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Fender 8250M Nickel-Plated Steel Taperwound Bass Strings - Medium

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Hardshell Case of Fender 8250M Nickel-Plated Steel Taperwound Bass Strings - Medium
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Product Description

Gauges: 45-65-85-110TW.

Fender Super 8250M Nickel-Plated Steel (NPS) bass strings deliver the high output and dynamic sound of steel with the smooth feel of nickel.

Fender has been an instrument of choice for many of the greatest musicians since 1946. Fender's popularity through the generations is a result of their design innovations and commitment to quality. These nickel-plated electric bass strings reflect this legacy and are worthy of the Fender name. Attention to detail and the finest materials ensure that you will get the best feeling and greatest sounding strings, set after set.

Get high output, dynamic sound with these Fender bass strings. Put 'em in the cart!

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The packaging is not the only thing that has changed. These strings are not the same as the 8250M series I have used on my American Deluxe P-Bass for the last 8 years. The change to the E-string is the most noticeable. The taper no longer fits over the bridge. This not only throws the intonation off if the bass was setup for the original 8250M strings, but the E-string is also a lot muddier and "thumpy" sounding. The notes are not as clearly defined.

The change to the other strings is not as severe. They feel a little rough to the touch, and the top of each strings isn't as flexible which makes installation a bit more difficult.
They changed the E-string taper.
They removed the silk windings from both the top and bottom of the string. The string also feels more rough to the touch.
Fender 8250M Nickel-Plated Steel Taperwound Bass Strings - Medium
.I used the 8250's on my Fender American Standard Precision bass for the past 9 years, because they were the best strings to use on that bass, and they delivered an excellent punchy tone. After the last set outlived its usefulness I decided to buy another set thinking all Fender did was change the packaging; but they changed A LOT!!!! First off the taper on the E sting doesn't truly taper over the saddle like it used too, thus making it difficult to achieve proper intonation on the E string. Then Fender also done away with the grey winding on the top of the strings. Another thing I noticed was a huge drop off in tone! These strings weren't as punchy as the old style 8250's. And another problem I ran into after putting these strings on was they threw my intonations and relief WAY OFF causing severe fret buzz and the open E and A to rattle in the nut! Now I'm stuck searching for another brand of strings to use on my P-bass that will hopefully be just as good as the orignal 8250's were. I hope Fender gets the message the new 8250's SUCK! And I hope they go back to the way they used to be! And alas this is another disappointing change in Fender's product line!!!
Fender 8250M Nickel-Plated Steel Taperwound Bass Strings - Medium
.It's important to know that while these strings are still a good value, they have changed alot since the new packaging has been put on. I have only used these strings on my 2 USA jazz basses for a few years. They were the best. But here is what's different now: first, they don't have the silk winding at the top. Second, the taper on the E string doesn't truly taper down over the saddle like it used to. Third, they don't feel as smooth, making me wonder if the alloy has changed or if the core string is still round. (the ads used to clearly state "round core" and now they don't). I wish Fender would make'em just like before, because they were perfect. Still a good value, but the changes make me want to search for a new favorite.
Fender 8250M Nickel-Plated Steel Taperwound Bass Strings - Medium
.Okay, I wrote the first review complaining that the strings are not the 8250's of old. By chance I recently came across a couple of old sets of 8250's and immediately replaced them on a USA jazz. Wow. The change was even more noticable than I thought it would be. Intonation is better, feel is better, FLEXIBILITY is greater, sound is better. Would somebody at Fender please take notice?! Why make awesome instruments and terrible strings to put on them? Speaking for the bassists everywhere, I think we'd be willing to pay a little more for the quality we used to have.
Fender 8250M Nickel-Plated Steel Taperwound Bass Strings - Medium
.In all fairness to Fender, these strings did change several years ago but they changed to accommodate the high mass bridge when it came out. I think Fender did a disservice to the older models by dumping the old design but these strings work great on the new models. I can't say that they are any better than other comparable strings but they do hold there own.
Fender 8250M Nickel-Plated Steel Taperwound Bass Strings - Medium
.I have a Victor Bailey 5 and I used to pride myself on the tone that that bass puts out with the 8250?s on them. Now I will have to start all over finding a string that used to sound like the 8250?s before the change. They don?t even taper the way they used to. Fender, you ruined a good thing!
Fender 8250M Nickel-Plated Steel Taperwound Bass Strings - Medium
.These strings have an awesome sound. I use them on my Fender American Jazz. I bought the Jazz for its sound so, I re-string it with what it came with from the factory.
Fender 8250M Nickel-Plated Steel Taperwound Bass Strings - Medium

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