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Fender No-Load 250K Solid Shaft Potentiomenter

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Hardshell Case of Fender No-Load 250K Solid Shaft Potentiomenter
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Product Description

Genuine Fender No-Load 250K Solid Shaft CTS Potentiomenter. Acts as a normal tone pot but features a bypass that sends more signal to your amp. For use with screw-on knobs. Includes .022 capacitor.

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There's lots of brouhaha on the web about whether or how much this type of mod will help your guitar. I figure, if I can hear it, so can you.
The main difference that I can hear is that the mod cleans up the highs--less hash and purer trebel. That's what a better capacitor would do in a stereo amp, allowing the high frequencies to pass through with less distortion. However, the main move here is the so-called "no-load" potentiometer (volume control to you). After you install the mod, when you turn the knob all the way, it will click and the tone control will be out of the circuit altogether. And that sounds better to me. It's the same model pot that came stock in my American Standard Tele 50th Anniversary Model--when you turn the pot off in that guitar, the signal sounds better, also.
There are two camps about Tele sound. One feels that the Tele sound is due to some (albeit loveable) aberation, like beneficent distortion, that colors the Telecaster sound in a good way. These players often go for dark, humbucking pickups and then try to add pedals, sound processors, and the kitchen sink to get back the "twangy," "ringing," "honky," Tele sound.
Other players (like myself) think that the Tele sound is the way that all electric guitars should sound without any junk in the signal path. If the sound is "honky," it's because the pure sound is that way. We are the ones who will be most excited about this mod. It makes the Tele clearer without changing the basics.
You can't beat this kit, made by Fender, which has conveniently gathered together the same components that are installed in higher end models (I put mine in my Mexican Tele--Mexitele?--and now it sounds about like my American Standard.) Nice long leads make it easy to hook up but if you are new to soldering, get help. There are a lot of leads going all over to ground the components, all soldered by hand like it has ever been. (You can't even do this mod on a Gibson, because their components are on a circuit board.)
HERES THE TRICK to ensure success: 1) before your start, make a drawing of all the wires and where they are soldered and 2) unsolder one lead at a time and solder the new component in its place. If you do this, you won't get any leads out of place. Also, use a hot iron and heatsinks to keep from frying the poor little components. If you don't know what heatsinks are, get someone else to do the job for you.
Overall, a piece of cake to put in, cheap at the price, and sounds great!
excellent film capacitor, no load pot turns off!
it's not mil spec but it'll do fine
where else can you spend a sawbuck to make your guitar sound better?
Fender No-Load 250K Solid Shaft Potentiomenter
.I never installed this due to the low quality of the CTS potentiometer. It was very gritty with an obvious notchy area about midway through the sweep. If a pot doesn't feel good when I turn it I'll never install it in any equipment or instrument.
Fender No-Load 250K Solid Shaft Potentiomenter
.This replaced a TBX pot in my late 80's American Standard Telecaster. I have to admit, I never knew what the TBX was doing, but decided I wanted a simpler wiring arrangement for the 4-way switch I put in. I'm not missing the TBX at all. This has nice smooth operation, and a solid feel at the 10 position where the tone control is bypassed. That gives a bright, Tele twang from the bridge pickup, which may be a bit too twangy for some. My favorite is the neck pup with the tone bypassed, which gives a warm tone, perfect for slow blues solos. At low settings (below about 4 or 5) the neck gets muddy, but this setting certainly tames the bridge brightness. Bear in mind, I don't have a direct before and after comparison with the same pickups. One rainy day I may experiment with another TBX, just to do the back to back comparison, but overall I very happy with the swap.
Fender No-Load 250K Solid Shaft Potentiomenter
.Nice piece of hardware, Duplicate of OEM Part
Fender No-Load 250K Solid Shaft Potentiomenter
.If you want a No-Load tone pot you want this. Sure you can find some from other vendors, but its not worth the hassle. I like the option of removing the tone circuit completely from my signal. I would/will put this on every applicable Fender guitar I own with the exception of gear I want to remain original from the factory.
Fender No-Load 250K Solid Shaft Potentiomenter
.I would like to give this a full review but I have not received the correct one yet. I have bought this item from other sites and it is top quality.
Fender No-Load 250K Solid Shaft Potentiomenter
.I've used this pot in 3 different guitars. They are easy to hook up if ya can solder. Never had any problems with them & it says they are CTS, which is good...be aware, these are not easy to put in an arch top guitar
As a finger picker, I do not like the bass to override the treble so much I can't hear it & I
much prefer to hear the whole guitar. Playing in standard E, Drop D or open G & D are bad for this unless you palm mute, which I don't cause dead strings don't get it for me. This pot helps with that problem. The bonus is I don't have to keep screwing around with amp settings to get the sound, which to me is a total pain in keester.
Fender No-Load 250K Solid Shaft Potentiomenter

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