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Fender 4-Way Telecaster Pickup Selector Mod Switch

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Hardshell Case of Fender 4-Way Telecaster Pickup Selector Mod Switch
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Product Description

Used on many Custom Shop instruments, this switch allows you to change your Telecaster's pickup wiring from series to parallel for increased output and a fatter tone with the flick of a switch.

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The switch itself is a great piece of hardware. That fourth position gives a nice boost in output and fatness. The quality of the switch is excellent, and I have had no problems gigging with my tele since installing it. Unfortunately, the documentation is another story...

The instructions Fender provides are awful and incomplete. This is not a minor wiring mod. It requires, among other things, removing a small ground wire from the neck pickup. Not only do the instructions not explain this or show a diagram, but the instructions use two sets of terminology for the pickups and it's easy to get the two confused. (I know, I know...you probably think I'm an idiot for getting the two confused, but read the included "instructions" and you'll understand.)

Bottom line: while I may not be a pro tech, I have done many guitar mods in the past and this was a doozy. The ONLY reason I was able to figure out how to rewire this thing successfully was because I found a set of instructions with pictures on some individual's website (in Spanish) that illustrated what to do.

Good job manufacturing this switch, Fender, but you need to hire some better technical writers for your accessories' documentation.
Fender 4-Way Telecaster Pickup Selector Mod Switch
.The 4th position puts the pickups in series producing a "humbucker" or "fat" sound. In addition, if used with Texas specials you get hum cancelling in positions 2 and 4. For Am standard neck pickups you must separate the ground from the common wire (3 wire pickup)
Fender 4-Way Telecaster Pickup Selector Mod Switch
.If your serious about tone and finding a the right upgrade for your Tele this is the one you've been waiting for it will give a added dimention of tone you will not be able to find in any other guitar.
Fender 4-Way Telecaster Pickup Selector Mod Switch
.I installed this in my '52 RI Tele with a S/D 1/4 pounder in the bridge and an EMG in the neck.....The combination afforded by the 4 way is wonderful. I'm about to install a 4 way in my Standard Tele which has a Little '59 in the bridge and a Fender TEX-MEX at the neck position.
Fender 4-Way Telecaster Pickup Selector Mod Switch
.The Fender 4-Way Telecaster Switch is simple to install and increases the tonal versatility of your Telecaster.

I was apprehensive about attempting installation of this switch after reading comments on the web about Fender's wiring schematic being wrong. After finding differing wiring diagrams on other sites, I decided to use Fender's diagram included with the switch. I installed it along with a set of DiMarzio True Velvet T pickups (which sound great and include a third ground wire, which means you don't have to perform surgery on the pups in order to create the third wire for use with the 4-way switch) in my new MIM ash Tele, and it works perfectly.

The new 4th position sounds great! The tone that results from having both pickups wired in series is thicker, louder, and darker than the 2nd position (where both pickups are in parallel). Since you retain the original Tele tones in positions 1, 2, and 3, why wouldn't you increase your Tele's tonal possibilities by installing this switch?
Fender 4-Way Telecaster Pickup Selector Mod Switch
.I was surprised to find how often I use the series option this switch allows. I've got them on all my Teles now.
Fender 4-Way Telecaster Pickup Selector Mod Switch
.This is an addendum to my previous review on this switch. So, after checking the TDPRI forum I found a few others with the same problem. When I took a really close look, the slot on the cover plate was just interfering with the operation of the switch at at the #1 and 4 positions ... long story short I took a dremel to the slot and opened it up lengthwise and now have all four positions, including the fat series sound. Finally! Now it's a complete and worthwhile mod - sweet!
I guess squeezing four into three is just a bit tight. The tone control still doesn't do anything, but the wiring is fine, so I just ordered another anyway - guess I fried it or the capacitor when soldering.
Fender 4-Way Telecaster Pickup Selector Mod Switch
.Works great.
Fender 4-Way Telecaster Pickup Selector Mod Switch
.Not many options for a 4way tele switch out there. This is one of the few available but it seems good quality and everything worked how it should.
Fender 4-Way Telecaster Pickup Selector Mod Switch
.Upgraded a Squier Tele with Texas Special PUPs and this 4 way switch. The new Series position has a stronger, higher output sound that further complements the tone range of the Texas Specials. I highly recommend this mod. One note on a Squier Affinity Tele the switch required the mounting holes to be drilled out a little wider and the switch slot needed to be lengthened a little (also done via a drill bit). You will have to make sure all of the wire connections are located to the side of the switch versus the bottom. If not you will been to slightly deepen the Switch/Pot cavity to accomodate the new switch. All said pretty simple and well worth the ten minutes of extra effort for the mod.
Fender 4-Way Telecaster Pickup Selector Mod Switch

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