender, I should've went with Flatwound. Disappointed in the excessive sqeaks of these strings. Will be replacing with either Flatwounds, or D'Adario version.

Near impossible to get a good sound on recordings with the sqeaks, and that's just changing one finger from one string to another (alternating pattern on chording).
These strings are a good string for the money. I purchased them because they were cheaper than my normal brand. The purchased was to set the action on a Harmony Archtop I've been working on, and see how badly the neck needed rest. As of right now, with these strings, the neck is setting fine and not pulling any further than without strings.

Worked for purpose I purchased them for, but will have to be replaced for a better set that aren't so noisy.
Fender 60CL Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Strings - Custom Light
.I lead praise band with the acoustic
And record with it as well.Thanks guys!
Fender 60CL Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Strings - Custom Light
.These are GREAT strings, but I prefer the Fender bronze, same guage, etc.
goodfor any music.
Fender 60CL Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Strings - Custom Light
.The strings have great sound and they last.
Fender 60CL Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Strings - Custom Light
. I put these strings on yesterday so I don't know how long they will last, but they sound great and stay tuned pretty well.The custom light guage is just right for my guitar (Washburn WD20s) and my style of playing.
Fender 60CL Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Strings - Custom Light

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